Chrome for iOS (Voice Search teaser)

Good news Chrome users! Google has posted an update for the iOS version of the popular browser this afternoon, bringing the app to version 29 and in line with its Desktop and Android counterparts.

Among the usual performance improvements are 3 new features: a faster back button for returning to search results, a new Bandwidth Management Settings option, and pronoun support in voice search…

Here are your Chrome 29 release notes:

Get back to your Search Results faster
• Do a search and click a result. Not what you wanted? Now when you hit back, your search results will instantly appear, ready for you to choose the next one.
• Improvements to Single Sign On with other Google Apps 
Data cost savings enhancements
• View your data savings in Bandwidth Management Settings. This feature is being rolled out and will be available to all users over time. 
Voice search pronoun support
• Try queries like: “Who is the president of the United States?” followed by “Who is his wife?”
Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

And yes, as many have pointed out, it also now has a new, white icon.

The app is noticeably faster at returning to Google Search results. I’ve tried it a number of times now, with various search terms, and you can return back to results in an instant. It’s significantly faster.

As for the other two new features, I’m not seeing the new Bandwidth Management option yet, and I didn’t use the app’s voice search enough before to notice any change. But it seems to work though.

If you’re already a Chrome user, you can download today’s update in the App Store using the Updates tab, otherwise you can download the entire version of the app by clicking here. And of course it’s free.

  • And the new iOS 7 based icon…

    • Bob’s Cock

      That icon ruined my day.

      • Then most probably iOS 7 has ruined your life… JustSaying

      • Bob’s Cock

        Yup. Not even gonna upgrade. At least not right away.

      • Michael Romano

        It looks better than the old one with iOS7 imo

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪


        For those that haven’t seen it yet:

      • This is much better. Thank god. I hated that black hole of an icon.

      • Beta382

        I hate the “shelf” aspect they are applying to all of their icons. It doesn’t fit with modern icon design trends. Other than that, I like the white BG. The centered circle doesn’t fit with Apple’s “grid”, but then again, I disagree with their grid (and prefer the smaller circle).

      • Jonathan

        I think it looks nice, but I’d still rather it match the rest of my icons.

      • Osama Muhammed

        good guy google

      • jakeopp

        I always thought the black one was ugly, too dark

    • Which looks weird now next to my Gmail with a more gray background on that icon haha.

    • Question

      I downloaded the latest chrome but i dont have that white icon. ????

      Edit: nevermind idk what was wrong with it but it just said update in the appstore and now i have the icon :)!

  • Abdl

    Crap! I downloaded the 28th version just some few hours prior to the update!

  • mav3rick

    Until they will not add automatic focus on new opened tab, cannot use it with all the updates. All other browsers have this feature.

    And they had fall for the ugly design on neonOS with the new icon.

  • DrNoOne

    Anyone using Chrome Downloader or similar JB tweak can verify this version works with it?

  • jayqwed14

    Hope there’s a new icon