iPhone-5S user guide

You have to love last-minute leaks. Shortly after The Wall Street Journal published a report confirming that the iPhone 5S would indeed sport a built-in fingerprint sensor, another bit of evidence surfaced in favor of the feature.

What you see above is an illustration of what is believed to be an iPhone 5S, running iOS 7 and sporting a silver ring around its Home button. The photo is believed to have been taken from within the handset’s user guide…

The image comes from our friends over at Nowhereelse.fr, who describe the source that sent it to them as “very reliable.” It looks legitimate to us, and NWE has a great track record. So we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the real deal.

Assuming it is, it appears that the device’s long-rumored fingerprint sensor feature is going to be referred to as ‘Touch ID.’ Note the silver ring around the iPhone’s Home button, as it’s something that has popped up in recent chatter.

It’s believed that users will be able to utilize the sensor simply by holding their finger over the button, instead of having to swipe across like older scanners. The feature, at first at least, will be used mainly for unlocking iPhones.

But it’s the stuff that will come after that that has us all excited. Apple could use the sensor to replace iTunes and iCloud passwords, and then later offer similar access to third-party developers. Think about that. No passwords.

Of course, we won’t know for sure what Apple’s plans are until it takes the stage later today. The company’s media event, where it’s expected to unveil the iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone 5C, is slated to begin at 10 am Pacific time.

Make sure to join us for full live coverage of the event.

  • سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ام

    I couldn’t care less about these features TBH. Just give me a long lasting battery…

  • Haha great! You guys leave no chance for a surprise. Got to love the iDB team.

    • FOFF

      who cares ji just want good stuff

  • Topuz

    If you like it then you put a ring on it? Right?

  • Adnan Mosali


    • Lance Baker


      • Adnan Mosali

        lol ?

      • Jonathan

        He means typo.

      • Adnan Mosali

        Oh ok sorry 😛

      • Jonathan

        No problem. 🙂

      • Adnan Mosali

        done !

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  • Mr.H

    7 hours .

  • SonsoNL

    I think this could be used for some cool stuff! I’m excited.
    Though i think it would be a real killer if they find a way to make the battery last for a week or something. They can do so much with the tech these days, but a mini nuke inside a phone is impossible it seems 🙁

  • Z3r0ViP

    I think someone is trolling this page with the DoS exploiting thing.. my reeder/chrome crash 10/10 on my iPhone…

  • Fevostone

    It’s all good but I’m still hoping that the ring is going to light up as well wen you get a call or text that would be sweet man..!

    • CryptoCoin420

      That would be nice, but I wouldnt count on it.

      • Fevostone

        I know 🙁 will see in 3 hrs 🙂

    • FOFF

      that would be great but only a 5% chance

  • Micky Ganon

    I do not see the need to replace my iPhone 5, except fingerprints nothing exciting

    • Glorin

      how about 120fps slow mo?

    • Saeed Ghattas

      And you are saying that because you know what other features the next iphone has? Tell us please you son of tim cook 🙂

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        it hasnt been anounced yet but we allready know of the most features and improvements its gonna have

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      Faster processor , better camera , probably a little bit better battery and an all new feature ( finger print sensor ) , processor camera and battery are the main improvements seen on new models and then sometimes a new feature like the 5s’ one. What else would you expect it to have ? Maybe the ability to cook for you ? 😛

      • Micky Ganon

        and u know..its only a phone..

      • FOFF

        iphone 5 with jailbreak > iphone 5S with no jailbreak

      • Micky Ganon
      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        I cant believe it 😛 The time I watched it apple had already announced the 5s and 5c and I thought this is the official video until the end omg 😛

  • Stefano

    Not thrilled

    • Well_Said

      Same here too

  • Yunsar

    If they had matching coloured wallpapers on the 5C, it would have been ok. But on the 5S it should be the dynamic wallpaper

  • D LTe

    what happen to the good old days where someone would be excited about a phone or new device coming out? all this leaks just doesn’t help. by the time the actual launch day, everyone knows exactly what the device has or is going to look like.

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      those were good days where we were waiting to see what a new arrival is going to bring , now the excitement isnt big …

    • FOFF

      i dont care i just want something great and not small BS features that are not that interesting..

  • Well_Said


  • Well_Said

    LG G2 here I come!!

    • mehrab

      I pity you.

  • CryptoCoin420

    Meh, waiting for the 6 but I am always interested in what Apple does. My wife and my Mom are both due for an upgrade from their 4S so whatever it is, will be a good upgrade for them.

  • Qasim Bashir

    less than 3 hours people!!!!

  • therealjjohnson

    I know this wasn’t the intention…but this site and many others have totally ruined the new iPhone experience. Its my fault as well because i don’t have to click on the articles with “inside information” but most times its in the title and well you cant unring a bell. Such a catch 22.

    • FOFF

      LOL well your best bet is not to read iphone news site jif you dont want to know

      • therealjjohnson

        Which is the catch 22 because i love the news about new products, games, jailbreak tweaks, etc. Ah well…lol

  • thepies


  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    sooo, nothing about led notification circle? shame

    • FOFF


  • Mutaz Hafeel

    Loaded this webpage on three different web browsers on the iPhone. It crashed all three as I scrolled to the bottom….

  • TwilightSparkled

    Would love to use LastPass or 1Password with fingerprint scanning, rather than a long, conveluted password.

  • Pato111

    Sleepless night, almost there 🙂

  • Samuel

    And where is the info for the headphone jack on that photo?