iPhone 5c (Manufacturing 001)

Apple’s website is bursting with new goodies. We’ve already posted YouTube versions of promotional videos in which Jonathan Ive, SVP of Design, and Dan Riccio, SVP of Hardware Engineering, educate us on the Touch ID fingerprint scanning and explain the advances behind the iPhone 5s’s rear iSight camera.

With the all-new iPhone 5c featuring a polycarbonate plastic shell, the company’s now gone to great lengths discussing the manufacturing process. The following promo clip depicts how Apple collaborated with its complex supply chain in Asia in order to produce the seamless hard-coated polycarbonate plastic shell for the iPhone 5c…

Marketing honcho Phil Schiller assured during the keynote that customers “won’t see seams, or part lines, or joins” on the device and here’s why.


It’s exactly why I like Apple – folks there agonize over every. single. detail.

Hopefully there won’t be another Scuffgate this time around.

  • Cameron Nelms


    • The case is ugly. Those dots…c`mon.

      • Cameron Nelms

        Hey, people have opinions, I respect yours.

  • Frost

    Thank you Apple. Thank you for screwing over everyone that bought an i5. Appreciate it…

    • Uh…Wut

    • So they should wait for you to have at least 5 years of usage before they release new models? 🙂

      • Trevs

        iPhone 5 has not even been out for ONE year. Shitup thanks.

    • DunedinEagle

      Um supply and demand dude/dudett. I’m sure you will be able to get top dollar since they no longer make it. Sell it if you dont like it.

    • ☞Dylan James Kroger

      Yeah, but this makes iPhone 4S users happy! I’ve wait awhile for this

  • Tom

    the 5c is still expensive i thought it would be 200 off contract

  • Archit

    Please can anyone tell the name of the RACING GAME shown in the video? Please…

    • DunedinEagle

      Me too please!

      • MrSparkles

        real racing 3 i believe

      • Archit

        No real racing does not have bike racing… 🙁 pleasee anyone please!!?

  • 4pplesauce

    why are people mad Apple discontinues the iphone 5?
    They will still support it through ios 8 only difference is they are not selling it. Doesnt mean the hundreds of thousands of unsold shlefed iphone 5’s wont be available.. so..my question..why so mad?

  • DunedinEagle

    Why does it seem like the whole new line up is geared toward Asian teenage girls?

  • DunedinEagle

    For me it’s a no brainer. I can’t have less than 64 gigs and my wife is nosey as all get out. White with Silver is the choice!

  • Dillon Kirton

    Being a fan of Plastic Built Smart Phones, this is amazing for me. 😀

  • Hex

    Jony Ive sometimes sounds like Simon Cowell

  • n0ahcruz3

    The biggest (S)hit Update yet. It comes with overpriced plastic too. Maybe its the holy grail of plastic thats why they priced it that way.

  • Fanboyofapple

    If you call replacing cheap plastic around the iPhone 5 and calling it a new model, then yeah it’s a new model. Purely profit driven. Everybody’s predictions about a new “off contract” iPhone were a joke too. Same old deal as always. Only thing different we get this year is Apple more money using plastic and marketing the neon 5c to 15 year old girls.

  • Guest

    oh…so thats how it got made and leaked.

  • Sam Khan

    oh…so thats how it got made and leaked by labour.