Watch this now: how the iPhone 5c is made

iPhone 5c (Manufacturing 001)

Apple’s website is bursting with new goodies. We’ve already posted YouTube versions of promotional videos in which Jonathan Ive, SVP of Design, and Dan Riccio, SVP of Hardware Engineering, educate us on the Touch ID fingerprint scanning and explain the advances behind the iPhone 5s’s rear iSight camera.

With the all-new iPhone 5c featuring a polycarbonate plastic shell, the company’s now gone to great lengths discussing the manufacturing process. The following promo clip depicts how Apple collaborated with its complex supply chain in Asia in order to produce the seamless hard-coated polycarbonate plastic shell for the iPhone 5c…

Marketing honcho Phil Schiller assured during the keynote that customers “won’t see seams, or part lines, or joins” on the device and here’s why.

It’s exactly why I like Apple – folks there agonize over every. single. detail.

Hopefully there won’t be another Scuffgate this time around.