iPhone 5.7 (T3 magazine concept teaser 001)

Thursday afternoon, The Wall Street Journal released a story claiming that Apple has begun testing different display sizes for future iPhone models. The outlet said that the company is experimenting with screens between 4.8 to 6-inches.

The report was The Journal’s second on the topic in as many months, leading many to believe that there really might be some truth to these plus-sized iPhone rumors. And today, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has thrown his hat into the ring…

Kuo, who represents KGI Securities where he has built a reputation as one of the most accurate Apple analysts in the business, sent out a note to investors this morning, claiming that he is hearing similar ‘large iPhone’ chatter from his end.

AppleInsider has the note:

“In a note obtained by AppleInsider, Kuo points out that Apple will extend the iPhone 5’s in-cell touchscreen technology to next year’s handset lineup, bumping display size to 4.5 inches, or 5 inches. The analyst notes Apple is less likely to use anything larger than 5 inches due to the company’s “unwavering principle of one hand use.”

The last time Apple changed the screen size on its iPhone was last fall, when it moved to a 4-inch 1136×640 display. Prior to that, the company had gone with a 3.5-inch display for the handset’s for 5 generations, calling the size “ideal” for most.

But what that switch to 4-inches tells us, and what the upcoming iPhone 5C model tells us, is that Apple is becoming more open to the idea of expanding its smartphone line. And that’s a good thing, as it will foster more i-options for consumers.

iphone 5 galaxy noteiPhone 5 next to a Samsung Galaxy Note II with 5.5-inch display (via PhoneArena)

Here’s hoping all of this speculation materializes, and we really do get a larger iPhone next year. I’m not too picky about the size, just as long as the screen is at least 4.8-inches and still usable with one hand. I’d also like to see a new hardware design.

But first things first, let’s make it through this year’s iPhone announcement. Remember, Apple is holding a media event this Tuesday where it’s expected to unveil two new handsets: the low-cost 5C, and the iPhone 5S with built-in fingerprint sensor.

  • Philipp Steigler

    seems legit 🙂

  • Moi

    5-inch will be perfect ( at least for me )

    • mehrab

      To you. To the big screen market. To everyone ‘not at all’ 5 inch is HUGE To most people.

      • Tien Nguyen

        if “most people” found 5 inch screens huge, I wouldn’t say all those Android users were the minority…

      • Lordthree

        How many notes do you really see in the wild? It’s well known that samsung cooks there’s numbers

      • Dan

        I’ve seen quite a few actually.

        And it’s their

      • Rowan09

        There are not many Note 2s around, people usually go for the S3 or 4. A 5″ screen can work just like the S4 is the same size as the S3 with a smaller bezel.

      • stevejobs

        People don’t buy notes lol they buy galaxies, nexuses, and HTC Ones… no one buys that giant.

      • mehrab

        Im talking about people with normal sized androids people with ios devices people with out smartphines? People yet to buy ones, people who are about to buy one

      • stevejobs

        Most people have Androids 😉 5 inch. You have a tiny phone ahahahhhhhaahahahahahaahahha Step your game up kid. You have a little phone. A baby phone 😀 When you’re a MAN you will get a real size phone.

      • mehrab

        I have an Htc one and a nexus 4 i dont think im missing out on much tbh after using them i never left the need to be like damn if only my iphone 5 was bigger . Btw get a life please this is an apple website

      • stevejobs

        I don’t care how many phones you have, I don’t care if you wish your crap iPhone 5 was bigger. Get a life kid, freedom of speech is welcome on all websites. Idiot can’t even write a complete sentence. You disgust me.

  • smtp25

    its been a long time coming .. hope it happens

  • Tobiyes

    Yes please! A tablet on my ear and I have to use two hands anytime! My dreams come true!

    • Dan

      I use my Note 2 with one hand, you get used to it.

      • mehrab

        Teach me? Lol

      • Tobiyes

        Simple answer: I don’t want to.
        Since WWDC, Apple is going back to their roots with Federighi. I hope they won’t stop here! They once said, bigger is not the answer and I hope they believe in that.

      • Dan

        Well hopefully they offer both options. That way we can both be satisfied ;).

        Imo 5” would be perfect, but I understand it’s too much for some people.

      • Tobiyes

        Yeah, that would be okay for me. But I can’t really understand that, at least for now. We will see, maybe they will do it and I understand why ^^

      • Nipplesourus

        Yah, creating an iPhone 5B, they could enter the phablet market and appeal to more buyers. (B for big of course)

    • stevejobs

      My HTC One looks fine on my ear. The flip are you talking about with your tiny phone? barley can see the screen LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Scrim

    They should have made the iPhone 5 wider not just taller. Hate the shape of it.

    • Husam Hamed

      It isn’t taller, it used to be shorter than most phones and they fixed it. So it’s now the right size and ratio.. Even when you play youtube videoes for example it’ll fill your screen unlike the older iphones with the black bars.
      So it’s the perfect size for a 4″ screen, now we wait for a bigger one and not taller 😛

      • RarestName

        Exactly. They finally fixed the silly aspect ratio and now, they have to fix the stupid resolution.

      • Joseph liong

        Agreed.4.3″ would be perfect.

  • Piyush

    I hope they keep 4 inch screen size.

  • That would throw off the screen ratio again (which they fixed with the iPhone 5) Unless of course they alter the height accordingly or use up the unused space like removing the home button.

    • Xee

      Yes deffo get rid of the home button!

  • zustroy

    People, I want less bezel!
    Todays iPhones have huge bezel and that’s pathetic!
    I will not upgrade from iPhone 5 till they present bigger display iPhone with new design as well.
    iPhone 5 design was a step back from iPhone 4.

  • Danibal59


  • omrishtam

    analysts saw alot of shit….preety sure this is one of them

  • Stephen Hagans

    Too long for me to wait. Im moving to the note 3

  • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

    Is there really no way they can make the screen bigger while keeping the size of the phone the same or smaller?

    • ahmad3335

      Moto X size is same as iPhone 5, cause it does’t have a physical home button
      Apple will never remove a home button
      Also the upper bezels are too much on iPhone

      • Moi

        True, and if the next iPhone would come with that fingerprint Senser , removing the home button won’t be an option any more … If they remove it then that means the Senser will go 2 , unless apple finds a way to remove the HB and puts the Senser somewhere else ….. Don’t really carry on that

      • batongxue

        Moto X is 7mm wider, that’s a huge difference

  • laszlo gaspar

    people are going to eat up the iPhone 5C.

    • mehrab

      Haha ikr? They”ll sell like hot bread

      • stevejobs

        They wont sell. A colorful iPhone 5? It’s not even an upgrade. It’s not even up to par with the latest android phones? No one will buy this crap. Not even apple fans will buy this crap. Trust me I know. The 5 was the last straw for them. They will not shell out money for a ‘finger print scanner’ LOL

  • seyss

    not a single word on battery… Tim Cook said they’d like to release phones with big displays but BATTERY is what is holding this.

    A breakthrough battery, this is the next gold mine in mobile devices.

  • Fevostone

    Is the iphone 5s display going to be 1080p..?

  • batongxue

    yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raul

    Well I think that I hope the next iPhone

  • JustAnAverageUser

    I would like Apple to improve their PPI to par or better than the androids. The iPhone’s display is lacking and need to step up their game.

  • sjah07

    This seems SUPER unlikely to me. They only just introduced the iPhone 5’s taller screen and the iPad mini’s smaller screen, so that’s two new screen sizes in the last year. One of the biggest things people use to compare iOS against Android is its relative lack of screen-size fragmentation!

  • stevejobs

    Tim is an idiot! 😀 iPhone will die after the iPhone 5Crap announcement. They think they can mock iPhone users 3 times in a row? 4S, 5, 5C/S… They wont fall for it this time.

  • mav3rick

    At least it will be an improvement. This year so called “new” phones are a bad joke: same last year specs in a plastic case, yes with colours, LOL, and one with only added fingerprint collector.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Is that a remote control next to the Note? ;P

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    If the next iPhone is the size of the Galaxy S3, I’ll be happy.

  • Ted Forbes

    Maybe they’ll do it now (in a few hours from now). It’s no joke the bigger screen is over due. Do it now Apple, next year? No thanks, next year will be to little to late!

  • Roboter

    Hope this comes true 🙂 I want an iPhone with a larger screen.