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Passbook, Apple’s iOS app for collecting coupons, board passes and other digital cards, is now a registered trademark. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published the trademark registration Friday. This makes a clean sweep for the app, after its icon was trademarked by Apple earlier this month.

Apple had filed to trademark the app in 2012, just two months after unveiling Passbook during its annual June Apple World Wide Developer Conference.

Today’s announcement comes as Apple continues efforts to trademark the term ‘startup’ as part of its retail services ahead of the expected September launch of the iPhone 5S/5C

As Patently Apple notes, the Passbook app is trademarked by the USPTO under the 035 international classification and covers the following:

Advertising, marketing and promotional services; promoting the goods and services of others by providing coupons, tickets, passes, rebates, gift cards, gift certificates, discounts, special offers, and vouchers for goods and services of others, and by distributing advertising material and providing information about the goods, services, events and activities of others; advertising and marketing services, namely, promoting the goods and services of others by providing links to the websites of others and enabling sales of gift cards and gift certificates of others.

Talk about the all-encompassing filing!

What we’re able to glean from the classification is that Apple still doesn’t view Passbook as a direct payment service, but more akin the the iWallet metaphor that’s floating around.

Earlier this month, the company received a trademark for the Passbook icon.

Passbook was introduced as part of iOS 6 at last year’s WWDC.

  • Swifity

    Passbook is sitting deep within one of my folders with the things I never use.

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    • IronMan

      May be you dont know how to use it? It helps me manage my Starbucks card, Use my Valpack coupon, for my wife to manage her sephora account. etc etc.

    • 3aloo1

      Its Helpful for people who works in aeroplanes

  • leart za jmi

    How about s-passbook?

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  • abdullah575

    how about iPassbook ???

  • chumawumba

    Here goes another patent war between passbook and samsung wallet

    • Saeed Ghattas

      And that’s how things should be.

  • Hermès Vainstar Chu

    only use this app in starbuckets