CamBright Hero 2

A new tweak from Auxo co-creator Jack Willis recently hit the Cydia store, and it fixes an issue that likely plagues more than a few iPhone photographers. CamBright is the name of the tweak, and it forces the iPhone’s screen brightness up to 100% whenever the stock Camera app is launched.

The tweak is great for those of you who don’t walk around all day with 100% brightness on your iPhone, but who like to have the full brightness whenever snapping photos or video. Have a look at our video that showcases how CamBright works.

Although our video doesn’t show it, CamBright will reset your brightness setting back to how it was before once you exit the Camera app and Lock your iPhone. I lamented a bit in the video about the lack of a reset feature, but it turns out that you have to lock the device along with exiting the Camera app to make it work as it should.

I should also mention that Jack wasn’t alone when he created CamBright. The tweak was co-created by s1rex, better known as Bradley Friedman. Bradley has plenty of jailbreak tweaks under his belt as well, including SimpleBanners, PersistantAssistant, and BookLock.

Free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, CamBright has no options or settings that you must configure after installing it. It’s a very simple jailbreak tweak, but it solves an annoying problem that many of you have probably encountered in the past. Be sure to share your feelings about CamBright in our comments below.

  • J_W97

    The ‘brightness not resetting’ issue is being worked on. What can you expect of a tweak written in 20 minutes as a bit of fun šŸ˜›

    Surprisingly, the fix isn’t being made by myself or Bradley. Oh the joys of GitHub and being open source

    • Adithya Sairam


  • Zeus

    Man I loved my iphone, but droids do this automatically. I feel bad that I don’t regret switching at all. I’m excited to see iOS 7 in action though. I’m personally a fan of both, but droid suits my needs better.

    • Eddy Castro

      If I remember my Android device, it woudn’t let me use the camera if my battery was at a certain battery percentage which pissed me the hell off! I switched to android and switched back (not because of that reason haha). Guess Android wasnt for me

      • Joseph

        Actually, it was either changed to (or always was) prevent the camera flash from being used at low battery, not the camera itself.

      • Eddy Castro

        No no, it was the Camera app itself. Couldnt take video or photos when battery was below 15 percent. I have an Evo 4G

      • Joseph

        Must be a feature/restriction unique to the phone, then.

  • Alex

    What tweak or app was used at the beginning to adjust the brightness from the notification center?

    • steve00000

      Seriously? He said ‘ncsettings’ lol

      • Alex

        I missed it then, thanks

  • ofir0013

    copy of android šŸ˜€

  • jocastro

    apple please keep up with the times lol

  • Edward Pacheco

    Why would I need full brightness to take a good picture? Don’t smack me in the head, it’s just a simple question.

    • Damian W

      you need full brightness in case if you have lots of light around you as it usually happens in a sunny day. To be more detailed, the bright sunlight makes almost impossible for us to see clearly what is on our screen, especially when our screen is dimmed. Do you get the idea of the tweak now?

  • abdullah575

    add me on iMessage its not FAKE real !!

  • Ha lala

    this is like a super basic tweak that you can do with Tasker on android. automate on iOS is still a dream lol

  • steve00000

    This can be done with activator but that of course won’t set it back after :p

  • Jā„¢

    Jeff: make a video using the front camera facing u