Yes, indeed. We’ve been graced with the likes of yet another Lock screen launcher, this one being inspired by Android no less. GingerLock emulates the style of Android’s now long outdated Gingerbread release, and brings it to iOS. It’s not as heavy on features like other Android inspired Lock screen launchers, but it does feature a few areas of customization that may pique your interest.

Per the norm, we’ve taken the opportunity to go hands on with GingerLock. Have a look at our full video walkthrough inside.

Inside GingerLock’s preferences, you’ll find one main page littered with about half a dozen settings or so. At the top, you’ll find a standard kill switch for quickly disabling the tweak. The nice thing about this kill switch, and every other setting contained within GingerLock’s preferences, is that none of them require a respring.

Beneath the kill switch toggle resides two options to change the look of the Lock screen sliders. The rounded option ditches the Lock screen bar that appears alongside the circular buttons, and the background option brings a subtle change to the background of said bar.

Further beneath those settings lies the ability to customize the second button on the Lock screen. GingerLock comes standard with two buttons — one, used to unlock the device, and the other, used to launch an application of your choice. By default, that application is the stock Camera app, but that can be easily changed via the tweak’s preferences. There’s even a provision to make the camera app work like it does on a stock Lock screen, instead of launching the full fledged app.

As stated earlier, you’re not going to find as many options within GingerLock’s preferences as say, JellyLock, but it’s probably enough to keep you satisfied if you’re interested in a Gingerbread style Lock screen launcher.

If you’d like to give GingerLock a shot, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had for $0.99. Personally speaking, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Gingerbread, so I’ll be skipping out on this one. What say you?

  • Joseph

    Jeff, by any chance do you hate Christmas?

    • Osama Muhammed


      • Joseph

        “I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Gingerbread, so I’ll be skipping out on this one. What say you?” ~Jeff

  • Goran Milici

    Most of the stuff Steve Jobsless apple does now is android inspired. They’re calling their new control panel “new and innovating” . How is that new since android has had it for years. So let them copy android but

    • Danuel Carr

      First off, nobody has used the word innovative or anything that even remotely sounds like it to describe iOS 7 or any of its features. They said that the UI had “vitality and beauty” which it does, and that the features were new to iOS, not that they created them. Second, 99% of the features android has are just “stolen” jailbreak tweaks, including quick toggles and controls (SBsettings, anyone?). Third, how does the argument that because one platform had a feature first no other platforms can use it make sense? Should 9/10 cars on the the road not have power steering just because one company had it first? No.

      • Goran Milici

        Yes they did make it sound like the togles were new to cell phones. I never said that if a company comes up with something no one can use it. I just think it’s funny how when samsung copied apple all apple fanboys were talking smack, now that apple is copying android now it’s ok. I’m not trolling simply stating facts. I was just like you before, the biggest apple fan, but then I actually tried a android. Apple was the best when Jobs was around, but now they are just recycling their products. They haven’t come up with anything new in a while. They’re just hoping people buy their phones because it’s apple. And yes the stuff android has is jailbreak tweaks, but that’s what makes them better. Because they allow you to have those tweaks while apple thinks you’re too stupid and might mess up your phone if you have those tweaks. Even now they decide what toggles are important to you and you can have.

      • mehrab

        Why do you guys have pinch to zoom/or an appstore/or why do you guys scroll like the first iphone? These are questions too. You sound exactly like that^ apple does not copy they implement

      • Rowan09

        So your logic implies Apple should add these features because Android has them? Add quick toggles is not an Android thing, it’s just a shortcut it’s like saying the iPhone had an App Store first so anyone else that comes up with an App Store is ripping off of Apple. None of these companies are making anything innovative, this is just a lie made from commercials. I own both an iPhone 5 and Note 2 and guess what they both do basically the same thing, especially when you have a jail broken iPhone it’s a way better experience than any Android. I appreciate both OS but its a lie when people say Android is innovating when it’s basically the same OS since Froyo with tweaks just like Apple. Innovating like Wozniak said is doing something new with the interface, how we communicate with the screen. Software tweaks are not really innovative there mostly evolutionary. We won’t see anything stellar until the next 2-3 years in my opinion.

      • mehrab


      • Kurt

        Could be wrong, often am, but I thought Black Berry had an app store first.

    • Chris Holden

      lol.. well.. it IS new, apple didnt have it before, and they never call it ”innovating” so go troll somewhere else, why do u even care? go play with ur lil droid, dont get frustated when it laa.aaaaa aaagsss tho

      • Joseph

        Did your Mac lag to make you add all of those extra letters in the word ‘lag’ (and two random spaces…?)?

      • Goran Milici


      • mehrab

        A mac lagging? Thats like kanye wests baby being a white blonde

      • Guest

        NEWSFLASH: Macs, just like any other PC can lag. Stop being a biased fanboy.

      • mehrab

        Macs lag less, then windows ever did when i say that i mean high end windows lag not the low ends you might be thinking about

      • TheBeeNet

        Sounded a little racist to me. Regardless of your point.

      • mehrab

        Lol i didnt mean it to be

      • Goran Milici

        Lil droid? I think your confusing my phone with your little iPhone screen. Apple was the best a few years ago when droid sucked and Jobs was around. Now you’re getting recycled technology and old components in your iPhone. Outdated. Apple still makes the best computers hands down and the iPad is probably the best tablet, but the iPhone isn’t the best anymore. Its not even second best.

  • Shingo

    anyone could confirm if this work with iOS5+? any other tweak for iOS5+ beside this similarity?

  • Pako Jauregui

    Yes it is true apple is very outdated very pretty phones I can’t deny that, I myself used to be an apple fan but not anymore at Least Google listens to people and gives them what they want and try their best but ask apple for something and you will find out how easily they will ignore you and don’t give a Crap about what their customers think do you remember the suggestion pod2g made about a more open ios? Even tho it was trending like crazy on Twitter apple DID NOT GAVE A CRAP!!! and even Pod2g thinks the new UI is awful looking and I totally agree.

    • Rowan09

      Google give Android for free while Apple makes billions from IOS, you will not have a open and very secure OS in the mobile space, hence Google Playstore is filled with junk apps, fan made apps and malware. What openness do you want from Apple and how does Google listen to their customers more or less than Apple? If the AppStore was filled with malware people would kill Apple but since its Google people make mention of it but no one cares, just like people complain about not having an SD card on the iPhone while Google is making their phones less dependent on SD cards and internal battery just like Apple (Nexus). I’ve had this debate a lot of times but Android looks the same as its inception just like IOS until this new OS which looks a little different but the basis is the same.

    • Goran Milici

      Very true. I use to love apple and would go off on anyone that said anything bad. But after getting the iPhone 4, which was great, then the 4s and the 5 I gave up on them. They were all basically the same and apple controls everything. I love the fact that Android let’s you choose what you want. Apple even controls what apps you have to use while android let’s you use any app you want to open any file. Even with the new quick settings Apple chose what toggles they think you need. Android is great about listening to it’s customers while Apple thinks it’s customers are too stupid to know what they want and they chose for them.

  • My android phone had this since 2.2. Might call it FroyoLock.

  • Kurt

    Nothing beats JellyLock. Best way to unlock your phone to get to your favorite apps.

    • Rowan09

      I agree. This lock screen tweak is very plain.

  • Isa Altintas

    This isn’t showing in cydia. Anyone else the same?

  • laszlo gaspar

    If i want a phone that looks like android then i buy and android phone, not some dated looking Gingerbread lock screen.

  • BuddyLock Is better.