CodeScambler Hero

Looking to add some additional security to your iPhone? Worried about someone spying out your Lock screen passcode? If you answered affirmatively to those questions, then perhaps you’d benefit from CodeScrambler.

CodeScrambler is a brand new jailbreak tweak that scrambles the Lock screen passcode in a different order each time you attempt to unlock your iPhone. This makes it more difficult for would-be passcode thieves to memorize your passcode based on the location of your taps on the screen.

Have a look inside, as we showcase how CodeScrambler works on video…

Once installed, CodeScrambler starts working immediately. There are no options or settings to configure, but you’ll (obviously) need to have your passcode enabled in the general section of the Settings app.

Keep in mind, that despite its added security benefits, CodeScrambler does make it harder for end-users to enter their passcode quickly. Instead of entering in the passcode using a familiar numerical order, users will have to take a second to “think” each time the passcode is entered.

I should also mention that despite the utter proliferation of Retina caliber devices, CodeScrambler’s passcode screen is a low-resolution mess. If you care about aesthetics, then you’ll probably want to the tweak is updated with Retina assets.

With all of that said, CodeScrambler is a good way to ensure that onlookers can’t simply memorize the placements of your taps. They’ll have to be close enough to spy out the actual numbers you touch in order to steal your passcode.

If you want to try CodeScrambler, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded for $0.99. Please share your thoughts and comments down below.

  • Kyle Adams

    non retina tweak, lol.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    cool tweak

  • Chazy Ronnie

    Its a cool tweak but after some time of use it will be a pain specially when you’re in a hurry to access you phone

  • rasengan720 .

    its kinda useful in the sense of security but i’m sure many of us are accustomed to the point of typing in our passwords without even looking.. im sure some people might get irritated by it.. dont get me wrong its good but not sure how others may take it… (jus my opinion 😛 )

    • Kurt

      Think you are right. It’s a clever idea, but would get irritating to use

  • Scott Curry

    I would never pay for a non-retina tweak. No matter HOW important it may seem. We’re eons past non-retina anything….

    • Kurt

      iPad mini what?

      I would agree whole heartily with, “We SHOULD be eons past non-retina anything….”

      • Scott Curry

        Well played, sir.

        Agreed. iPad mini never mattered much to me, so I tend to put it completely out of my mind….lol

      • Kurt

        Same here. No need for the mini. I want a larger 13inch iPad for home use. 9.7 is too small. and For outside I’ll be buying a Note 3. If you have a little phone like I do now which is 3.5″ then I can see why people also care a second device the iPad mini. But I think it’s better to carry one device-Note 3 🙂

  • Amad

    Just put your hand over the keypad before entering password best security and it saves you money from buying tweaks.

    • totati


  • Miiss

    What happens if your passcode is more than 4 numbers? Locked out!

    • Jameel Minnis

      I just downloaded it. I’m locked out. My pin was 6 numbers. Now can’t get in ipod. Help!!!