iPhone 5S (back shell, NowhereElse 002)

Another day, another iPhone “leak”. With less than four weeks until Apple’s September 10 event, a growing number of purported parts can be seen cropping up all over Asia.

The latest is this genuine looking backplate that shows enough tweaks and modifications not to be easily dismisses as an early iPhone 5 prototype design.

The most interesting bit about it is a slight change in the Home button assembly. It could be just Apple improving reliability of the Home button, but with all the rumors pointing to the fingerprint sensor integrated into the Home button, one never knows…

The French blog NowherEelse.fr obtained from its own trusted source images depicting a purported rear shell of the iPhone 5S which includes a tweaked metal spacer cushion that supports the Home button.

As seen on a side-by-side comparison shot top of post, the modified Home button design could point to the rumored embedded fingerprint sensor, though it’s impossible to tell whether the cushion has been tweaked to support the usual Home button or the convex one, as has been rumored.

Below are the differences between the bezel mounting frame on the iPhone 5 (left) and the supposed iPhone 5S component (right).

iPhone 5S (back shell, NowhereElse 003)

Conveniently enough, screw placement along the back of the device appears to be consistent with other leaked components which have pointed to a slight internal design overhaul of both the printed circuit board and camera module (said to include dual-LED flash).

We’re not sure what to make of this. For what it’s worth, NowhereElse has proven itself a reliable source of various component leaks, though not all of them end up being genuine parts.

iPhone 5S (back shell, NowhereElse 001)

Coincidentally or not, iOS 7 contains code references indicating fingerprint scanning functionality. In addition, well-connected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is convinced that the next iPhone will for the first time feature a convex Home button in order to create more space for a fingerprint sensor.

Fell free to share your two cents down in the comments.

  • vishavdubb

    So many leaks in following days.

  • seyss

    cant wait for sep 10

    • Kurt

      Can’t wait for Sept 4th!

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    Convex home button? Please, no!

    • sivkai

      Agreed. Convex will look hideous. Capacitive (completely flush with the screen) is the way to go.

      • Rowan09

        As I phone technician I prefer a physical home button instead of a capacitive button, once the screen stops functioning or cracks in some cases cause the capacitive buttons to stop working. Samsung saw the purpose for a physical home button on their Galaxy high end phones since the S3.

      • Kurt

        When you are using your Note 2 in landscape and you are playing a game. How do the capacitive buttons not get accidentally triggered? Is it because you lay your finger down and hold so when you lift it up the button press is ignored after some time?

      • Rowan09

        Yes it does sometimes and that’s one reason I hate capacitive buttons. I would say its a major issue but its a minor one. I get the logic behind having multiples buttons but I’m fine with just the home button and on screen directions. The Z10 took it to another level and in my opinion had way too much gesture control on BB10.

      • sivkai

        You have a point, but ‘the screen may stop working’ reason is not a legitimate excuse to hold back the implementation of capacitive buttons. It’s the next step forward in mobile technology. Clickable buttons are gimmicky, and coincidentally, are more likely to break than capacitive ones.

  • Gorgonphone

    5S = boring