One of the most popular, and arguably one of the best jailbreak themes of all time is now on sale. For the first time since its inception, ayecon, the groundbreaking Retina enabled theme for the iPhone is available for just $0.99.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over a year since ayecon was initially released on Cydia. I think it’s safe to say that the theme has aged well, and adequately stands the test of time.

If you’re one of the few jailbroken iPhone owners that has yet to purchase ayecon, then you can do so now for just $0.99 on Cydia. This sale, according to its designer, Surenix, starts tonight, and he doesn’t have a date yet set for the sale to end.

If you’re at all into themes, I don’t imagine the decision of whether to buy ayecon or not being a very tough one. We spoke very highly of the theme in our initial review, and we feel that more than a year later, the words uttered in that review still ring true.

If you’ve yet to purchase ayecon, is a $2 discount enough to make you consider a buy? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

  • RarestName

    I’ll buy it and use it together with Aplo 🙂

  • This is one of the best themes I’ve ever owned. Surenix is a genius. And now more people can enjoy ayecon.

    • Surenix

      Thank you 🙂

  • Gavin

    any way you can buy it if your not jailbroken for future use?

    • Cesar D

      You can change icons and wallpaper to look like it, but is like useless without jailbreak. And you can’t buy it without cydia, you’ll need a device with jailbreak and extract the theme directly from that device.

    • Surenix

      I think the only way would be if you have a friend who owns a jailbroken device. SIgn in with your account on their device and purchase it.

  • Can’t deny its gorgeousness, but I’m too in love with i2HD…

  • William Melendez

    I feel like this theme inspired Jonathan Ive to design IOS 7.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Not really. This theme is a more detailed version of the stock pre-iOS 7 theme, which has skeumorphism all over it. iOS 7 is far different and, IMO, uglier.

    • Courtney Macfarlane

      Personally I think It’s ridiculous for anyone to compare Ayecon to iOS 7.. As Ayecon is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve not been able to change my theme since I purchased it months ago. I will not be updating to iOS 7 until I can jailbreak and use Ayecon again 🙂 Well done Surenix, It’s perfect!

  • Caleb Youngblood

    The only reason people even get Android is because of the features. When iOS7 comes out and beyond that. It will all change.

  • Caleb Youngblood

    Why Android devices suck

    2. not all apps are compatible with all Android devices.
    3. most Android phones have pointless and stupid features.
    4. ugly UI
    5. The software you get with the phone you usually stay with. Its very hard to update the software of a Android phone.

    6. most Android phones are made out of cheap hard plastic which makes it a #$%$ phone

    Example: dragging a video from the internet to the home screen is a perfect example of a pointless and stupid feature

    7. They don’t have a big selection of apps.
    8. unpatched vulnerabilities (security risk)
    10. app quality sucks compared to iPhone
    11. user experience sucks

    • Caleb Youngblood

      Why Apple devices suck

      1. less features…..

      • Rami Tabaa

        You mean less useless features?

      • You missed:

        2. Official firmware updates intentionally make your last year device lag, so Apple can claim this year’s device is twice as fast

        3. Ancient, yet officially new, features that have been working on older jailbroken devices get greedily excluded to the latest devices. E.g. Siri and AirDrop

        4. You must officially accept what Apple tells you to do with your $500+ device (like a sheep); no option to make your device look/work the way you want, regardless if you think it’s fugly (like iOS 7). Unless you go unofficial, which could take up to 6 months.

        5. Apps till today can’t interact with one another

        6. No official option to restore to the compatible OS version of your choice; must officially restore the latest available for your device

        7. Official user experience is boring

      • Cesar D

        Why you suck:

        -Still critizicing like a whore bitch the whole life, get a gf.

      • Caleb Youngblood

        You are a Android fanboy on a apple article so maybe you should be telling yourself that

    • Joseph

      Firstly; why did you even bring this up on an article about a freaking iOS theme? Secondly, I will take apart your points one by one.

      1. Android devices aren’t laggy after Jellybean because of Project Butter and various hardware improvements. Stop using Gingerbread.

      2. Because they require certain hardware features. That’s the developer’s choice (Apple’s developers have a similar choice, by not making their app compatible with earlier iOS devices. However, it’s still purchasable to those people in some cases, which makes for a good scam story).

      3. There’s a use for everything to someone. iDB had an article about this themselves when people kept complaining about some jailbreak tweaks being useless; iDB posted about how everyone finds a use in a feature.

      4. The UI is completely controlled by the user. The default UI on stock Android is great, and I’d love to know what specifically you don’t like about it. Sense (HTC) and TouchWiz (Samsung) are device exclusives that don’t really count in my opinion. In addition, if someone doesn’t like the appearance, they can change it by downloading a launcher in the Play Store (Nova and Apex are suitable launchers that are similar to the stock Android launcher in appearance). Finally, that’s an opinion. Deal with it.

      5. That’s because of skins, which is either the carrier’s or the manufacturer’s fault. This is admittedly a problem, but said problem doesn’t exist on stock (and Nexus) devices (stock HTC One, stock Galaxy S4, etc). Otherwise, updating is flawless. It’s essentially the same as iOS’s; you get an abbreviated changelog that you can view in full online, you can download the update easily, and then choose to install it then or install it later. I don’t see how that’s hard, especially since it’s easily accessible; Settings > About.

      6. Manufacturer’s fault. A lot of devices feel very sturdy (Moto X, Nexus 7 2G, and a lot of other devices). Most people, both iPhone users and Android users, put cases on their devices, so it’s not even relevant.

      As for your example, Jeff and a ton of other users praised the VideoPane jailbreak tweak, which is the exact same feature as Samsung’s, just for iOS. So no, it’s not a pointless and stupid feature since it’s actually very useful. I suppose with your stupid logic having the ability to open multiple windows and view multiple windows at once on a computer is stupid?

      7. They have a gigantic selection of apps. I’d imagine you only play games, and just because some iOS exclusives aren’t on there doesn’t mean that there isn’t Android exclusives. As of June 2013, the iOS App Store has 900,000 apps. As of July 2013, the Play Store has over 1 million, and you don’t call that a big selection of apps? Even if it was only half of that, how greedy are you that you need a selection of 500,000 or 1 million apps?

      8. Apple’s iOS is barely unexposed to this. Jailbreak creators find many bugs per jailbreak. Apple patches them quickly, but Google pushes them out just as fast, as well. Let’s look back a few articles, too; recently, researchers have found a major exploit in iOS. Going even further back, there was an exploit that allowed the device to be compromised simply by plugging it into a computer. Android has nothing like that.

      9. Malware that only appears if you don’t pay attention to the permissions the app requests prior to installing it. Google’s automatic scanner picks up a lot of malware nowadays, and you typically only get infected by installing cracked apps. In addition, Android 4.3 added a hidden feature (still in beta) where you could block specific permissions on a potentially malicious app to prevent it from snooping. Adding onto that, iOS has had a bad track record recently for app approval, letting things in that are blatantly against the ToS, including emulators, when things like this should be obvious to approvers reviewing the code. Any one of those could’ve been a malicious app and you wouldn’t know.

      10. Developer’s fault. A lot of apps can look very similar or better, as well, and if you value looks over functionality, you truly are the Apple fanboy you make yourself out to be.

      11. The user experience is defined by what the user does with the device. Be more specific.

      • Guest

        I swear that’s some new copypasta, a troll or a dense iFanboy that won’t shush. I’ve seen this comment 5+ times and it’s getting sorta old. Just because Android doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others. So please, stop commenting this dumbass comment.

    • Nestea80

      Someone’s insecure …

      • Caleb Youngblood

        read number 8 on my list

    • Damian W

      you again? There was the same post few days ago and it was deleted by a moderator. This guy is a troll.

      • Caleb Youngblood

        That is actually not true. I like Apple products and I’m on a Apple article.

      • Damian W

        well 2 days ago some guy posted exactly same word by word post. So you two know each other or you just copied this post from somewhere. The other post got deleted because it was irrelevant to the article. And this post more likely will be deleted tomorrow as well.

      • Caleb Youngblood

        again i like apple products and I”m on a apple article

      • Damian W

        it does not change the fact you are irrelevant with your post.

      • Caleb Youngblood

        That is true. It doesn’t matter though. If Android fanboys don’t like it. They need to leave the APPLE article.

      • Joseph

        Why are you trying to antagonize people just because they prefer a different PHONE OPERATING SYSTEM than you do (is it worth fighting over?)? Much less on an article where it’s not even relevant.

        I suppose I should leave then, because I own both Android and iOS devices (getting an iPad in October, too)? Stop with your whining. If you didn’t get it yet, you’re the one who is part of the problem along with a small majority of iSheep and extremely biased writers that take a jab at Android when it’s not needed at all (Christian).

        So maybe you should leave since your only purpose here is to flame other readers?

      • Caleb Youngblood

        not gonna happen

      • Joseph

        Fine by me. I’ll be back in the morning, 6:20AM isn’t an ideal time to be bickering. That’s also your cue to stop, since you’re getting no where.

      • Caleb Youngblood

        You buy a phone with a lot of pointless and stupid features and you are calling me a sheep

      • Joseph

        Didn’t Apple adapt a lot of Android features to iOS, and jailbreakers do the rest, and they’re frequently used (VideoPane, JellyLock, etc)? They’re only pointless and stupid if they aren’t useful and you’re doing a horrible job at providing examples.

      • Caleb Youngblood

        I think its funny how you automatically assume I’m Christian…..

      • Joseph

        Read it again. I’m stating that Christian is the writer who blows things out of proportion.

      • Caleb Youngblood

        You android fanboys started whining first when i posted the list and like i said if you don’t like it don’t even look at the comments

      • Joseph

        Says the iSheep who posted it on an article where it didn’t even matter. No one gives a damn if you think it sucks, take it to a personal blog instead of spamming the comments.

        Also, your logic;

        >uses Android and iOS/asks you to leave because you’re being idiotic

        Must be an Android fanboy!

        Uh, no.

      • s0me

        Correction: That is actually true. I like Apple products and I’m on Apple ****. (you find that 4 letter word)

      • Kaptivator

        I like apple products as well. but shit, we getting tired of seeing this same post. Stay on topic.

    • Adil Hussain

      Please leave…

      • Caleb Youngblood

        I like Apple products and I’m on a apple article so maybe you should leave Android fanboy

      • Guest

        So just because some people on here also use a android along with iOS means we can’t read this blog? I’m sure Cody and Christian would disagree, since they’re iOS users visiting Android blogs for their news.

      • Adil Hussain

        Seein as though this is an iOS blog, it usually means only discussing iOS related stuff

      • blastingbigairs

        Why don’t all of you dorks meet in a park and beat the crap out of each other so we don’t have to hear you argue about this pointless garbage. No one cares!!!!

    • anonymous

      you again.. i just repied u on the other blog .. stop already.. we get it u are a loyal apple fan but please don’t criticize as many people are fan of android too. in case u didn’t see my reply .. here goes again..

      THIS is for caleb youngblood
      1. not all device lags, high end devices like s4, htc one ,xperia z are top notch
      2. well since u want to compare high end phones, all apps are compatible .
      3. these features are really innovative which iphone is lightyear from having.
      ugly, really i’ll change it right now, go launcher, nova, spb 3d, or
      even ur iphone ui among the very few.. u name it. i got it.
      5. well,
      the real aim of consumer is to have a stable os rather than update to
      the latest buggy ones and update oncemore to a more stable one.besides
      more updates more headaches,, thats what ios 6 taught me,, no new
      features… just tags of update notifications.
      6. just because its
      plastic doesn’t make it cheap..why do u use a plastic or rubber
      protector for ur iphone. doesn’t that make it cheap.

      ur example is not true.. maybe it seems pointless, but it shows advancement in the ability of ur smartphone.

      7. the marginal gap of apps is closing in.. though i just agree that
      apps come late to android as it has to be universal with support for all
      hardware and os and the huge diversity.

      8. unpatched vulnerabilty.. thats what i love.. makes it easier to
      root.. don’t u have a jb iphone due to some unpatched vulnerability.

      9. the criteria of malware is still minimal to the consumers.

      now please don’t judge so fast.. i used a jb iphone 4s 64gb ios 6.1.2
      for several months… and loved it and commented because i have been
      seeing this hateful ignorant comment for a few days so i had to reply.. i
      really appreciate both the os and their competition to make the
      consumers satisfied..if u asked me i could make another list showing the
      advantage of ios over android but only proves both has pros and
      cons..so don’t judge like u do hero worship.. but an analyst.. android
      side i used galaxy s3 16 gb rooted.. loved that too..

    • Ian Jackson

      I swear that’s some new copypasta, a troll or a dense iFanboy that won’t shush. I’ve seen this comment 5+ times and it’s getting sorta old. Just because Android doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others. So please, stop commenting this dumbass comment…

  • Bobby

    I’ll buy it whether it’s 2.99 or 0.99. Money isnt the problem. The problem is no jailbreak. Period. 🙁

  • Jacob61916

    Wish I could buy it when not jailbroken.

  • Adil Hussain

    I probably would’ve bought this if my iPod 5G was jailbroken

  • abdullah575

    it sucks !!

  • Kamrul

    The best theme ever, can’t find one that beats this, I’ve had this theme now since it first came out.

    • Surenix

      Thank you for your support 🙂

  • Zeljko Nikolic

    Cannot find it in playstore hege

  • batongxue

    Bought it long ago.
    Can’t go back.

  • Kaptivator

    If you don’t have this theme…Get it!! You wont be disappointed.

  • Chris

    awesome theme! i don’t have to bother about iOS7 when ayecon makes iOS6 looks so good already!

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    need a jailbreak first!

  • paulk536

    Haven’t used any other theme since Ayecon was realised. I’ve tried a few but none are as pleasing to the eye as Ayecon. It’s a permanent fixture on my 5 and iPad.

  • fasih

    looks exactly like stock iOS, but much improved. gonna have to try this when jailbreak is available for 7.

  • mav3rick

    This theme is the true proof of what the iOS design up to 6 was meant for where the iPhone is today. People got them in millions for the true excellent hardware build but mostly because of the eye candy experience on its interface.
    Was considering original iOS too nice and not looking at any theme, but I’ll just get “ayecon” to support the great dev. And who knows, maybe I’ll end with keeping it installed…

    • Surenix

      thank you for your support 🙂

      • mav3rick

        People started to picture “ayecon” on a iOS 7? How can even talk about such nice art work on a the messed up ugly fluorescent white screens blinding iOS 7?

  • mav3rick

    First time resping the phone with “ayecon” activated is eyes got to the candy land. The amount of work and attentive to details is just impressive. This theme just adds up to what a pleasurable experience browsing the iPhone should be and why there is not even a real experience without the power of jaibreak. Not blinding white or fluorescent screens and sketchy interface. Congrats to the dev and thanks again Jaibreak!
    And for non-believers in themes for the iPhone, like I was, all images and videos of “ayecon” give only a faint hint of what a game changer for how your phone will look it is. Only after installing it one can understand why so many are saying only great things about it. Including evasi0n.
    Trimmed icons let background slip a little more, so nice redesigned badges, elegant smooth black or blue phone dialpad, so many great icons for so many apps (the ones for the maps and BiteSMS especially). Kinda like more the original BackBoard and using Clear Lockscreen but the rest of “ayecon” parts are staying activated!

  • Gell Flores

    best theme ever

  • Courtney Macfarlane

    I think Apple should pay Surenix some big bucks and use Ayecon as their iOS 7 theme!! Haha It’s stunning.

  • kevin kissack

    URL BROKEN — do so now for just $0.99 on Cydia.