celeste 2

Good news this afternoon for jailbroken users on iOS 6. CocoaNuts, the developers behind a number of popular tweaks like Safari Downloader and YourTube, have announced today that the sequel to their Celeste tweak is nearly done.

Aptly named ‘Celeste 2,’ the developers say that the new utility will include all of the best features from the original Bluetooth-sharing tweak, as well as a number of new ones. And, best of all, it will be compatible with all versions of iOS 6…

Here’s the announcement from CocoaNuts (via ModMyi):

Celeste 2 will fully integrate with iOS 6’s sharing menu, Notification Center, and will work from most apps. And thanks to its support for iOS’ built-in Bluetooth stack, there won’t be any configuration required at setup and it should work seamlessly.

We’ve noticed a lot of users have questioned CocoaNut’s decision to make the app iOS 6-compatible, and not iOS 7, but keep in mind that iOS 7 isn’t jailbroken yet. Besides, once it is, the team says Celeste 2 should work with some minor adjustments.

For those unfamiliar with the original Celeste tweak, it’s a simple utility that allows you to send music files and other content to other devices via Bluetooth. And it does so in such a way where you’ll hardly notice it’s there. From our 2011 review:

“In my opinion the biggest feather in Celeste’s cap is its seamless integration with iOS; you won’t even notice it’s there without really looking for it.

There are no app icons, and there isn’t even a hint of a settings section in the Settings.app. In other words, only Apple themselves would rival the way they were able to make all of the pieces fit flush together.”

CocoaNuts hasn’t given an official release date for Celeste 2 yet, but they do say they plan to price it at $9.99.

Stay tuned!

  • StarViruZ

    When will somebody publish a FREE bluetooth sharing tweak! No fair guys, we want free bluetooth sharing!

    • PainToad

      I assume you work for free too? Bloody ignorant idiot.

      • SkyFall

        Wow dude chill. He is kind of right you know. Android users have true Bluetooth sharing for many years and some of the Bluetooth sharing apps at Android are free so why iOS users shouldn’t have free Bluetooth sharing tweaks. Yes the developers don’t work for free but if they don’t mind creating a free Bluetooth sharing tweak I don’t see a problem in doing so.

      • PainToad

        If you want Android features/apps for free, go buy an Android. Just because iOS “should” have something included, doesn’t mean the tweak should be free. Software development takes alot of effort and work. The majority of the dipshit uneducated teens on here would have no idea whats actually involved.

      • SkyFall

        Dude I know how hard it is to develop apps/tweaks, but having something free isn’t always bad. For example IF they made a tweak like this for free and added some features that become available when buying the “advanced” version of the tweak it would be great.

      • PainToad

        Then you’d have people like StarViruZ complaining that the advanced features should be free because “Android has those features built in bla bla bla bla”. Or they’ll just pirate it. People (not you by the sounds of it) under value software.

      • SkyFall

        Well said. You just earned a like.

      • StarViruZ

        Wow… I just wanted said something that many people are thinking about this, but I never expected you were too serious. Honestly I don’t need that for now but I wanted say what’s right. If nobody wants make free things it’s fine, we aren’t forcing them to make free stuff. Btw Paintoad, you should be more “friendly”, nothing personal, I already see (stalking) many of your comments and many are not very friendly…

      • hnam311901

        come on 🙂 just leave the kid there. Buy or not, it’s depend on each person. Don’t tell someone “u have to buy anything” cause their money is not yours. So well, I will pirate it anyway if I can’t afford it 🙂 or at least to see how it work. I dont’ care what other people say, that’s the internet bring us today. Live with it

      • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

        dude calm down, he only mentioned it because iOS misses out the simplest and the smallest of functions found on non-smartphones (eg. bluetooth sharing, call waiting display on-screen) iOS first didnt have Cut, Copy, Paste function nor SMS forwarding but the very older phones had it. thats why he mentioned it not because he actually wants it for free 🙂 so take a deep breathe calm down 🙂

      • Felipe Lopez

        yea im sure apples like thats a two hour job but lets hold out until ios 8

    • Damian W

      on top of this iOS 6 is already outdated. I guess it is gonna take them another year to update it to iOS 7. Why do they even bother with iOS 6. They should save the sweat for iOS 7.

      • StarViruZ

        I agree, better if they update fast for. iOS 7 when it’s released the JB.

      • Damian W

        AirBlue tweak is great and has been constantly updated. I would not even bother with celeste if I look how often they updated their tweaks. Same goes for yourtube, which was outdated for more than a year.

    • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

      very true but I had no choice i purchased AirBlue Sharing its cheaper, i understand why you’re asking this for free as this function is one of the very simplest functions available on the SUPER OLDER devices (When smartphones werent born).

  • riyadian1

    wellcome back CocoaNuts

  • Osama Muhammed

    they’re so late and slow, the same thing they did for the ios 5 version.. it took them so long until ios 6 was released and same will happen with this version, everyone will update to ios 7 while they’re still planning on ios 6 -.-

    • Melvco

      From the post:

      “We’ve noticed a lot of users have questioned CocoaNut’s decision to make the app iOS 6-compatible, and not iOS 7, but keep in mind that iOS 7 hasn’t been jailbroken yet.”

      And it probably won’t be for quite some time.

      • Dani Hayes

        If they work together it will be. Not just big names but newcomers as well.

  • mhchehade

    ios 7 is “nearly complete”

  • TheDras

    whats the difference between this and AirBlue Sharing?

    • dedegarrido

      The difference is… AirBlue Sharing is better 🙂 hahah

  • Tom García

    I actually prefer AirBlur Sharing

  • BearManPig

    Then when iOS 8 is in beta 6 they will anounce iOS 7 compatible celeste.

  • Jailbreaker

    Airblue sharing ?

  • Lol, took them this long to get it working? Glad I went with AirBlue Sharing; does the same thing (plus has similar functionality to the AirDrop stuff in iOS 7), is way cheaper ($4.99), and has been functioning on iOS 6 within a week or two after iOS 6 was released…

  • rasengan720 .

    Will Bluetooth sharing mean this also work with non iPhones? I hope so.. I used to have airblue sharing and used to work well on ios 5.. 🙁

  • pauleebe

    Won’t AirDrop for iOS make this useless?

    If that doesn’t, the fact it requires two JB iPhones and the $10 price tag will …

    • John Sklikas

      No, Celeste is for Bluetooth sharing between different phones, let’s say iPhone to Android or the other way round.

  • Ali

    Airblue sharing is the best

  • Diniesh

    Air Blue Sharing is best and cheaper as well. I used to have celeste installed in the past with IOS 5 but i think it can’t compare with Air Blue Sharing which i have currently installed in IOS 6

  • H5ire

    Actually they started to develope it.. when iOS 6 beta was released..!! >_~

  • El Arqui Tecto

    Too late, we will have airdrop on ios7

  • mkOS

    What are de differences between this one and AirBlue?

    With AirBlue, I can recieve files from mi girlfriend’s Nokia N8, but I can’t send her any files…it “doesn’t recognize the device”.

  • Alex Hasan

    For everybody saying its too late because airdrop is coming to iOS 7, airDrop only works with iPhone 5, ipAd mini, and 4 the generation iPad and the latest iPod only.
    For me i need this tweak.

  • I wonder how long it takes for Apple to copy this and call it their own.

  • Ashish Maheshwari

    AirBlue sharing works like a charm with all transfer and receiving from all devices (laptops, phones) and its also cheaper at $4.99 🙂

  • Siggi

    I’m not paying $10 if it won’t work on iOS 7.