FaceHalt Experimental

Great news for all of you FaceHalt early adopters. The tweak has now gained access to apps like Hulu, Netflix, and HBOGo by means of a new experimental option.

The new option, which can be found in a revamped preference panel located in the settings app, is the biggest new feature included with the tweak’s 1.0.2 update. Other features included bug fixes.

In the change log for the update, the developer states that users should try the new Experimental mode, which can be setup on an app-by-app basis, if they find that merely enabling the tweak for a specific app doesn’t work. Unfortunately, in my testing the tweak with Netflix, I was met with some pretty mixed results. Your mileage may vary.

FaceHalt Details

After enabling Experimental mode for Netflix, I could rarely get the tweak to properly recognize my gaze and stop playback when the gaze was broken. I tried it in a few different lighting scenarios, but all results were mixed. At some times, it seemed to work, while at other times, it didn’t seem to want to cooperate at all.

Obviously this new support is labeled experimental for a reason, so although you may find that it works okay for you, don’t set your hopes too high until the developer releases a further update solidifying the support for apps such as those mentioned in the change log.

What has your experience been like with FaceHalt thus far? Are your satisfied with the tweak? is it making your video watching experience more enjoyable on iOS? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Would be good to maybe refresh people who haven’t seen tweaks before with what exactly they do as an overall recap or something as well. I have no clue what this does haha.

    • Juan Herrera

      Lol, it’s like the Galaxy S4 feature where it’s suppose to pause video playback, when you look away from the phone, automatically. It uses facial recognition to know when you’ve looked at the phone or away.

      • Oh, gotcha. Thanks for the response! That’s pretty cool, but sounds like it’s still quite a work on progress per the comments below. I’ll probably hold off on this tweak, but great idea.

    • Damian W

      there is a link provided at the very beginning of the article. The link is “FaceHalt early adopters” and it gives you the description of the tweak.

      • I see that. Wasn’t very descriptive, though. I didn’t want to have to open another link to just read what it’s about, but I digress. Just had an apparently unpopular opinion.

  • RarestName

    I only have it installed on the iPad.

  • Shingo

    av player non compatible yet….

  • Juan Herrera

    I haven’t had the best experience with it so far.. it isn’t exactly spot on with my iPhone 5.. Worked on youtube a bit last night with some difficulties, but couldn’t get it going on other apps

  • :(

    Please add ios 5 support.