An interface can be minimalistic and still be interesting. It can be “flat” yet still have depth in spades. That is, apparently, the mantra that renowned iOS designer, Sentry, subscribed to as he meticulously slaved away at his latest jailbreak release.

A theme packing in support for well over 300 different apps, Aplo is “flat” done right. We’ve had the pleasure of going hands on with the theme over the last few days, and, in typical iDB fashion, we’ve created an in-depth video that showcases the inner workings of the theme. You don’t want to miss this.

As you may have already figured out, Aplo uses the WinterBoard theming platform as a basis to inject its theme into iOS. Once you download Aplo from Cydia, you’ll need to open WinterBoard and enable the four Aplo sections and respring. The four sections are Interface, Notification Center, Lock Screen, and Icons. Each section works just as you might expect it would, providing theming to the specific section that it’s named after.

Aplo 01

In total, Aplo features over 300 different custom themed app icons. While that may not seem like a lot when compared to other more established themes, it’s a major accomplishment right out of the gate for what is essentially a one man crew.

You’ll find icon support for most of the popular iOS apps, and even a few obscure apps. Sentry states that this is only just the beginning as far as app icon support goes, so you can expect the total icons to balloon as the theme matures.

While the app icons are perhaps the most glaring difference between stock iOS and an Aplo themed device, the app icons are far from the end of things as far as customization is concerned. As previously mentioned, you’ll find support for Notification Center, the Lock screen, and the app switcher. You’ll even find more subtle theming for the volume HUD, sheets, and popups. It all feels very custom, but doesn’t cross the border into over the top or overwhelming territory. It’s nice and balanced.

Aplo 02

Of course, there’s support for Sentry’s most popular jailbreak effort — Auxo. You’ll find reimagined Auxo app previews, redesigned music controls, and even a fresh new skin on top of the tweak’s Flipswitch toggles. Needless to say, Auxo users will be delighted by what they find.

As a bit of a bonus, there are two additional theme sections included in WinterBoard for Aplo users. The extras, dubbed “xtra” in WinterBoard, allow you to remove some of the tint from the Home and Lock screen wallpaper, along with the ability to reestablish app icon labels if you’re not someone who digs the label free look. Personally speaking, I recommend omitting the use of the extra features, as it takes some of the integrity away from the designer’s minimalistic vision.

Aplo 03

Aplo is a testament to the fact that, if done correctly, themes can truly enhance the iOS experience instead of take away from it. In Aplo’s case, this couldn’t ring more true.

If you’re interested in taking Aplo for a test drive, you can find it for $1.49 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Have a look at it, and tell us what you think about it in the comments. Is this the best jailbreak theme you’ve ever seen, does it rank in your top 5, or are you, perhaps, disappointed by what you see? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Al

    Awesome theme! But it’s as if I gotta advocate for the iPad jailbreak community…

    Sentry? iPad version? Yes? No? Maybe?

  • somaxd

    awesome design… looks great… just cant bring myself to change my own custom version of BuufXD… hey im a sucker for the cartoony clean look.

  • TinTonB

    Whats the NC toggles?

    If you please…

    I currently use NCSettings, but in the vid its without the indent and the icons look a lot cleaner. 🙂


    • Jeff Ramirez

      iOS 7 Control Toggle Icons

      Enable it through Winterboard and change the appearance theme to iOS Control Toggles in NCSettings.

      • TinTonB


  • marcus1324


  • Dady King

    After ayecon this one is better so far .. I m loving it,

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I don’t like the theme. The colors are too pale for my taste. iMIUI theme looks better IMO.

  • Dubs

    Elite Pro HD is still the greatest theme of all time. Elite Pro HD, EPHDiOS5, Elite6

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    This looks like an awesome theme, however I have to admit I got really used to the FlatIcons’ big squared look. I would just love it if this theme had a similar (big) squared alternative. 🙂
    Nice job, Sentry; I love minimalist!

  • takenlife

    Looks too plain than minimal. The colors are not attractive or attractive to be minimal, but good work, I’ve never seen anything so plain and simple. The battery looks horribly wrong. The theme doesn’t change the slider at all.

    • Gorgonphone

      hmmm then there is no way you like ios7 then if you dont like this

      • takenlife

        I do like ios7, don’t be too quick to make assumptions for what I really like. This is much more plain and dull like somebody said somewhere here.

      • Gorgonphone

        Yeah well you better like ios7 or risk being judged by the humans who say you sould like it hahahha…. I will jailbreak it and instal the ios 6 IU theme emeidiately

      • takenlife

        I don’t better like to anything, haha.

  • Yazan Arafeh

    In Greek, aplo means simple which could be why the theme was called that.

  • Kamrul

    Still waiting for a theme to top Ayecon and this is not it.

  • RarestName

    This is the best jailbreak theme I’ve ever seen, it ranks in your top 5 and I am not disappointed by what I see.

    This is the first theme that I purchased.

    • JS3

      “If” your one that steals stuff by getting cracked apps/themes/tweaks and not supporting the developers then you sir can burn in hell.

      • Gorgonphone

        most humans will burn in hell for one reason or another

      • Kyle

        Implying that we’re not living in hell already?

      • Gorgonphone

        earth does feel alot like hell most of the time lol

      • RarestName

        You’re the dumbest idiot ever.

        Just like this Raul Henriquez guy:


      • headd29

        Why do you assume he was pirating? Maybe he’d been only using free themes because he’d never seen a theme worthy of his money until now.

  • wadjj

    Unlike Ayecon, this doesn’t go with unsupported apps very well, and I have A LOT of apps. It looks horrendous when mixed half half, instant delete.

  • Adil Hussain

    I could probably fucks with this 🙂

  • Zaidan Umar

    I personally think that it would look better with labels.

  • Raza Ry

    I wish my phone resprang that fast…

  • Reminds me of the matte nano theme. Looks nice.

  • Kasper Chong Kar Yoong


  • Liam Mulcahy

    sentry is good at names

  • JS3

    i dont LOVE this theme but i do LIKE it. i support sentry so its a no brainier to buy it. MIUI is really hard to beat IMO. and for Ayecon…. except for the icons themselves… its really nice as well….

  • Gorgonphone

    yes this is what ive should have done for IOS7 but he didnt cause he is not a UI designer lolo

  • Mr.Ocean

    looks better than iOS 7.

  • fasih

    Auxo toggles did not change, after applying the theme?? Any suggestions how to get the ones, which were shown in video. (I did get the flipswitch as well)

    • Jarryd Richards

      You have to get the Auxo beta as well.

      • fasih

        got it

  • johnhicks06

    lets hope ios 7 get jailbroken quick cuase this theme is awesome

  • Looks better than iOS 7

  • kevin

    did we have access to the .psd ?

  • Diniesh

    does this come with a color keyboard theme?

  • Guest

    Aplo : Greek word for simple

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