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If you’re a Mac user, then you’re no doubt familiar with some of the popular launcher apps like QuickSilver, and Alfred. Even Spotlight, to a somewhat lesser extent, can serve as a capable launcher for your various applications.

On a desktop machine like the Mac, launchers are useful in order to be able to quickly find and launch an application. This prevents you from having to wade through countless pages and/or lists of apps in search of the one you want to launch.

The same concept applies to our smartphones. Spotlight on iOS can work as a launcher, although it’s certainly not the most desirable means of launching apps. That’s why this new jailbreak tweak dubbed InstaLauncher is such an exciting and refreshing jailbreak tweak to have. It allows you to locate and launch all of the apps on your device in sub-second nature. Check out our full video walkthrough after the jump, which shows how you can become more productive on your iPhone, courtesy of InstaLauncher…

Once installed, you’ll find a new preference panel for InstaLauncher nestled in the main page of the stock Settings app. The preferences for InstaLauncher are primarily aimed at tweaking the look and feel of the tweak, but there are a few functionality settings to be found there as well.

Under the tweak’s general section, you’ll find settings for establishing the Activator gesture used to invoke InstaLauncher. I decided to go with a triple press of the Home button, but you can decide on which Activator action works best for you.

The next item to appear under the general settings for InstaLauncher is a section to hide specific apps. This is a handy setting that can be used when you want to omit certain applications from appearing in the launcher.

The great thing about configuring InstaLauncher, is that all of the settings take place immediately, with no need for a respring. This makes hiding, or showing specific apps an instant affair, which helps out considerably when it comes to customizing the tweak to your liking.

InstaLauncher Prefs

Next up, you’ll find two sections dedicated to displaying recently launched apps and favorites. Obviously, the recently launched app section is dynamic, and changes depending on which apps you use the most. This section can be tweaked as far as how the apps are displayed (list view, icon view, etc.), but the content that is displayed is dynamic depending on your app usage patterns.

The favorites setting is very similar to the recent setting in that you can establish a custom layout for displaying your apps via InstaLauncher. The main difference between the recent and favorite applications is that the favorites are static selections that you can enable or disable using toggles found in the tweak’s preferences.

After using InstaLauncher for some time, I can confidently say that it’s one of the best tweaks I’ve ever used when it comes to launching apps efficiently. It will, without a doubt, cut down the time it takes for you to launch apps on your iOS device. Whether or not the look and feel of the tweak suits your tastes is a whole different conversation, but as far as outright functionality goes, it’s hard to beat InstaLauncher’s efficiency.

If you’d like to give InstaLauncher a go, then open Cydia and find the tweak on the BigBoss repo. The tweak can be downloaded for a very reasonable $1.99, and the description in Cydia makes it seem as if this is just the beginning, which makes me feel good about potential long term support by the developer.

What do you think about InstaLauncher? Have you taken it for a test drive yet? Share your experiences with it below.

  • Gus Me

    It looks to be a lot snappier than I thought it would be. Might be a tweak I have to get. Just wondering if it’s a memory hog? Also hoping its “themeable”.

    • Jeff

      I believe it will most likely be themeable in the future. As far as a memory hog goes, I don’t really keep track of that stuff. But my device didn’t feel any slower when using it at all.

    • BenjaminDews

      Its one of the fastest, well made tweaks ive used. Its extremely clean and un-noticable in memory or cpu usage. It appears instantly and disappears instantly too. It honestly feels better coded than some parts of stock iOS. As much as i wish that wasnt true.

    • Jonathan Winger-Lang

      Hey mate. I am the developer. I am wondering what parts you’d like to be themeable. I am definitely open for that, but I am not sure what exactly you mean. Colors? Background?

      • Kari

        Great tweak! FYI for some reason it wont launch with double press home button. I emailed you about it…

      • Pablo

        I’ve install it on iphone 4s ios 5.1.1 and the phone freezes every time I try to open any app with this tweak, is there any conflict or something that may cause that issue?

      • Jonathan Winger-Lang

        There is a bug within AppList that causes crashes sometime. Not sure if that is related though, it seems like ios5.1 has got some bug. I am looking into it atm.

      • Pablo

        thanks I hope this can be fixed, I read a comment below saying iphone 4s is crashing, maybe the bug is related to device model?

      • Jonathan Winger-Lang

        It does not depend on model. I think is is the iOS 5.1.1 that is the culprit. I might get an iOS 5.1.1 device soon so I can test hands on!

  • Damian W

    One of the best tweaks in the recent dry months of Cydia.

  • Derp

    This makes my iPhone 4S crash…

  • Johnnytucats

    I’ll have to buy this just to get back the time I lost reading the article.

  • Adithya Sairam

    It’s worth the $1.99

  • Al

    As much as I like InstaLancher, I already have the Dock tweak which I paid for… So, I’d rather just keep that.

    But it looks great..

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I love it! It has a beautiful design and great Functionality.

  • Gorgonphone

    eh i think it sucks..

  • Anthony Prado

    I purchased this tweak earlier today and it looks awesome! It’s just every time I try and actually choose an app to open it freezes. I’m running an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 I’ve already email the dev with the problem and waiting for a reply back 🙂

  • Brandon Bubel

    I sent the developer an email as well but will post here too. I’d be extremely interested in this as a theme. A background and then if you touch the screen this menu pops up and then maybe 4 small buttons on the bottom for phone, text, safari, and one to open all apps.