BMarks Bar - Chrome

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; it hasn’t been too often in the past few months that I’ve been genuinely overjoyed by a tweak; such an occurrence has been few and far between. But this new tweak, Thankfully, BMarks Bar – Chrome came out of nowhere and it genuinely surprised me with how good it is. Put it this way, if you’re a Chrome user on iOS who happens to be jailbroken, stop reading right now, find a dollar, head over to Cydia and buy this thing.

BMarks Bar – Chrome places a true bookmark bar on your Google Chrome app, just under the address bar like it’s supposed to be. Why Google has omitted such a feature thus far is anyone’s guess, but who cares at this point? We now have such a feature. Take a look at our full video walkthrough inside.

As stated in its Cydia description, BMarks Bar – Chrome adds a bookmark bar to Chrome. On first reading that statement, I thought it was a joke. Surely, such a feature couldn’t be true…but alas, it was. The developer isn’t lying, and as soon as you install it, that fact becomes readily evident.

Upon opening Chrome, nestled right below the address bar, is a bookmark bar containing all of the bookmarks currently synced with the Google account you have linked inside of the Chrome app’s settings. For me, this meant that I instantly had quick access to sites like iDB, The Verge, ESPN, and the like. No longer would I need to tap the hamburger button, tap bookmarks, and then select the link I wanted to go to. BMarks Bar – Chrome makes using the Google Chrome app a much more pleasant affair on the iPhone.

Funny thing is, the developer could have stopped right there, and I would have happily handed over my money. Yet, as you’ll see when venturing into the tweak’s preferences, he wasn’t too comfortable resting on his laurels. Instead, you’ll find a whole plethora of settings — most to customize the look of the tweak.

There are a couple of functional settings contained within BMarks’ preferences — settings that allow you to select between Mobile and Desktop bookmarks, the ability to pan to select, etc — yet most of the settings are of a visual nature. You can change the height, and containment ability of the bookmark bar. You can also adjust the text size for bookmarks, and adjust the height and width of folders (yep, those are happily supported, too). Along with those settings, you’ll find a couple of beta settings for adjusting the icon size, and panning above to dismiss folders.

While all of those settings are a nice bonus, the real treat is the improved functionality of just having bookmarks at your fingertips. It simply can’t be understated how incredibly useful, and how incredibly missed such a featured is/was. BMarks Bar – Chrome is one of the most useful tweaks to come out in 2013, and it’s only $1 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. I’ll reiterate it again, if you’re a jailbroken Chrome user, you need this tweak. You need it. Not even Google Chrome on Android has such a feature. Go get it.

  • Joe

    You should make a video comparing browsers. Safari, Chrome, Atomic, iCab. See which is the best in 2013.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Safari is the best simply due to the fact that it has Apples own JavaScript rendering engine. Other than that if I want to mix things up I usually opt for Google Chrome and use browsers like Puffin browser and Photon browser in order to watch flash videos (yes believe it or not some sites do still use Adobe Flash)…

      • Sounds like you’ll benefit from “nitrous” in cydia…

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I have it but many apps are still buggy and slow even with the nitrous tweak to the point where i’m not sure if there’s something wrong with the nitrous tweak or just the browser. Either way I’m quite happy with Safari at the moment especially with the added features in iOS 7. The only thing I could ask for to improve Safari would be a better download manager with better system wide “Open in” support since the whole make a copy of the file in whatever app you want to open the file in really doesn’t work very well since it is slow and cumbersome. It would be much better if files were moved from one place to another or simply placed in a unified location (e.g. a documents folder) that any app can access providing you accept e.g. when Chrome wants to access the Microphone a popup will come up saying that chrome wants to use the microphone. A similar thing could be used when requesting access to a file with the popup saying something along the lines of “ABC app has requested access to the file DEF. Accept / Deny”

      • iosPixel

        Your verdict on nitrous buddy? At least with Chrome? I’ll grab this and nitrous now if it does what it says in the tin.

      • I didn’t quite do serious before and after speed tests; after aquiring it from Cydia, that was the only time I seriously began using Chrome (used Browser Changer to set it as my default). Before that, was using Safari and the speed hasn’t changed after installing nitrous, however, I’ve been noticing pretty similar (if not better) speed in Chrome (compared to Safari), so I presume its working.

        If you’re already noticing similar speed in Chrome when compared to Safari, I would suggest you go spend you buck somewhere else. Otherwise, it’s just going to cost that morning cup of coffee…

      • Dave

        The Javascript Nitro Engine is already present for stock apps like Safari.. the Nitrous tweak enables it for other apps like chrome.. so obviously you are not going to see a speed difference in safari 😛

    • notewar

      I like ‘Dolphin Browser’

      • iosPixel

        I like it for the choice of browser/user agent.

  • Neat stuff, but not missing the bookmarks bar on my iPhone. Like how the omnibox is simplified to take up only a small portion of the screen when visible. Would love it on a bigger screen, but the iPhone 5 is just not worth the upgrade from the 4S.

    • Damian W

      Once you use iPhone 5 for a very long time, you will be surprised how bulky and awkward iPhone 4s feels. iPhone 5 was and is worth every penny to upgrade. It is lighter, bigger, thinner and faster. What else would you need.

      • Pretty much more than that:
        – A bit wider to make it TrueHD fit (just taller makes it look like an iPhone 4S that got rolled over by a rolling pin)
        – Over 24 hr battery life on regular day usage (friend’s iPhone 5 last barely 8 hours at 0% brightness)
        – Built-in fingerprint reader
        – Built-in NFC support
        – Built-in IR blaster (after seeing the S4)
        – 802.11 AC Wi-Fi support
        – Liquipeled out of the box (that’s pretty much waterproofing)
        – A readily available jailbreak

        The thinness is already good enough for me in the iPhone 4S, besides, not like I’m ever going caseless. Same applies to the camera/weight/speed…if they can’t bring anything similar, I’m satisfied with my freed 4S, and if I get stuck without a jailbreak, will gladly move to the S4/5/6/x Active (whichever is the latest).

      • Damian W

        I don’t know why people say battery in iPhone 5 is bad. IT IS NOT! Of course some people probably don’t charge the battery properly or they just have a bad case.

        I will take my iPhone 5 as an example. Without a heavy use my iPhone can last 3-4 days. Just do some texting, few calls and some browsing with email replies. Basic stuff. With a heavy use it can easily last 1.5 day. It is much better than my iPhone 4 battery.

        Of course I could kill my iPhone 5 battery in few hours if I constantly play games and watch movies on it for hours. But this would only mean I have no life, and I should probably do this on a laptop, not on a mobile device.

        I agree with you that it could be a bit wider. This way it would be very comfortable to hold in one hand while texting. I find the width at times not comfortable, because the phone can easily slip through my fingers.

        All the other options you mentioned are great add ons , but i could not care less about them, except jailbreak.

        Fingerprint seems interesting, but just like Siri, I would never use it.

      • Guessing he got one with the batterygate problem…thought Apple would have sorted that problem out since the first batch of iPhone 4S, but might have to always wait out the first batch of every gen of iPhones.

        So long as it’s only speed, camera and dimension upgrades Apple brings to the table, I wouldn’t feel like I’m missing out on anything the official iPhone offers…until of course I lose my jailbreak, but by then the competition would probably be at least 3 years ahead of official Apple.

      • Damian W

        lets not go ahead of ourselves and say 3 years ahead of apple. I would say they are usually 6-12 months ahead since they usually upgrade their phones 6 months after the new iPhone release. Just like the new iPhone will be ahead of any other phone for the next few months, until new Note or s5 comes out.

  • andyr354

    I never use bookmarks anymore. Just start typing one or two letters of the address in the URL bar and the site you want pops up.

  • DCConwell

    No where do they tell you how to get it they only talk about the feature once you have it. I saw the page with the price of one dollar but no where to pay the dollar. I just deleted chrome browser and went back to safari until someone can explain the procedure more accurately