• Heitor Castro 

    Why not the iCloud support? I don’t want to create a Rovio account to enjoy this feature, should work fine with cloud sync.

  • Guest

    This already existed on Cydia. It’s called DataDeposit. Let’s you backup/restore your data from any app not just games to your DropBox account.

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      But this also works with Android, Windows phone, etc…

  • Tony Klapatch

    This needed to be added years ago when I actually still played angry birds

    • Dan

      hahah was going to post the same thing

  • jignesh

    how can i back up my Angry Birds Epic game played till now, from few months i m on level 33 max i made request for updates but not solved, please help me how do i backup my game i played till now, as if i reset my phone all data goes of, and much more i added many facebook user in Angry Birds Epic page and my facebook friend list but some user are not showing as they play regularly, what is this problem can i know, one of my friend is also using windows phone and playing this game but in his friends nothing is showing up, uninstalled and again installed the app but nothing is happened why,
    can u help me out

    mostly i need to back up my game play till now, i cleared all levels and now on max 33 in windows phone

    please help me sir,