iPhone 5S (EXPReview 001)

Just a day after AllThingsD confirmed analyst Piter Misek’s claim of the iPhone 5S production ramp-up in July, a Chinese website leaks a few images that appear to depict a bunch of production iPhone 5S units.

There’s no way of determining authenticity of the photos because the iPhone 5S is widely expected to re-use the two-tone design of the current-generation iPhone 5.

The Chinese source also spelled out technical specifications that match up with past rumors.

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Our Chinese is a little rusty, but according to a machine-translated article published by the Chinese-language website EXPReview, the iPhone 5S features a four-inch IGZO panel (Sharp?) with the same 1,136-by-640 Retina resolution at 326 pixels-per-inch.

You may recall a Korean publication recently said Apple was finally ready to make a switch from traditional LCD IPS technology to energy-efficient IGZO panels.

Co-developed by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratories, IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels consume just a fraction of power needed to drive LCDs while providing deeper blacks and richer colors.

iPhone 5S (EXPReview 002)

The report goes on to mention that the iPhone 5S will run an improved processor featuring faster graphics: Imagination Technologies’ quad-core PowerVR SGX 554MP4 GPU instead of the three-core PowerVR SGX543MP3 driving graphics on the iPhone 5.

The CPU part is said to feature 2GB of RAM, twice as much than the iPhone 5’s 1GB of LPDDR2-1066 RAM. Doubling the RAM would allow for smoother multitasking, faster performance and better responsiveness. Other than that, the device’s CPU is said to be still a Swift dual-core variant.

Other tidbit mentioned include support for 4G LTE-Advance networking (again, matching up with recent chatter), a twelve-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash (likely rocking improved night shooting and super slow-motion video capture) and both NFC and fingerprint (Authentec-made?) sensors.

The pretty reliable Japanese blog Macotakara recently claimed the next iPhone will be outfitted with both NFC and fingerprint-scanning technology to enhance the security and capabilities of iOS-driven mobile payments. If that’s the case,, we should then expect an iTunes Wallet announcement as well.

For what it’s worth, we recently heard from another source that integrating fingerprint tech underneath the Home button was causing production issues that might cause supply constraints at launch.

  • Hermès Vainstar Chu

    Yet again another minor update with some new features but nothing dramatic

    • Boss

      Yep I hate the “S” models they stand for SH!T

      • Bjørn Holm

        Just do as I plan to do.
        From now on i will only buy the S-models.
        I have had a 3G, 3GS, i4 and now a 4S, and i loved the speed from the S-models.
        So I’m upgrading to 5S, and plan to skip the iPhone 6 and get a new when the iPhone 6S comes.

      • Boss

        I’d rather get the 1st version of the iPhone than the 2nd “S” models as I’d like the see a different look

      • Indian Food

        Umm… the S models are what the previous models SHOULD’ve been. All the new redesigned models have tons of issues when they first come out, and, the S models all have that killer feature to them that the other phones don’t have. My 4S for example, can do EVERYTHING that the 5 can do on iOS 7 besides what, Airdrop? How often are we going to use that? Practically the same camera as the 5, and hell, if the 5 didn’t have LTE capabilities, it’d probably be just as fast. Now, with the 5S, it’ll be even FASTER than the 5, all the kinks will be worked out, have a better camera, and probably an exclusive feature. Thanks, but, I’ll stick to the S model upgrades.

      • *sigh*

        It’s the same thing the other way around. Obviously the newer one is faster -_-

      • Lawry

        Same here

      • Damian W

        I love the speed from 5. 4s feels like a snail comparing to 5.

        buying S or 1st version does not matter. Then a guy who upgraded to iPhone 6 will have better features and improved design over your S.

        All it matters is the timing. People who want to get iPhone 5 now, should not. Just wait for 5s

      • Yunsar

        Thanks for censoring the word. Especially in Ramadan.

      • Rudy

        lol yeah !! this is why he censored it ! just because it’s ramadan

    • Pavelbure

      So everything gets updated but the exterior shell and it’s “minor” ?

      • Rowan09

        That’s how people think for some reason. As long as you change the exterior they feel its a new phone. I prefer internal upgrades over just the look.

      • Kurt

        People want internal upgrades and the look. I’m so shocked you actually think all the years people only want the look to change. wow. you don’t understand people

      • Rowan09

        Your didn’t fully understand what I was saying of course I want to see the look change, but most people do not even know what RAM is much less to say they care more about specs. In majority people know what the camera number means and that’s really it. I prefer internal upgrades first and then looks secondary. Perfect example is how Samsung specifically come out with the S4 and a lot of people wouldn’t call that an S upgrade because the screen size went more into the bezel. Everyone does an S upgrade Apple is just the only company to let people know its only internal, not a physical change.

    • nmpraveen

      Concluding from rumours?? Moreover if any dramatic change needed, it might be in software just like other phones. I feel fingerprint is already a big change. Only few phones have right now. If Apple implements, it would be a big change in smartphone.

    • Maxim∑

      welcome to 2013. Please name a phone with dramatic ground breaking upgrades that came out this year?

      And a fingerprint sensor is pretty big thing if it arrives in the 5S

      • jdanielcampos

        That’s not a possible feature… and even if it was don’t you think the leaked display part would have shown a new cable connecting it to the mobo… they just acquired the company for god sakes. Do you want another Apple Maps fiasco to happen!!?

        You’re lucky if we get new open iOS dev kits by fall to free the apple UI garden a bit from their iOS workforce in Apple HQ. But that’s unlikely because everything about iOS is handled by SQL databases. They’re just developing iTunes Radio for iTunes and Apple TV. It takes a lot to make things happen.

    • MarcPhilippeB

      A minor update??
      – Fingerprint sensor
      – new screen technology
      – probably significanlty improved battery life
      – snappier
      – NFC compatibility
      – maybe a 4.3inch screen

      Is that really so minor? common. look at the Galaxy S3 to S4 update, that’s minor.

      • Bob

        It’s very unlucky it will have any of those features apart from a fingerprint sensor and better battery life.

      • Kenny Woodard

        They didn’t have to make the S4 any better, the S3 already beat iPhone 5 in most reviews… Samsung isn’t too worried, their devices are tailored for Android users, and Apple’s are tailored for iOS users. The S4 didn’t have to be that major because they are most likely pulling for a Galaxy Note 3 “revolution” in which when people get frustrated with another boring “S” model, they will come to Android and be in awe.

      • mehrab

        S3 beating an iphone 5? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THATS HILARIOUS I HAVE USED BOTH THE s3 is complete and utter sh** compared to the 5. Touchwiz sucks the design sucks the camera sucks the performance OMGG IS HORRIBLE AND THE FEATURES? Useless. The reveiwers reveiw phones based on number of features and specs not overall expirience

      • Re

        Oh look, it’s you again. Whenever any phone beats the iPhone, you always claim ‘reviews don’t matter’ and ‘specs don’t matter’ and ‘benchmarks don’t matter’

      • mehrab

        🙂 go to youtube and see some speed tests 🙂 also visit the on youtube this channel “lockergnome” specs/benchmarks dont matter as the gs4 even lags and go to thevergedotcom for true reveiws im guessing you oneed many androids well i have a note 2 htc one and an iphone 5 🙂 on overall expirience the iphone 5 has more apps/quality apps and is much more responsive and faster the. The other two devices

      • Re

        This is why no one listens to you, because you base everything you act like you know off of YouTube videos.

      • mehrab

        Ibuy too lol . I have many androids. Im loaded with smarphones and tabs and laptops of all kinds and all are only flagship models

      • Re

        I really find that hard to believe considering I have seen other comments saying the only Android phone you have is the Galaxy Note 2. Also, stop trying to come off like you are superior or rich because you are ‘loaded’ with tablets and smartphones. Chances are, you are not, and if you are, you probably aren’t the one who buys them.

      • mehrab

        My dad drives a bently hint hint. Lol this is the list. Xperia z. Note 2. Nexus 4 galaxy nexus. Gs4 (brothers tested it for a week) htc one now i didnt have these at tthe same time ofcourse i bough and sold and stuff my fav android device is the nexus 4 it gave me good hardware and decent software. Htc one great hardware horrible software. Note 2 horrible everywhere but MAN its very fluid for an android. Xperia z is just a dead mess. Generally im a fanboy of apple. But i do own androids all i wamt is good hardware and software blending to make a cohesive good rich experienc which im getting best from the iphkne 5. Oh and gs4 reveiw. HORRIBL SCREEN WHY? 2 key reasons AMOLED AND PENTILE SCROLLING TEXT ON THAT THING IS HORRIBLE IT LOOKS BLURRY WHEM YOU DO IT BCOS OF THE PENTILE. LOTS OF BUGS AND PERFORMANCE ISSUES FOR THE MOST PART BASED ON THE PERFORMANCE THE GS4 is a clear winner to the htc one no questions asked

      • Pointless

        So, now you are going to try to brag about how successful your parents are (because people on the internet can’t lie). By the way, you spelled Bentley wrong.

        Well anyways, here is why I think you are lying. Before, you said you only had the Note 2. Then in a recent comment, you said you had the HTC One and Note 2. Now you are going to try and tell me you have an Xperia Z, Note 2, Nexus 4, HTC ONE and Galaxy Nexus? Hold on a minute, let me get this story straight. So you must’ve recently just bought a HTC One since you didn’t have that last month, and then today (since you didn’t say you had then yesterday) you went out and bought an Xperia Z, Galaxy Nexus, and a Nexus 4? I do not believe anything you say for one second, because you have so many holes in your stories.

        P.S. Nice job destroying your credibility yet again by going CAPS LOCK in the middle of your ‘argument’.

      • mehrab

        How dumb can you be? These are all the android phones i have/had/lol rented? First was the nxus then z then note 2 then Htc one galaxy was a gift. Sold the Z,nexus 4 and galaxy nexus atm note 2 and htc one are the only ones i have used a gs4 for a week borrowed it from my brother. Lol i only said the true you yourself know the stuff i said are true

      • planetcoalition

        Because they really don’t matter. User experience is key.

        Who cares about specs when a phone has 8 cores (technically, 4×2) but still lags and jitters when scrolling and half the gimmicky features don’t even work.

      • Re

        I have the phone (Quad-Core Variant), running a custom launcher, custom keyboard, and a livewallpaper, and I do not notice any lag.

      • Re

        The Galaxy S3 already had 4 out of 6 things (if you count the screen, 5 out of 6) that you mentioned. The didn’t need to improve the Galaxy S4 that much, because in my opinion, it was already perfect. They still did improve the GS4 quite a bit. Slightly bigger screen, way better battery life, new Gorilla Glass, Air-view, Air Gestures, Snappier, VERY slight redesign, more powerful specs (for games, etc), IR beam, and more. The GS4 actually had quite a bit of new features compared to the GS3, you are just overlooking them to favor your argument.

      • planetcoalition

        Air View and Air Gestures… Stop embarrassing yourself with these gimmicky features that are just cool when you show off to people but have absolutely no practical usage.

        Also it’s still the AMOLED screen that has pixels burned in after few months of use.

      • Re

        Had mine for a few months, screen looks great. I use Air View for reading texts and Air Gestures to answer calls when I have grime on my hand. I never said they weren’t gimmicky, but I find them useful.

  • Steve Jobs

    I wanted this phone to incorporate my redesign idea dubbed “iNanner.” The idea came to me one day as I ate a banana and mistakenly tried to use it as a phone when I heard ringing. Too bad Timmy wouldn’t go for it. Billion dollar idea.

  • I really do expect more Apple, just some better CPU, RAM an Camera is just not enough. Seriously, no higher resulution screen? No HD Screen at all?

    • MarcPhilippeB

      why would you need that? you can’t see the pixels anyway and it only uses more processing power = more battery life

      • cottage McKay

        Its been proven people can tell the difference between 500 and 600 ppi

      • planetcoalition


      • Kurt

        you can see a difference been 326 and 441…its a lot crisper. Really, when you say things like this it shows you know little.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        Again you. ok, so tell me how you compared? you probably took a samsung screen or an htc screen, and now you’re claiming “it’s more crisp”. It is, because the samsung displays are oversaturated, but that has nothing to do with how sharp it is. you can’t distinguish the sharpness, when you can’t distinguish the individual pixels, that’s the limit for at least our eyes. it’s pure logic. Stop lying, stop spamming, please.

      • mehrab

        Scrolling text on a gs4 looks blurry and ugly bcos of pentile too

      • planetcoalition

        I can’t agree with you more. Just because images are more saturated (in Samsung’s case, oversaturated) doesn’t mean they are crisper. I showed an HTC One, an iPhone 5 and a Galaxy S3 to my friends and nobody could tell which was sharper.

      • Chindavon

        1080p on a smartphone is useless unless you’re holding a 10″ phablet.

    • planetcoalition

      HD screens kill the battery.

      • Kurt

        bigger screen means bigger phone which means bigger battery. a larger battery will add more life to the phone even with a larger screen. note 2 has more pixels and is a much larger phone and can out last the iphone by many hours of hard use. you want crappy battery life stick with the iphone. not me

      • planetcoalition

        The Note 2 isn’t even an HD phone.

      • Kurt

        Please stop trolling. Note 2 is 720p, thats HD. Note 3 will be full HD at 1080p. iphone will still be less than HD with less ppi and a battery that doesn’t last as long.

      • Re

        My 1080P Galaxy S4 easily last my a whole day and them some, and I use it pretty frequently for browsing the web, YouTube, texting, etc.

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    I can’t understand why we do need a 2GB RAM smartphone. The iPhone 5 with its 1GB it’s enough even for a heavy user. Apple should improve its iOS instead of making us “think different” and buying something we wont use 100%.

    Want a proof? Try install Accelerate tweak, and you will see your iPhone 4/4S/5 run like a Leopard. This tweak just changes how fast the screen transitions are, without use more battery. We don’t need a twice faster processor or 2x more RAM. We just need a operation system that don’t give us the impression of slowness.

    • Maxim∑

      Your wrong. First off what do you think Apple has been doing with iOS 7 for the past 6 months? Also you will notice iOS 7 is more resource intensive than iOS 6 for obvious reasons better hardware is welcome. Game/app developers would also like to push hardware even farther. Just because something is good now doesn’t mean it cannot be improved.

      2GB of RAM is actually starting to make sense in phones, Android devices definitely need it. And if Apple starts adding more sensors/features to its devices more RAM will be needed to hold that data without effecting normal operation. For example the iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM. 300MB of that 1GB is system reserved leaving you with ~700MB free with NO apps open. Open a major game and safari and you will see that number drop very quickly.

    • planetcoalition

      It makes sense to have 2GB of RAM considering iOS 7 has full multitasking.

    • n0ahcruz3

      ROFL, id rather have a 2GB ram than 1GB ram. More future proof than your 1GB ram iphone.

    • Kurt

      Apple makes a great deal of profit off the iPhone. Meaning they are ripping us off. Don’t complain about them giving you more.

  • Philipp Steigler

    The silver version looks very nice, gonna buy it 🙂

  • Patrick

    this just turns me on!, cant wait for it

  • hkgsulphate

    S stands for security 😉

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Or… Slow motion…. (120 FPS)… 😛

      • Kurt

        or Same 😛

  • n0ahcruz3

    Now im excited about the iphone again (if above rumors are true). Except for the same screen size and same 326 ppi.

  • ExRoot

    The s models are the way to go. Also buy off CL like me and change every year and maximize the sale value.

  • Tom

    iphone 5s needs quad core dual core is slow and lame look at all androids they have quad core octa core

    • planetcoalition

      But they still lag.

      • Kurt

        my iphone and ipad lag. note 2 doesn’t lag.

      • Kenny Woodard

        In my observations: iPhones, no matter how new it seems, always seem to lag if you multitask heavily.

      • mehrab

        Android lag much more when multitasking compare side to side animations and transitions are faster on iphones resulting in faster mutitasking also when having some apps open muititasking on a android go to that app will have a 1 sec wait to open

      • Re

        No it doesn’t. You DO NOT know what you are talking about.

      • mehrab

        Actually i kinda do i own alot of android flagships and when i have lets says 4 medium powerful apps running i open the multitasking and click on another app it kkinda stops for 1-2 secs then theres an animation and viola its opened on ios just a clean fast transition and on ios 7 theres no animation at all hence even faster

      • Re

        The animations themselves don’t make the device faster, they just make them SEEM faster. You have been able to turn off animations on Android for a while in the developer options.

      • mehrab

        Still faster. Responses faster too. After the app is loaeded sometimes it doesnt input touch for 0.55 secs? This happens on iphones too. Iphone4s and lower but not on the iphone 5

      • Re

        Every single phone in the world has input lag, and the iPhone 5 is no exception. Also, the input lag on the Galaxy S4 is no where close to 0.55 seconds, even after an app has loaded. I have never had that problem, ever. You need to stop basing ‘your experiences’ on YouTube videos.

      • mehrab

        I used a gs4 foh a week so um yeah. I know lag when i see it.

      • mehrab

        Oh and the input lag i meant happened when i had 3-4 apps in the background i open the mutitasking jump to an app .25 sec wait animation then 0.35 sec input lag then overall lag when scrollojg lol

      • planetcoalition

        The worst part is… Even if you don’t multitask heavily on Android, scrolling lags severely (especially on Samsung phones). HTC phones also exhibit the lags, albeit to a lesser extent.

      • Chindavon

        Stop using the Chinese knock-offs

      • Re

        My iPhone lags. I got my iPhone from Verizon Wireless. Are you going to try to tell me one of the biggest carriers in the U.S sold me a knock-off device?

      • Chindavon

        What iPhone model do you have. And what is it exactly that is lagging?

      • Re

        I had an iPhone 4S running 6.1.3. It began lagging as soon as I got iOS 6, but this honestly comes to no surprise to me, because I think Apple purposely slows down their older devices once a new one comes out to basically make you feel inferior and want to buy the newer device.

        My iPod Touch 4th Gen, on the other hand, didn’t starting lagging when I updated from iOS 4 to iOS 5 (no new iTouch model), but when I updated it to iOS 6 (iTouch 5th Gen released), I started to notice some new found lags and stutters throughout the device.

        This will probably seem ancient, but my iPhone 3G also started lagging when it was updated to iOS 3 when the iPhone 3GS was released.

        I don’t know, I obviously can’t prove Apple slows down their devices, but it’s just my opinion and observation.

      • Adham

        I think it just slows down because its older tech and can’t handle more features in newer OS like any tech out there. Like if you had a computer running Windows XP, what are the chances it will still be able to run a newer Windows OS flawlessly?

      • Re

        It’s not because of older tech. I would think this as well, but my iPod Touch didn’t slow down until the newer iPod Touch model came out along with iOS 6, but it ran smooth on iOS 4, and iOS 5. The upgrade from iOS 4-iOS 6 wasn’t THAT major to begin with.

      • Chindavon

        I have a 5 so I can’t really speak for the 4S. It’s silky smooth and have never seen it lag. Both iOS 6 and 7 are running fine on it, with the occasional 7 beta 3 and some of it’s quirky bugs.

      • Re

        Just wait until Apple announces the iPhone 5S/6 and releases the final version of iOS 7 along with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you begin to notice lag.

  • Ricky

    Nice igzo

  • Kenny Woodard

    The galaxy note 3 is gonna destroy the iPhone 5s if there’s no more incentive to buy a 5s than a 5. Is it really worth getting a slightly better camera and a “fingerprint sensor” that 75% of people will turn off anyways? This is will probably get voted down, but even the HTC One will still have an edge over the 5s. People are overlooking the device just because the GS4 gets so much publicity and of course there’s always trusty Apple to take the biggest chunk of the smartphone market. People like me want a change of pace. iOS 7 was nice, but it still lacks in areas where android has excelled.

    • Guest

      I’ll be switching to the Note 3 myself. My wife too. I like the idea of a fingerprint scanner, but let’s face it, NSA WILL get your fingerprint. And if you listen to some of the NSA workers, they tell stories about how they listen to peoples phone calls (no warrent) listening, competing with others at the office to find people having phone s*x. Police are drawing blood on the side of the road, and at the police station. 4 women from two separate times in Texas have had cops use the same glove to go in their private parts looking for drugs. I don’t trust the NSA and the government to act appropriate with peoples finger prints.

  • Kenny Woodard

    I think the 5s will struggle to meet expectations. For like the first time ever, HTC, Samsung, and even Sony and Motorola will have VERY capable and be even better devices ( for certain people ) than the 5s. If people realize that iOS 7 is nothing more than a new look on top of an original design from 2007, with really no ” gotta have ” features, then they will surely get bored with it again and quickly come to the realization that their phone doesn’t have to have an Apple logo to be the best. I used to be a strictly iPhone user because of the ease of use and reliability, but Android is not what it used to be, it is a very great and equal alternative for people who want customization and a wider use for their phone. As long as there is an Apple logo the thing will sell like crazy, but an Android will be my next phone.

    • planetcoalition

      Seriously, You kind of look at everything as nothing more than what already exists. The very same can be said of things on the Android side:
      – The Note 3 is just a phone with a larger screen than Note 2.
      – Android 4.0 is just a new look on top of Android 2.x.
      – Jelly Been is just a speed bump on top of Android 4.0.

      I assume you’re just bored with iOS at the moment. Do try to get an Android phone, see if you like it, then decide if you want to switch back.

  • Dalogan72

    it is not worthy to upgrade from iPhone 5, not sure from 4s, from 4 I guess it may be worthy.

  • Yeah it might be time to switch over to the Galaxy or HTC One. 🙁

    • Kenny Woodard

      By the time this is released, the HTC One Max and Galaxy Note 3 will probably be out as well. Then you won’t have that frowny face 😛

  • rasengan720 .

    Stupid pricks.. It’s not final but I hope they go with a quadcore.. If it is coming with 2GB ram it’d be awesome to jailbreak it!!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    First of all, if anyone had any common sense, an IGZO screen can provide 80% – 90% power savings. Let’s go with 90% and say one normally gets 15 hours of moderate use from their iPhone 5. The 5S would then offer 28.5 hours of battery life, about a day and a half, maybe even two days. I think that within itself is fantastic. LTE-A won’t be implemented in the US until 2014 I’m sure. The NFC Chip I’m a bit skeptical on but the fingerprint scanner would offer great protection for your iPhone, especially with iOS 7’s “activation lock”. The 12 mp camera and slow-mo feature is cool I suppose, but I’m really looking forward to the improved speed, the brighter, richer colored screen, and a fingerprint scanner. Combine this with a finished iOS 7, and I think we have a great product.

  • Justin Mitaritonna

    No quad, no sale. 3 iPhones in a row with dual cores? No thanks, Ill just stick with my jailbroken 4S another year!