Deus Ex The Fall jailbreak limitation

Square Enix drew lots of heat for itself after it was discovered that its new premium iOS game, Deus Ex: The Fall, contains a restriction preventing weapon firing on jailbroken devices, making it impossible to progress past the tutorial without applying the xCon tweak from the ModMyI repo in Cydia.

Square was quick to apologize and attribute the risky decision to a bug, promising to remove the odd limitation in a future update. Making good on its promise, the company has just released an update to The Fall which does away with the anti-jailbreak measure…

Deus Ex version 1.0.3 has “removed the restriction on weapon firing which affected certain devices,” per iTunes release notes.

Other changes include the following items:

• Improved enemy AI reaction and combat behavior
• Increased XP rewards for completing objectives
• Increased the amount of credits gained as rewards, across the game
• Improved damage and accuracy stats for the Combat Rifle
• Increased accuracy of Shotguns for better mid-range effectiveness
• Reduced some weapon costs (including high-end Plasma Rifles and Rocket Launchers)

The 808MB update is available free to those who have purchased the $4.99 universal binary. The Fall supports iPad 3 or above, iPad mini, iPhone 4S or above or fifth-generation iPod touch.

Support for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 is coming in another update, Square promises.

Note that the game requires 1.6GB free space to install.

Who’s going to be playing The Fall now that it’s  jailbreak-friendly?

  • iosPixel

    This game has received so much coverage over this fiasco!

    Albeit not intended but well managed.

  • David Gitman

    Lol jailbreakers are winning again

  • AlphaPoppy

    I’ve been wondering. Why does this game support the iPad mini but not the iPad 2?

    • Mohammed Sahib

      The same reason why the iPad mini has Siri while the iPad 2 doesn’t. Stupid marketing.

      • StarViruZ

        You are wrong. Devices compatibility only counts on hardware and iPad 2 “is not supported” because doesn’t have bluetooth-le, better known as bluetooth 4.0. But with a force installation you can play without problems

  • :)

    iPhone 4 support. Thank you!!

  • StarViruZ

    Pff, yeah sure… I already tried force install on the iphone 4 and the gameplay is generally laggy and crashes with respring. But a force install on iPad 2 runs fine.

  • Chuck Finley

    Have they fixed how horrifically buggy the game is? It crashes every couple of minutes on my iPhone 4S. Literally unplayable.