Deus Ex: The Fall

Square Enix slashes Deus Ex and Tomb Raider games to $0.99 until Monday

Publisher Square Enix is holding a surprise sale of some of its most popular iPhone and iPad titles in the App Store. Starting today and valid until next Monday, January 10, Deus Ex: The Fall, Tomb Raider I, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light HD are available for just 99 cents each, in celebration of World Book Day.

Deus Ex normally sells for seven bucks, Tomb Raider I is a $2.99 value and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light versions for the iPhone and iPad are respectively $2.99 and $5.99 so you're looking at the combined saving of sixteen bucks if you download all four titles right now.

For reference, you can't buy a decent book these days for less than five bucks. Fret not, dear sirs, your download links follow right below...

Deus Ex update issued, removes weapon-firing restriction on jailbroken devices

Square Enix drew lots of heat for itself after it was discovered that its new premium iOS game, Deus Ex: The Fall, contains a restriction preventing weapon firing on jailbroken devices, making it impossible to progress past the tutorial without applying the xCon tweak from the ModMyI repo in Cydia.

Square was quick to apologize and attribute the risky decision to a bug, promising to remove the odd limitation in a future update. Making good on its promise, the company has just released an update to The Fall which does away with the anti-jailbreak measure...

Deus Ex: The Fall doesn’t let jailbreakers fire guns, but there’s a tweak for that

Publisher Square Enix yesterday released its hotly anticipated Deus Ex: The Fall onto the App Store. Soon after, it was discovered the premium game unfortunately employs a little unusual Easter egg of sorts: if you're jailbroken, The Fall won't let you fire guns.

Developer Eidos Montreal is obviously a little concerned about piracy because last time I checked jailbreaking was still legal, even if it voids your warranty.

The Fall isn't the first app to hobble gameplay on jailbroken devices. Just two quick examples: DirectTV and Game Dev Tycoon. If you're jailbroken and bought the game, don't despair as there's a jailbreak tweak to remove the pesky limitation...

Deus Ex: The Fall arrives on the App Store

Square Enix originally planned to unleash Deus Ex: The Fall on iOS tomorrow, but in a change of heart the publisher has released the game on the App Store a day early (not that we're complaining). Based on Square's Deus Ex cyberpunk franchise, the game takes place after the Deux Ex: The Icarus Effect novel. This action-based RPG is another premium triple-A release on the App Store, featuring console-grade graphics with unique design style and full-blown Deus Ex experience...