iPhone 5S to have 4.3-inch screen? Probably not

By , Jul 17, 2013

iPhone 5 (black, left angled, display 001)

With last month’s trial production and this month’s ramp-up underway, all checks now point to Apple having finalized the next iPhone and now mass producing the device, in time for a presumed Fall launch.

A Chinese website behind alleged iPhone 5S production shots is adamant the iPhone 5S has the same four-inch display as its predecessor.

That may not be the case: if a Taiwanese newspaper is to be trusted, Apple has increased the iPhone 5S’s screen to measure 4.3 inches diagonally. Worse, the move, the story goes, may delay the handset’s introduction until the end of the year…

Bloomberg relayed a report by the Taiwan-based Commercial Times newspaper citing unidentified people in the semiconductor industry as confirming Apple originally targeted a September or October iPhone 5S unveiling.

Another factor behind the iPhone 5S delay: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) may not be able to deliver the chips until August, according the the report.

The story is in line with DigiTimes, another Taiwanese trade publication which on Monday cautioned that yield issues with the fingerprint sensor and colorized casing had pushed back the iPhone 5S.

In iDB’s own non-scientific poll, 1 out of each 5 respondents voted for a 4.3-inch iPhone.

Increasing the screen size would inevitably entail redesigning the handset around a larger form-factor. That said, I doubt The Commercial Times is necessarily taking about the iPhone 5S here as several analysts have speculated that Apple could release multiple iPhones this year.

iphone 6 concept 3
4.3-inch iPhone 6 concept by ADR Studio.

In addition to the “regular” iPhone 5S, analysts have called for a rumored budget iPhone and another high-end model featuring a large screen, with dimensions ranging from 4.3 to 4.8 inches and beyond (depending on whom you ask).

Speaking of the less-pricey iPhone, Commercial Times is expecting the mid-tier device by the end of the third quarter. The notion echoes AllThingsD from yesterday, which confirmed Apple’s July iPhone 5S production ramp-up. Curiously enough, AllThingsD hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a second, lower-cost iPhone version later in the year.

Apple for sure can get away with another S-upgrade, but not at the expense of the lucrative holiday season. I just can’t imagine Tim Cook & Co. risking further profit erosion by not having a new iPhone on sale in time for the beginning of the all-important holiday shopping fever.

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  • MarcPhilippeB

    if that’s true: AMAZING!!

  • If only! This might be the year I can finally upgrade from my 3GS 🙂

    • Liam Mulcahy

      what are you waiting for?

      • iPhone 5S/whatever they’re gonna call it of course•

        I might even consider waiting another year in the hope they remove the moronic home button and fill the screen to fit the device. But I doubt I would have that much patience.

  • klouud

    I sure hope we don’t see 2 flagship iphones released this year. If they are released side-by-side then that would not be so bad. But if we all shell out for the 5S, only to have Apple release another (possibly better) flagship iphone later in the year, then I’m not sure I will be staying with Apple next year. I’m already upset about the iPad 3 release and then the iPad 4 release 6 months later. That totally sucked!!

    • pegger1

      If you didn’t like the iPad 3, why would you get it? Get what you like. There’s always, always, always going to be something better around the corner. If you like what’s released, get it. If not, wait for the next one. You can’t always wait for something better, because then you’ll always be waiting. Don’t blame Apple for that.

      • klouud

        Well that is just common sense sir. But the point was that I bought the iPad 3 and then the 4 came out a little over a month later – I was unable to exchange the 3 for the 4 because my 30 day window closed. It would be nice to know when new updates are going to be released so I can be a smart shopper – again, common sense.

      • cottage McKay

        Why do you care? Its not like yours got any worse just because a new model is released.

      • Kurt

        When the 5 comes out, new features will go to the 5, less to the 4 and less to the 3. Also, apps will look best on the 4 compared to the 3. GTA Vice city looks different on the different devices as the graphics decrease with the older devices. So he does have a point. But trying to explain it is boring.

      • smtp25

        Because they could have should/have shipped the iPad4 specs in the iPad3. The generally accepted product cycle was 1 per year, so the device you just brought is now already the old model its not a good feel for consumers

      • pegger1

        iPad 3 was released in March, iPad 4 was released in November. That’s 8 months.

    • Adham

      Apple wanted to move iPad releases away from March. So it was either wait almost two years without new iPad or release the 6-8 months later that it did. They went with the latter.

  • Boss

    Rather have a 4.7 inch

    • luckyarcher

      Who asked you about the length of your dick?

      • Bob

        He didn’t say anything wrong, don’t be an ass.

        What’s wrong with a 4.7 inch screen? Some people like bigger screens as they consume more video content. Gameplay is also significantly more easier on a bigger screen.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        Literally EVERYTHING is better on a larger screen. I’d rather have that, over having a small issue of my precious thumb not being able to reach the top left corner for some reason.

      • planetcoalition

        I have to say one-handed operation is pretty important for a phone. I’ve tried an Android phone with a 4.7-inch screen and found myself constantly accidentally hitting the bottom right corner of the screen while trying to reach some areas.

      • Kurt

        you can use one handed on larger devices if you move the device a bit. With the iphone you can’t keep your hand still and the phone still and ONLY move your thumb and be able to reach all four corners. I love the apple commercial that tricked all the fanboys. They cut out the part where the move the phone in a different position in the hand so he can reach the other corners haha. no fanboys realized it and they all said apples talking points haha

      • luckyarcher

        Kurt, I don’t move the iphone around to reach the top corners and I have a medium sized hand. You don’t happen to be 12, do you?

      • Bob

        I don’t like your attitude tbh.

      • Kurt

        i’m 11…good luck hitting the other two corners

      • Boss

        What’s the point in only a 0.3 bigger screen you probably won’t see much difference

      • Kurt

        another row of icons YESSSSSSSS! haha

  • Matt Dowdy

    I can’t see apple increasing the screen size of the iPhone due to the “makes sense” advert for the iPhone 5 where you could operate the phone with your thumb “from here to here”

    • Kurt

      did you not notice they cut away, and returned with the phone in a new position in his hand? You can hit all four corners when you don’t move the phone and don’t move your hand. Try it yourself. ONLY move your thumb like in the commercial. Apple lies.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        It seems you got baby hands then, hm? stop spamming with you’re personal unfortunate experiences.

  • Nagy Konstantin

    Please: 1280×720 with same pixel density = standard resolution, videos will look great → profit!

    • Bob


      You serious? Why not 1080p?

      • JackpotJr

        Because it makes no sense having a 1080p on a 4 inch screen! You can’t distinguish the pixels as it is right now on a iPhone 5 (when using it with normal distance). Don’t stare yourself blind on specs! The only thing it will bring is worse battery life.

      • Kurt

        you can distinguish pixels. go look at the status bar. the numbers aren’t as crisp as on a 1080p screen. apple lied, they do often. remember the 4 inch iphone commercial where the guy hits all four corners with his thumb? did you not noticed they cut away and came back and the phone moved in his hand so he can hit the other corner??? try it on your iphone. don’t move your hand, don’t move your phone, then go and hit all four corners. Good luck.

      • JackpotJr

        To make a comparison like that you have to use the same type of screen (which I’m guessing you havn’t). I can’t distinguish a pixel from another on my phone unless I put it right under my nose.

        To be honest, I hate when companies try to satisfy speclovers by adding a 18Mpixel camera, a 5.something screen etc. Of course I want hardware to improve, but not just for a selling argument!

        And no, I’m not a fanboy. I don’t buy all that sh** they say. Actually the example you mentioned crossed my mind before. And there is many other things I dislike how apple “solves” them.

      • Kurt

        I hope more phones have an edge to edge screen. its so beautiful on the Pantech Vega Iron. I’m really hoping the note 3 will get it. But maybe it will be reduced as the S4 was compared to the S3. Which is a step in the right direction but the technology is there to do it, so I hope it gets done!

      • MarcPhilippeB

        I totally agree with you. Kurt used another screen or he held it 5 cm from his head. One or the other

      • MarcPhilippeB

        can you please stop spamming ?!

      • MarcPhilippeB

        It’s actually a really simple thing to do.

      • Bob

        On a 4 inch screen it doesn’t matter, but if it was a bigger screen, like 4.7 inches, then it does matter. I want a bigger screen and will not come back to iOS until there is one.

      • Kurt

        1080p screens blow our iphones away! they are gorgeously crisp!

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        He means if they keep PPI same…
        Actually it’s near 720P…

    • planetcoalition

      The difference is almost indiscernible on a (relatively) tiny screen.

      • Kurt

        its a small difference but honestly, its a big shock. I saw a Vega Iron phone and the girl didn’t know the screen resolution or anything about the phone (neither did I). I was shocked at how crisp it was. I compared it to my iphone and it really was sharper. I figured it must be 1080p on a 5 incher so 441ppi. It turns out it is. there’s a difference

  • Patrick

    is better come out setptember because im on 1 month rolling plan still using my 4s

  • n0ahcruz3

    4.5 will be the perfect size. I dislike phablets.

  • Dominik Odobašić

    Make it at least 720p, add another column and I’m sold. It’s 2013, by the time this comes out, almost 2014. Having a toy with 4 icons on the screen in a row is mental!

  • Plistumichu

    Take a look to this video (time 0:33) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqDm3gZNZPM&feature=player_embedded#at=34
    Does it make sense?

    • Chris Tangler

      wouldnt that be awesome…looks really great!!

  • Gus Me

    “Apple for sure can get away with another S-upgrade, but not at the expense of the lucrative holiday season. I just can’t imagine Tim Cook & Co. risking further profit erosion by not having a new iPhone on sale in time for the beginning of the all-important holiday shopping fever.” This is not something I believe. Apple lately is all about releasing “minor” updates for the cash grab because they know people will buy it. Ex: iPad mini, iPad 3/4, 4/4s I love my Apple products but I’m not blind to the fact of what they like to do. I hope they release a bigger iPhone

    • planetcoalition

      Excuse me? Pretty much every thing is upgraded, according to this rumor, except the appearance.

      • Gus Me

        My comment was in response to what I quoted, not on the rumors of what might be in the 5s.

  • Kurt

    Pantech Vega Iron has a true edge to edge screen. Are there any other phones out that do too? It’s really beautiful to look at and use

  • Mysteroy3k

    I really don’t see why it can’t be edge to edge without making it completely larger

  • Maccabeus

    Why would Apple make a last minute decision to increase the screen size to 4.3 when many consumers want a larger screen? Are they not paying attention to what consumers want? And frankly, 4.3 is still pretty lame compared to Galaxy S4’s 5 inch screen.