StatusHUD Featured

StatusHUD is a new jailbreak tweak that we previewed a few days ago, and it lends the ability to view the volume indicator in the status bar when adjusting your device’s volume. The tweak, which eschews the stock volume HUD completely in favor of the status bar variety, comes with the ability to change the volume indicator style, along with a method for displaying the volume indicators while within a full screen app. Take a look at our full video walkthrough inside for all of the details.

Alan Yip, the developer of StatusHUD, has quickly risen in my list of top jailbreak developers, and StatusHUD continues the trend. The mind behind such tweaks and Overview, and Tap to Widgets, Yip is known for his excellent implementation of ideas that “just work.” StatusHUD is no exception here.

Although StatusHUD is fairly simple in its nature, the tweak fires on all cylinders. First and foremost, I appreciate the fact that you can enable and disable the tweak on the fly without needing to respring. More developers should adopt such simple mechanics.

Secondly, I like that Yip thought about full screen apps. Since the status bar isn’t displayed while running apps full screen, how would StatusHUD work? As it turns out, this was considered during StatusHUD’s development, and an elegant yet simple slide down animation was implemented to work with iOS, instead of against it.

I do wish StatusHUD featured more than one alternative style for the volume indicator, but even with the lack of styles, this tweak is well worth its $0.99 asking price. The fact of the matter is that StatusHUD makes iOS look cleaner when adjusting the volume.

What do you think about StatusHUD? Are you considering using it? Share your thoughts and comments below.

  • Vaan

    What about bitesms? I need Volume tap QC.

    • Al

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s an intriguing tweak, yet the BiteSMS compatibility needs to be addressed.

      • Raphael Hering

        How about simply selecting a different Activator gesture for that e.g. “Tap on StatusBar”?

      • Al

        Point taken.

        Just would rather know how it would function.

        And tapping on the status bar is worrisome reason being as if in an app, it will automatically scroll up.

      • Raphael Hering

        BiteSMS settings. Where you can enable/disable QC gesture you have to allow Activator to be used instead. Then go to Activator settings and enable a gesture. You can use “Double Tap StatusBar”, too ^_^

      • Yeah, I use swipe right on status bar for QC. Volume tap is not used at all for me anymore.

    • Cameron Chao

      you could always engage another activator function for QC. I never liked Volume tap to QC.

  • Damn

    No iOS 5 support? Well Fk me….

  • Wow this circle style is so fkn awesome !

    • Pheaktra Mao

      Too bad you’re a cunt

  • Aaron

    I hope they add the iOS 7 style bricks. I like those a lot.

  • mervynraj

    what if u want to change volume and check the time at the same time?? ruins it!! sad 🙁

    • Pheaktra Mao

      time flies when you’re a faggot

  • jocastro


  • Is anyone else not seeing the volume bar in lock screen when adjusting volume? I can see the mute/unmute icon, but no volume slider in status bar. Works fine in home screen, apps, etc.

  • Jake C

    Please add iOS 5 compatibility. There are still many people on ios 5.1.1.


    But will it work with the Volume Amplifier tweak?

  • Johnny

    This would look good in ios7 ! Apple should add this.

  • TVel

    This tweak along with a few others like Gridlock & Barrel show as not compatible on my device. I have iphone 5 (not c or s) and running ios 7.04 (11B554a). Any ideas why these show as not compatible?

  • Merrill

    I love the app, however, when I try to adjust the volume in You-tube or movie ect, the phone crashes. I want to use the app however, id rather see the volume bar in the middle or bottom of the screen then crash the phone or close the window im in.