Viber desktop (teaser 001)

The popular Skype alternative and WhatsApp rival Viber today updated its Mac app with half a dozen new features. You’ll recall that Viber released the inaugural Mac build back in May to allow for cross-platform messaging. I’ve been actively using it ever since on my MacBook Air and today’s update adds a few features I’ve been missing a lot.

Now, when you’re chatting with someone, you can tell whether a person is typing a message thanks to the new typing indicator. And for a feature-parity with Viber for iOS, the Mac edition now expands on the initial release with full support for group messaging capabilities, as well as popular stickers and emoticons. I’ve included a few remaining nice-to-haves after the break…

Viber for Mac version 3.1 has a redesigned conversations list and improved pop-up notifications.

Here, check out emoticons.

Viber for Mac 3.1 (Emoticons)

And here are stickers.

Viber for Mac 3.1 (Stickers)

And if you use Viber with more than one number, you’ll be delighted to learn that the app has full support for contacts with multiple Viber numbers.

Here’s a quick video tour for the initial Mac release from May.

The Mac app lets you carry on your conversations on any number of supported device and it’s clever enough not to sound alarm on each one of them when a new message notification arrives.

Viber is available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone and other platforms.

The Mac build isn’t available on the Mac App Store and doesn’t have the auto-update feature so you’ll have to download the latest build and drop its icon on the Applications folder to replace your outdated version.

  • Omar Zaldivar

    Crashes on Mavericks.

  • queen_ir3ne

    I’ve been waiting for this! Now all it needs is support to send videos/receive.

    • ali

      me too 🙂

      • It’s in the oven 😉

  • 0:37 of the video what the heck

  • windows soon…

  • Hi there,
    This is a member of Viber’s Team.

    Thank you for this article – we are very excited about our new release. 🙂
    We are here to receive feedback and questions directly from our users. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’d be happy to assist. 🙂

    Viber Team

    • Sandeep Roy

      Could not submit ticket to Desktop Support so posting here.
      Can’t see photo description of msg. recvd. on Desktop (win7) but can see the same on iPhone. The ‘timestamps’ on iPhone are barely visible because of poor contrast ratio & small font size.

      • Hi Sandeep,

        We are not entirely sure we understand the problem. Could you be more specific, and/or add screenshots?

        Thank you in advance!

      • Sandeep Roy

        Tried to do just that.Cannot get a support ticket on your web site. Post entering the CAPTCHA nothing happens.

        Done. Web site wasn’t accepting a 300kb png, converted to jpg 50kb & all good.

      • Thanks for submitting the ticket 🙂

      • Priiyan

        Please fix for Mavericks.

    • bosanac001

      Hi, I have downloaded desktop version (windows 7), but I don’t see who is online now, unless I select that person and wait few minutes to show online status by text “online”, or if it’s not online the it shows when last person was seen.. but only if I select that person first.

  • Kathy Othon

    Using viber on Mac mimic ipad was fine but now doesn’t let me to respond to conversation return not working?send button?

    • Hi,

      First, please note that your device is not officially compatible with Viber, and that may be the source of the problem.

      However, note that we are aware of a problem with Viber on iPad in our new version, and we are working to find a solution. We recommend that you try out the new update in AppStore once available.