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By , Jul 8, 2013

StatusHUD Featured

StatusHUD is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that promises to integrate the iPhone’s volume HUD with the status bar. This allows you to view the volume level meter from within the confines of the iOS status bar, keeping the middle of the screen free from the stock HUD.

Scheduled to touchdown on Cydia’s BigBoss repo in the near future, StatusHUD works on all jailbroken iOS devices, including the iPad. Developer, Alan Yip, the same developer behind tweaks such as Tap to Widgets and Overview, has allowed us to go hands on with a finished copy of the tweak. Check out our preview video after the break…

StatusHUD will be available for $0.99 on Cydia. There are more options included with the tweak, and we’ll go in depth with those and provide more detailed analysis once it touches down. In the meantime, share your thoughts about StatusHUD in the comment section below.

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  • David Gitman

    Thanks But i want to install beta 3 ota already :DD

    • Edward Pacheco

      Probably after 1PM EST

      • David Gitman

        so in about 20 minutes? 😀

      • Edward Pacheco

        Maybe, it just a rumor.

      • David Gitman

        the last one was right 😛

      • Edward Pacheco

        iOS 7 beta 3 is out, I just started to download it.

      • David Gitman

        ITS OUT

  • Arya Kalashi

    Why is everything awesome comming when I went from jailbreak to iOS 7 ? 🙁

    • leodaniel

      Because it is a BETA and normally its just for DEVELOPERS! Your fault!

      • Bob

        It’s not his fault, it’s yours @leodaniel 😛

      • leodaniel

        Nope! 😛
        I mean it’s for developer and so if you update don’t cry after!

      • Arya Kalashi

        Who said that I am not a developer?

      • leodaniel

        Me! Why would you install a beta on your main device if you are a developer?

  • jocastro

    thats it?

    • dedegarrido

      The original appearance of the volume on iOS usually takes like all the screen, and it’s very annoying when you are webing or gaming… that tweak takes it out of the middle of the screen and gets rid of that problem. Looking forward to download/buy it.

      • jocastro

        yeah visually its cool, but i figured there be more to it.

  • dedegarrido

    This is nice… very nice 🙂

  • Dan

    that’s actually pretty cool

  • V

    The developer has been posting on Reddit about this tweak, there’s more to it than there seems.

  • ha7ak3

    Cool! Can’t wait!! 😀

  • batongxue

    Jeff, have you caught a cold?
    Take care, buddy.

  • Al

    I’m just shocked.. it is iPad compatible, looks promising…

    And the talented Alan Yip… Waiting patiently for AltKeyboard on the iPad 🙂

  • Greenhaze22

    I like it. Much more desireable than as is, smack-in-the-middle of the screen.

  • Exhale

    But what happens when you’re in full screen mode and there is no statusbar? Also these preview posts are stupid. If you’re gonna show a tweak then show it properly and completely or don’t show it all. None of this preview bs.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    I’m not finding this tweak to be elegant other than the fading effect. Personally I still prefer the stock HUD as I have no issues with it. But that’s just me.
    In any case, I’m glad there’s always an alternative for those who complain about HUD out there. 🙂

  • V

    Still waiting for release, was supposed to be days ago