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Velox is perhaps one of the most disappointing “big” tweaks to touchdown in some time. It’s a tweak that possessed tons of potential, but sadly, none of it is being tapped in the way most envisioned. In fact, we’re left with tweaks like VeloxTube for Velox instead.

That’s not necessarily a knock against VeloxTube for Velox — a jailbreak tweak that brings an enhanced folder to the official YouTube App — it’s just that I expected more. Take a look at my video overview of VeloxTube for Velox after the jump, and see what I mean.

Like virtually all of the Velox addons we’ve seen over the past few months, VeloxTube for Velox takes a very lazy approach, and essentially embeds the content of the YouTube app within an enhanced folder. That’s nice and all, but it’s not exactly noteworthy or innovative.

This addon would have been better if you could configure it to do something cool, like pull up a random video based on keywords, or bring up settings for the YouTube app, or basically anything else outside of a lazy embed.

Yes, VeloxTube for YouTube works as you might expect, and yes it works well, but I’m tired of developers maintaining the status quo with a tweak that has so much potential power. It’s sad, really.

Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo if you’d like to give VeloxTube a shot. Be sure to share your thoughts on this tweak, and the overall state of Velox in the comment section below.

  • Jason Duong

    Just launch the bloody app…

    • Gorgonphone

      YES we can do that but its cool to have other options..

  • JinOnyxMusic

    I think that it’s not good the developer ignored the request to add the feature of launching Velox within folders. I have it installed, but this would make the feature so much better and give users another way to still use Velox an still keep their device how they have it organized.

    Hopefully they can make it work.

    • Damian W

      I think we should learn the lesson, and never buy tweaks until we see review and the new updated are pushed. I am tired of tweaks I bought but never have been updated.

      The only time I can buy a tweak without hesitation is when the tweak is from a trusted developer like petrich, Phoenix or chapwn

      • JinOnyxMusic

        It’s true. I loved the concept about it and how they made it seem, but I also don’t think that they should forget about the consumers. We bought their tweak and they should supply us with updates or improvements, if the developer really cared about their users.

        It was overly hyped in iDB, so from a trusted website, people, just as myself, will listen and take innovative tweaks into consideration. From now on, even though tweaks may sounds new and amazing, people will be more careful because developers dump their tweaks after their initial release.

        Not to bring pirating into the picture, but this is why people pirate tweaks that we have to pay for at times because developers dump their tweaks and never update them. To “try” them out.

        In the end, I hope, that they figure this out and update the tweak to world with folders. That’s would be a great addon.

      • XboxOne

        Just like the tweak Flex :

    • Ignored it? As in, it takes only 10 seconds to implement something like this?

  • jocastro

    i agree with jason, velox is a waist of space, just push the damn app

  • Raul Henriquez

    Velox is so disappointing!, and it doesn’t help the developers when they have no communication or updates for that matter.

    • Surenix

      I might have something to do with that as the dev and I are also making something cool.

      • Raul Henriquez

        That doesn’t make it right! Why over hype an under deliver?, and yet provide not even a significant update after months.

  • Luis M. Maldonado

    I regret buying this tweak.. it doesn’t make sense with some apps, but they can still make it better if they want!

  • Bob

    Velox is so crap. I don’t know why all you guys were so excited about it lol. It would be helpful in some situations to quickly turn off an alarm or something. But when people are making pointless extensions like the one where it shows you the compass, it has really headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes simple is better.

  • mehrab

    Too late velox…

  • UnlimApps Inc.

    What exactly do people want to do with velox? Hit me with your suggestions and I’ll see how possible they are and maybe I’ll code it up.

    • I think that Velox is here to give the user useful shortcuts. So instead of launching an app and go through various menus and options, we can just swipe on the icon and tap a shortcut. For example swipe on messages app and then compose a new message. Just keep that in mind while developing velox addons. Personally I’m absolutely fine without velox, so I have no request.
      If I’m saying bullshit, please correct me.

  • ProfessorX1®

    Do people still buy Apple Devices? And people still wait MONTHS and MONTHS for a jailbreak that’s gonna get patched? Jailbreak Devs, just give up. You’re useless now. Go home.

    • n0ahcruz3

      Some people aint got time for jailbreak, Some just want a smartphone that works. No customizations, rootings, jailbreaks etc, only tech fanatics do that. do u ever wonder why the iphone tops in customer satisfaction?

    • Max Kewin

      I actually concur. The wait is absolutely what pisses me off. Tweaks should be allowed Apple!

  • qwerty

    never updated; plus the setting icons look like crap. Hoped for more but was disappointed thoroughly

  • therealjjohnson

    Why exactly are people mad at this app again? It does what its supposed to do. If you want it to do something else then get a different app or make one yourself. Someone had an idea for something they thought was cool and made it but now (via comments) people are mad at them…seems silly.

  • sadaN


    • JinOnyxMusic

      All CAPS aren’t necessary, but I do agree with your statement on that request. This is one feature that has been requested numerous times for users, but they haven’t heard us or refuse to listen.

      • sadaN

        I’m very sorry if my caps make you feel umcorfable somehow, the things is,
        I don’t feel ok with spending my money on something and not getting support for it afterwards, it’s not the first time I have problems with tweaks from
        group of devs.
        Therefore, MY CAPS ARE INDEED NECESSARY sir…

  • Norbi Whitney

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this basically the exact same as what comes with velox? When i swipe on my YouTube icon, i get the browser version of YouTube in a velox “folder”, and it has been like this since I first got velox. The ONLY difference I see is that this one gives you a search bar straight away, and on the default one you have to click the magnifying glass.