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Actiwidget is a brand new tweak by Activator developer, Ryan Petrich. Actiwidget allows users to add Activator shortcuts directly to Notification Center. It’s an idea that seems so simple, yet only until now has it been brought to fruition. The tweak, which uses Activator’s preferences for configuration, adds yet another way to execute your favorite actions. Take a look at our video demonstration inside to see how it all works.

Configuring Actiwidget is done by opening the Menus section found in Activator’s main menu. There, you will find a custom menu dedicated to Actiwidget where items can be added, rearranged, or deleted. The awesome thing about Actiwidget is that all of this can be performed on the fly, and no resprings are required. The widget, which must be enabled in Settings > Notifications, will update as soon as you make the changes within Activator’s preferences.

Actiwidget 01

If you want to give Actiwidget a shot, then be sure to add Ryan’s beta repo: to your Cydia sources. It’ll be interesting to see what direction Actiwidget heads in with a little more development time and fleshing out. Right now, the key functionality is there and works perfectly fine. From a visual standpoint, the actual Notification Center widget is a bit bland, but that’s to be expected for a 0.1 beta release. Here’s hoping that Actiwidget will be open for theming and that some of the well known designers in the community get engaged.

What do you think about Actiwidget? Are you excited to have such functionality available at your fingertips? Share your thoughts and comments down below.

  • SimonReidy

    Its great. Ryan has been on fire lately with Activator! Only option I’d like to see is a setting to display just an icon for the action, rather than the accompanying text description (makes it look a bit cluttered and a description isn’t really necessary).

  • Awesome! This is pretty much NCSettings taken to whole new level of possibilities, though it could use a little touch of NCSetting’s sleekness. At first sight, thought those were slide-to-activate actions, whereas they’re touch-to-activate actions…

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I hope in the public release I can choose to make a slide to activate instead of a touch to activate

  • Ian Jackson

    I’ve been trying it out the past few days, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. My only gripe is that you should be able to nickname an activation so if it has a long name you can make it smaller or remove the name altogether. For example, if I want to add BiteSMS Quick Compose in there, I should be able to make the name smaller so it takes less space on the line because when you add it gets the hideously long name..

  • batongxue

    Ryan we love you

  • Matt Taylor

    The icons don’t fit well in the nc! Traditional nc icons like that of NCSetting would be much more appropriate! Maybe a way to rename the title and to chose you own icons from a list (like Grabby) would be the solution!

    Great work though Ryan, I’ve been wanting this for a while now! Thanks.

  • electro

    which presenteation soft jeff using to remote control iphone from pc?

    • He isn’t remotely controlling it (that would be extremely slow), just recording his screen with (I presume) rpetrich’s awesome DisplayRecorder.

      • electro

        background video and phone carcase is just video

  • Steve Jobs

    Ryan Petrich is the king of all developers for me! What he did with activator is so awesome!!!! Also Ryan’s tweaks always workin without bugs!!!!!!

  • Beta382

    I sent Ryan an email about Actiwidget with suggestions and bugs (as any beta tester should), and received this in reply:

    >Actiwidget is an experiment that didn’t pan out—it turns out to be less useful than I was expecting. I’m looking for someone to take over maintaining it.

    So don’t get your hopes up for expansion, at least from Ryan.