Over the past month or so, we’ve been bringing you coverage on Semi-Restore, a new utility that allows you to restore your iOS device back to nearly stock status without losing your jailbreak. It can remove everything from settings to jailbreak tweaks, and even App Store apps.

The last time we mentioned the software, it was still in beta, and the developers said that it was only about 85% complete. Well we have some good news for you today: it was finished this weekend, and is now available. You can now download Semi-Restore for the Mac or PC…

Using the app is about as easy as it comes. All you have to do is plug in your iOS device, open up Semi-Restore and click a button. That’s easier than most recent jailbreaks. The utility should recognize the iPhone or iPad you’ve connected, as well as if you are on the right firmware.

Speaking of firmware, Semi-Restore only supports iOS versions 5.0 through iOS 6.1.2. So your device will have to be running on one of them in order for it to work correctly. But after that, it’s a straightforward process, and only takes about 5 minutes to run from start to finish.

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • SemiRestore supports Windows XP SP3 or higher, OS X 10.6 or higher, and Ubuntu 12.10 or higher (or the equivalent Linux).
  • There may be a better way to fix your current problem. For example, to fix “Safe Mode” issues, you can just uninstall Mobile Substrate from Cydia.
  • Like any other restore, make sure you backup your data if you want it later.
  • Avoid using your iOS device or anything related to iTunes or XCode during the Semi-Restore. Why not actually go outside?
  • This process can not and does not repair broken system files! Avoid all Siri Ports, as they are not only illegal (except for Spire on 5.0.1) but they also create problems and may potentially break system files (even Spire can cause this).
  • Your device will respring or reboot several times during the Semi-Restore. This is perfectly normal, so don’t panic.

For those of you who would still like some guidance on the process, Jeff did a nice little video walkthrough on beta 4, which you can view here. Otherwise, you can grab Semi-Restore from our Downloads page. It’s a free app, but the developers do appear to be accepting donations.

So, any questions?

  • luiggimaster

    The download link for Windows is not working!!

    • Melvco


      • Adan Santos

        Not working: 404 Not Found

    • Muhammad

      I guess you could say, that its the weakest link

  • Andyxyoona

    It killed my iPad 🙁
    (Probably cos iTunes kept opening each time. And it’s not supposed to)

    • Andrew

      So did u have to restore in iTunes after.

      • Andyxyoona

        Yeah. Now running smooth iOS 6.1.3 😛

      • Andrew

        So I stupidly tried it after you said it messed your iPad up and now my iPhone is on 6.1.4 because it messed my iPhone up

    • Bob

      Did you try Mouth to Mouth CPR?

  • Kei Gi

    Is it possible to update from ios 5 to ios 6.1.2??

    • Liam Mulcahy

      no Stay on the topic

    • Only if you have an A4 device or earlier and saved shsh blobs… which I don’t think is your situation ;P

  • Abbas

    damn it, I lost my jailbreak due to a faulty power button so had to swap it for a new iphone which was already on 6.1.4 :(((( ,, no way to go back IS THERE???

    • Andre Grey

      Same here man…was having issues with my battery, went to the apple store to swap it out for a new one. Thought I would get an old software but it was 6.1.4 🙁

      • Nico Mana-ay

        Whats wrong with your battery ?

      • Andre Grey

        It was getting hot and wouldn’t hold it’s charge

    • Blip dude

      I had to get another one because the one I had would no longer charge. So now I am currently on eBay looking for a Jailbroken one and selling the new one I got as Mint condition and Unlocked that. So the loss of $$ should be little to none.

      • Abbas

        talk about my damn luck, my dad has an iphone 5 and he never updated his iphone because he didn’t know how too.. haha.. so i gave him a brand new one and took his.. though that one was covered in a case so is as new condition.

  • Pod2g2

    Doe’s it work for non jailbroken iPhone??

    • Liam Mulcahy

      yes but I’m not sure why u would what to do that just restore in iTunes

      • marco1993

        if you restore in iTunes it will restore to the latest firmware i.e. 6.1.4 or 6.1.3

      • Abbas

        if you are not jailbroken or won’t jailbreak, what’s the point anyway for staying on 6.1.2 ?

    • truehybridx

      just reset content and settings…. no need for itunes

  • hollyholler2

    Worked fine on Windows 7 (iPhone 4S 5.1.1 Jailbroken)

    HOWEVER, it did not clean my “Other” memory which was the main reason I wanted to Semi-Restore… Still stuck with 3.5 gigs of blocked memory

    • Matthew Cleveland

      Have you tried iCleaner?

    • mehrab

      Try phone cleaner google it

    • Sandeep Roy

      iCleaner works like a charm. In iCleaner options though, deselect – Cydia,Cydia Sources & Unused Dependencies.

      • hollyholler2

        Thanks! It did clean half of the mess!

      • Sandeep Roy

        Cool.The other half is mostly your App & documents data 🙂

  • The_Kingfish

    How does this compare to iLEX R.A.T.?

    • f96lrs

      Ilex RAT is better

  • nsdiofoidsnfoinsd

    Or you could you know, remove the app store apps you don’t want, reset settings in the settings app, and remove Mobile substrate. Basically stock.

    • Matthew Cleveland

      This takes a lot less time and wipes everything.

  • cordell

    worked for me cleaned my iPhone now it runs like new

  • Andrew

    Does Jeff recommend this?

  • Matthew Cleveland

    My first run through deleted everything but my iPhone thought the apps were still installed so I couldn’t reinstall them through iTunes. I ran it again and it got everything. Definitely recommend this. Worked great!

  • Stephen Michael Simon

    Isn’t anyone else having issues? I’ve tried running this on 3 different CPUs and have had C+ injection errors each and every time! Was really hoping a solution had made its way here already and I see it hasn’t…

    • f96lrs

      use iLex RAT MUCH BETTER

      • leart za jmi

        iLex Rat just remove all tweaks, so you have to ad them again, it is stupid. Is the same like removing mobile substrate, just have the look of a restore

      • truehybridx

        plus the shadiness of the repo and dev it comes from.
        At least this one comes from a trust worthy repo 😀

      • leart za jmi

        I never used ilet rax, but u read a lot review from users and i had a clear idea that it was a fake restore. People who used iFile to se if their device was clear, discovered that all the old scrap was still there, nothing changed.
        Now even to talk for semi-restore is to early, it seems different but i will not try it soon, my 4s is working fine in 5.1.1, exept for a leak of battery lifetime.
        I dont try everything since my device cant downgrade, but the best tool i ever uset was iCleaner, reduced my other file to 750 mb and never had a single problem

      • Stephen Michael Simon

        LEX Crap is garbage, it severly messed up my iPhone and I only held off on restoring it to stock unitl Semi-Restore was released. Doesn’t really restore anything and leaves your phone somewhere between a restore and jaibroken. For example, it left half restored apps on my phone that caused iTunes to not even work anymore, as in I couldn’t sync it at all. Semi-Restore worked perfectly and I now have a freshly restored iPhone.

        You would think IDB would stop promoting some of these garbage apps and tweaks, but they just keep on “reviewing” them.

      • Stephen Michael Simon

        No, no it is not at all. Complete garbage!

    • Steve Alan

      use “ilex rat” on cydia, idb has a tutorial, works great

  • f96lrs

    i lost my jailbreak iphone 5 612 dam it had to up grade W T F

    • Andrew

      Can you be more specific? Step by step, every detail pls!

  • f96lrs


    • leart za jmi

      yeah sure

  • Holaku Amr

    when im trying to install the exe file it gives me a message ( to install u need to download a .net framework ) any idea ??

    • Sandeep Roy

      Yeah. I guess you’re on a Windows PC. Download free from the Microsoft website.

  • 5ingularity

    Tried and lost my jailbreak, i highly recommend on using ilex rat, now this.

    • Andrew

      Can you be more specific? What happened exactly? Step by step, every detail pls!

  • Cesar D

    So slooooow…..

  • Michael Hulet

    Assuming it works at the command line, can the SSH version be run on the device using MobileTerminal?

  • Markieze Anthony Mitchell

    So I see that there have been a lot of complaints about this… Does anyone recommend using this or is this just a waste of time as of right now?

    • leart za jmi

      Dont use it, i give it a try and i loose my ios 5.1.1 jailbreak.
      This is crap like ilex rat

      • Markieze Anthony Mitchell

        Well what ever you did, you did it wrong and there really isnt much that you could do to mess it up. I did it and my phone is brand new all over again.

  • blastingbigairs

    With Sprint if you want to go back and fourth from an iPhone to an Android device you have to completely restore your iPhone to get service again. I wonder if anyone has used this to do just that? I kind of want to go back to my iPhone 5 again but I don’t want to be forced to update to 6.1.4 and lose my JB.

    • truehybridx

      This “might” work, it brings the device back to that initial setup screen.

      Surely theres a way to get the phone hooked back up with out a restore, that just sounds ridiculous :/

      • blastingbigairs

        I wish there was, but like everything with Sprint, they make you jump through hoops. I will report back if I decide to take the plunge.

  • Royce Otero

    Ilex rat was a waste of time it only removed the tweaks and app . I was hoping for it to replace files at least. For that I just remove the tweaks I don’t want instead of all. So I’m hoping that with this when I try it tomarrow just do more then just tweaks and apps.

  • Gorgonphone

    Great for folks who goof up their jailbreak

  • mike rusty

    ILex Rat crashed my iphone4 on 6.1.2 and had to restore to 6.1.3 now on tethered jailbreak so IMO lex rat sucks and should be avoided if you like your jailbreak. I DID everything I could but had to restore in iTunes anyway. Now I’m just waiting for iOS7 and hopefully untethered JB. IlexRat is a joke, just uninstall mobile substrate instead, does the same thing and so much safer. Cheers

  • daniel bonnells

    I really could have used this a couple months ago when I had to restore my iPhone due to a failed cydia package install. :/

  • Osama Al-Shaheen

    My problem wasent fixed shit no devices can discover my personal hotspot

  • Cody Lloyd Cullen

    From the comments I’m reading, these people are doing the restore wrong, VERY wrong. I tested Semi-Restore With Windows and OSX (Mac) on My Iphone 5 (6.1.2) my ipad 3 (6.1.2) And my ipod 4th gen (5.1.1) and they all worked perfectly. anyone who is complaining definately has a shit computer or is not using the program the correct way. Thanks

  • John Goldstraw

    What above ilex rat, it seems better

  • Keith Crawford

    So I’m trying clear all of my “other” data on my iPhone/iPad..anybody know if this will work? I have 10g on my iPad and 4g of “other” data on my iPhone.

    • leart za jmi

      Why dont use icleaner from big boss repo, it works great without any problem

  • Ryan James Christensen

    Could you use this with a non-jailbroken iPhone? Just curious.

    • Bobby McBobson

      probably. You should ask CoolStar, he’s the developper of this app.

  • Stephen Michael Simon

    Funny that IDB promotes Lex RAT, but just look at all the dislikes from the blog’s readers on any comment LEX Crap is mentioned. Word of advice from people obviously using the tweak: DON’T USE LEX R.A.T. UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP WITH A MESSED UP iDEVICE!

  • Robert Goldberg

    Just did it on my iPad 3 (6.1.2) through OS X 10.8.4. Everything worked perfectly well, except for one crash of the app in the very beginning before it started restoring and annoying iTunes, which kept connecting and syncing my iPad after its every reboot (so I had to quit it every time). Overall, great app, super easy to use, took me just one try, and my iPad is now like new. Thanks a ton to the developers!

  • Thomas Harlan

    So after trying to semi-restore it seemed to worked, no errors using the program EXCEPT once all way done some cydia tweaks like springtomize 2, winterboard and some others was still installed and they did not work. The Springtomize icon was there but no actions took effect after i applied them and respring my device. Also the settings for the tweaks were missing from the iPhone settings list. Along with many cydia errors I was getting. I finally was able to get everything working using iRAT. So if anyone is having problems like I wasted 2 hours trying to actually fix my phone after this mess. Try iRAT does the same thing but to be honest seemed to do it better because everything is working now include tweaks and cydia. SMH please fix it. I have iphone 5, windows 7

  • leart za jmi

    After trying semi-restore two days ago, my jailbreak was f**k up, thank you semi resore 🙂
    Being in jailbreak for a very long time, it was a surprise to finde how smooth a genuine ios can run, apps never crash, i mean never even facebook that users are claming that is buggy.
    So i dont miss tweaks for some time 🙂
    Thank you semi restore

  • Rex Ho

    When semirestore says it’s complete, my iPhone 4S restart but stay stuck with the Apple icone and the loading bar at about 75% and stays like this indefinitly !! I tried to reboot many times but still blocked !!

    • Andrew Paz

      Have you fixed this problem?

  • Andrew Paz

    hey, my iphone 5 is stuck at 75% and i tried rebooting, restoring, and everything, how do you solve this problem?

  • Fahad Jadoon

    my tweaks are not working after i semi restored my iphone 4..ios 6.0.1
    please somebody help me

    • Ander

      Try deleting and installing back both preferenceloader and mobilesubstrate. That seemed to work for me

  • Vidur Tangri

    I am trying to unlock my iPhone 5 running 6.1.2. I contacted AT&T and they said to restore the phone. Is using Semi-restore going to be enough to unlock my iPhone? Thanks.

  • Tikimaker

    I have followed the tease of semi restore before it released then the actual release and what a great tool,if I could get the Dam thing to work. First off if there was a Mac version it is no longer available so then I tried to DL it using windows and parallels on my Mac. The first problem was it wouldn’t DL with Firefox so then I used explorer then it wouldn’t open because of MSVCP100.dll error then I installed some C++ repair package that I read would fix it and still nothing. I dusted off my windows laptop and the same problem MSVCP100.dll error, installed C++ package and still won’t open.

    I have used allot of JB programs over the years Sn0wbreeze, Tiny Umbrella, Blackrain and so on and never have had compatibility issues like I’m having with Semi Restore.

  • urerde

    the Mac download link is not working. getting a server down message.

  • Brandon3652

    Dose this work with a semi untethered jailbreak 6.1.3 on my A4 device?

  • Ethyn Resausk

    iLex Rat actually works better than this garbage. Don’t judge before you’ve tried it. And I’m sure you’ve pirated tweaks like anyone else. Semi Restore still kept all my tweaks on my phone that didn’t work anymore, while wiping everything else which isn’t what it was claimed to do. iLex Rat got rid of everything and was my savior solution from having to upgrade to 6.1.3 and actually promises a clean almost factory restore only Cydia and your jailbreak is still there.

  • Dinesh

    How to Downlod Semi Restore Rply Link …

  • Sean

    Hi guys! The download link for mac is down. Any other links by any change?

  • appl3h4ck3r

    Brings me to RubberDuck web hosting site..?