Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour (iPad screenshot 001)

True to its promise, French developer Gameloft today unleashed a massive content update to the fourth installment of its popular wartime shooter franchise, Modern Combat. The ‘Meltdown’ content pack, as they’re calling it, is of course free to players who’ve previously purchased the game.

The download brings with it three new maps, two new weapons – the portable 40mm Thor GLP grenade launcher and the SFS CTK-12 sniper rifle – two new game modes, a brand new Demolition specialization and a whole host of goodies aimed at balancing the gameplay…

Check out a quick trailer below.

The update packs quite a punch, per release notes:

3 new maps
– Fracture: Barcelona Train Station
– Extraction: Antarctica Research Facility
– Backfire: Barcelona Streets

New Demolition specialization with 7 new perks
– Ammo Pack: Carry 50% more ammunition
– Dedication: Dying from explosions doesn’t reset your streak
– Readied Shot: Crouch to boost accuracy
– One Last Thing: Drop a grenade whenever you die
– Gun Expert: Increase reload speed
– Sentry: Place sinister traps
– Paragon Destroyer: Trigger deadly explosions when shooting machinery

2 new weapons
– SFS CTK-12 – Charbtek Special Forces Sniper Rifle
– 40mm Thor GLP – Grenade Launcher Pistol

2 new team multiplayer modes
– Bomb Squad: Attackers must plant a bomb and make sure it goes off before the defenders can defuse it
– Destruction: Attackers must sabotage a series of devices while the defenders must stop them cold

Other improvements
– Edit your signature to display your clan prefix
– Random quick match: Play a ranked game in the first mode available
– Turkish language support
– Many balancing changes

Download the massive 1.58GB Meltdown update free from the App Store.

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour (Meltdown update teaser)

This content pack is coming “very soon” to Android.

If you don’t care about Modern Combat 4, keep your eyes peeled for Modern Combat 5, due later this year.

  • Tsk Tsk

    Gameloft: Legally plagiarizing since 1999.

    • David Villamizar

      Fracture and Backfire, look exactly the same as two maps in CoD: Black Ops II

  • omrishtam

    gameloft= kind of ea for ios

    • Gorgonphone

      for sure is see EA buying them soon

  • Zakarea Durgam

    So there is no modern combat 5 !!!???

    • Philipp Steigler

      It was announced and it’s in progress 😉

    • XboxOne

      stop rushing games. it takes time to make quality games.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Which is exactly why I’ve grown to dislike games like Call Of Duty and Fifa. We’ve grown to expect new games every year without taking into account that in order to produce something truly revolutionary it takes time. Speaking for myself here and I don’t exactly know the entire game market but for me Gran Turismo is a brilliant game. You may wonder what Gran Turismo has to do with iOS and the answer to that is nothing! When that game was being made though I do not know exactly how long it took but I think it took something like five years to make…

      • David Villamizar

        It reminds me of AC 3, the rush turned a high quality franchise into a generic buggy shitty game.

  • Gorgonphone

    n ice game but too hard to control with touch screen we need an IOS controller pad

  • ozonostudio

    the map with the trains looks like a MW3 map right?

  • Andre Grey

    Yup a complete copy of call of duty