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Apple surprised a lot of folks last week when it announced that the first beta of iOS 7, it’s next generation mobile software, would only be available to registered developers on the iPhone and iPod touch. Last year, Apple released a beta for all 3 of its mobile devices.

The reason behind Apple’s decision to forego releasing the first beta on the iPad isn’t clear. But for those of you wondering how the redesigned operating system looks on the popular tablet, we’ve come across several screenshots of just that—iOS 7 running on an iPad straight from the Xcode simulator…

The photos come from Sonny Dickson, who began posting them to his Twitter account yesterday. We’ve posted the shots below, including Notification Center, Game Center and more. They look fairly similar to their iPhone counterparts, but there are a few differences.

Now, these images were pulled from the iPad emulator running in Xcode, so the screenshots are not of a live version of iOS 7. It’s said that Apple is not finished with the tablet version of the OS, meaning anything you see below is subject to change over the next few months.

Game Center

ios 7 ipad GC ios 7 ipad GC 2


ios 7 ipad maps

Control Center

ios 7 ipad CC


ios 7 ipad spotlight


ios 7 ipad contacts


ios 7 ipad NS

Notification Center

ios 7 ipad NC


ios 7 ipad settings


ios 7 ipad safari ios 7 ipad safari 2

One of the things I found interesting was that the Control Center for iPad features a ‘flashlight’ option. On the iPhone, this activates the LED flash on the back of the handset. But as far as I know, no current iPad model has an LED flash. Perhaps the next generation one will?

We’ll post more in-depth photos and information of iOS 7 running on the iPad once Apple makes it available to developers. Apple announced that the operating system won’t be released to the public until the fall—when it’s expected to unveil a new iPhone and new tablets.

  • Daniel Oliveira

    Control Center in iPad has a flashlight option? thank God it is still in beta 😛

    • dedegarrido

      Yuup…. WTF…. I don’t think this is the real iOS 7 beta on an iPad…. it might just be a mockup, I don’t know 😛

      • David G

        I think it’s the simulator in the iOS SDK because it says Carrier in the corner.

      • PainToad

        You think? Read the article, that’s exactly what it is.

    • Reza Ghavamizadeh

      I was just thinkin about the same thing. and i was wondering maybe they’re thinkin of adding a flash light in the next version of ipad…!

      • pauleebe

        Read my mind.

    • Tom García

      Maybe we are getting an iPad 5th generation with flash 😛

    • Robert Goldberg

      Some apps use bright white screen as a “flashlight” of sorts for iPad or the front facing camera on iPhone. Maybe that’s what it’s for.

    • Jackson Grong

      It’s a the ios SDK simulator not the acual beta!!
      Apple need still to finish the iPad app designs…

      – The Icons and text in Game Center are completly wrong.
      – The homescreen is missing 1/2 incon
      – settings app is un finished,
      – The Calendar icon is broken…

    • George Colon

      or it could be a major hint to what the next ipad will have 😀

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    The iPad version looks better.

  • Yowan Rdotexe

    That is hideous, I won’t be upgrading.

    • Gorgonphone

      Uh oh careful there is an idb illuminati that will come get you for saying it looks bad lol and the mods are on their side so if you resist you voice will be silenced lol

      • Manish Rana


    • I actually think it looks better on the iPad than it does on the iPhone!

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      Neither will I unless they include a classic view version

  • Marcos Frazão

    my gosh :/

  • Modest

    Which iPad has a flash?

  • Gell Flores


  • Mohammad Ridwan

    So, Flash is coming to iPad 5..

    • Gorgonphone

      Should have been on ipad 2,3, and 4

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Too Much White… not easy on the eye…

    • Gorgonphone

      Same issue with iphone version but the smaller screen makes jarring

    • Telco Biru User

      sbb iphone ko warna hitam?

    • Albert

      You’ve read my mind…

  • Lucas Tres

    it is definately not ready…not even for a beta!

    • Gorgonphone

      Exactly but the sad reality is that we all know this is pretty much what are are gonna get

  • Rhys Dadabhoy

    The flashlight option is there (i think) because they only modded a bit of code in Xcode to get iPad version…

  • Waleed M. Taha

    also notification cenyer is full screen!

    • Dominic_MLB

      yeah finally.

  • Gorgonphone

    Looks like a big empty piece of white paper … Only apple coulddget away with design like this and still be praised for it

  • Acolz

    I love how the design has changed really a lot yet it won’t take any time at all to get used to.

    • Gorgonphone


    • connor goose

      That’s the beauty of Zen and simplicity. 🙂

  • Beckz

    I Hope Someone From Visits This Site On A Regular Cuz This Is UgggllllllYyyyyyy!!!!!!

    • Gorgonphone

      I think ive and his design team are members on here cause some folks on here act exreemely emotional when they are told how ugly IOS7 is … Large corporations will spend money to corrupt public perception of tger stuff

      • Beckz

        I 100% Agree

      • Hugh Jassol

        I doubt it. Apple has no need to create propaganda…they already have a clueless ignorant army of millions doing it for them.

      • Gorgonphone


      • Rudy

        You are maybe the silliest person i have ever heard !! All your comments are stupid !! you are just looking for some attention and no one is giving it to you. Who thumb up his own comments ?

      • Gorgonphone

        Hey lame troll if you are not gonna talk about ios7 stop talking please we are all vetting tired of your off topic emotional ramblings

  • Kenan Begic

    It will be cool if i have it on my iPad ;*

  • Osama Muhammed

    I dont like how the notification center went fullscreen, sounds a bit weird to collapse it from the bottom of the ipad

  • bob

    is it without dynamic wallpapers ???

  • bob

    and where is the facetime ???

  • hell0san

    This is not the ipad version of the iOS. It’s the iPhone version blown up in Xcode. iPhonehacks has a good explanation on their site.

  • Wierdninja

    iOS 7 looks even worse on the iPad. I can’t believe how much worse this looks. Wow. I won’t be buying the next version of iPad with this on it. My beautiful retina display with that mess on it. No, not for me. What where they thinking? I’ll just keep iOS 6 on my iPad 3 until it no longer makes sense, and then, more on to android maybe. Maybe even Windows 8. I’ve used Windows 8 on a tablet, and I think it looks 10x better than this. Thought iOS 7 looked bad on the iPhone. I’m stunned how bad this looks. Yes, “stunned” would definately be the right word. My infatuation with Apple products is most likely over after 30+ years. I hope they don’t put this UI on Mac OSX. PLEASE…

    • Gorgonphone

      Careful talking like that on here there are members who will stalk you and harras you for being so truthfull about this IOS7 tragredy

    • I agree somewhat, looks hideous on the iPad, and if it ever transitioned to OS X… god..

      But it’s perfect on the iPhone (aside from the icons)

  • Matthew

    FYI everyone this is iOS 7 running on the iPad simulator in Xcode 5. Since it is in Xcode 5 I assume the real beta will be released soon.

  • Eric M

    Let’s blow up iPhone and call it ios 7 on iPad. It would be out then. It’s not going to be identical. Sme of these seem to be the thoughts of children. Or not thoughtful and true thinkers. This is why they write a blog and don’t work at a real news org. Or  Apple for that matter.

  • Matthew

    On a different topic, does anyone have a clue when the iPad beta for iOS 7 will come out?

    • hell0san

      They said in a couple of weeks at the keynote. My guess is that means three to four weeks.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Hmmmm. I thought ‘couple’ = 2.

  • Kamrul

    Looks great on iPhone but disgusting on iPad imo.

  • Aaron MacNeil

    Full screen notification center????? Yessssss

  • Aaron MacNeil

    To everyone bashing this because it doesn’t look good. This isn’t an official release of the ipad version. I’m sure the ipad one will look better than just this.

  • momerathe

    My god, I actually found myself liking newsstand!

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    • felixtaf

      F*ck you!

  • Kyle Adams

    calendar icon is different.