Budget iPhone concept (iOS 7, Martin Hajek 004)

There’s no escaping budget iPhone talk today. Reuters opened the morning discussion with a write-up calling for two large-screen iPhones in 2014 and citing sources insisting that an elusive less-pricey iPhone will get released later this year at a somewhat unbelievable price point of just $99.

Shortly after, the reliable Japanese blog Macotkara learned from its sources that the alleged budget iPhone will come in five colors borrowed from Apple’s iPhone 5 bumpers: black, white, pink, orange and blue. A Chinese newspaper now seemingly corroborates the chatter, writing that a bunch of Taiwanese suppliers are now shipping parts ahead of the handset assembly…

Commercial Times reports, via Macotakara, that Apple’s inexpensive handset will include an eight-megapixel camera from Largan Precision and a 28-nanometer processors from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), in addition to the flexible circuit from Taiflex Scientific and the battery module said to be supplied by Foxconn, the world’s top contract manufacturer and Appe’s prime product assembler.

The story also mentions other alleged suppliers such as Kinsus, SPIL, Texas Instruments, Renesas Electronics and Chipbond. All of these companies are understood to be shipping a “large number” of parts as “intensive delivery” is reportedly underway.

Budget iPhone (Martin Hajek 001)

These claims appear to corroborate this morning’s Reuters story asserting that Foxconn will get to build high-end iPhones, while rival Pegatron will assemble the low-end budget variant.

The news gathering organization also named Sharp, Japan Display and LG Display as Apple’s screen suppliers for both iPhone models. Test production of both the iPhone 5S with fingerprint scanning and plastic iPhone will reportedly start next month.

Mass production ramp-up will occur in August, with a possible September launch target being floated by Reuters’s sources. For what it’s worth, Commercial Times writes that the budget iPhone could be available as soon as August.

  • milksop held

    I wonder what apple will call it (if its real of course)? IPhone 5G or maybe iPhone micro

    • felixtaf

      iPhone Mini?

      • Kurt

        iPhone Plastic

      • felixtaf

        May be.. Even if its aluminium, People will cry for retina and specs that matches iPhone 5. So cant satisfy everyone.. It will be plastic and it wont be 99$ as predicted by Reuters… Even their iPod Nano (new one) is 149$…

      • Kurt

        I prefer plastic over aluminum. But I prefer glass over all other materials. No way will it be 99 bucks. It won’t go below the price of the ipod touch. Even with them taking out the cameras, which to me is a given. I think 300. How about you?

      • felixtaf

        I prefer plastic on my Note 2 and Aluminium on iPhone 5 (Though i wish its the same quality as the iPad).

        I think so too.. Nothing less than 300$… Their iPod Shuffle is 50$ with nothing inside and outside… May be Reuters writers are in coke. No matter what crappy hardware inside, Apple will fix a price.. But hey it will sell in millions… People who cant afford the flagship iPhones will be happy…

      • Kurt

        It’s definitely a smart move by apple. Why do you have the best phone and an iPhone 5? 🙂

      • felixtaf

        ha ha.. Kidding right?? I like to have the best of both… I had an iPhone 4s and a Moto Razr Maxx and an iPad 3. Sold them and bought a black iPhone 5 and Note 2. Later i realized that the white looks cool and switched to white iPhone 5. Waiting for iPad 5/Mini retina, Until then i need a multimedia device, so went for Note 2. Once I get the ipad, will decide whether to keep the Note 2 or downgrade to a small sized phone… Hopefully wont sell it..

        And the cheaper iPhone is a smart move. Many of my friends are on diff platforms only coz they cant or dont like to spent big on iPhone. I wish they release a ~5″ phone next. Not for me, but there are many consumers out there…

      • Kurt

        A budge iPhone will be a much better choice for so many people. My mom for example. She doesn’t need a costly plan that gives her so many min and data. Plus she wouldn’t use the iphone much. We bought her an iPad, iPod Touch and she doesn’t really use them. Perhaps a phone would be better? Though I think the screen is too small for her. 3.5 in iPod touch is too small. .5 in more won’t do much. I really hope the rumors are true about the iPad 5. I really want a larger iPad. 12 inches would be so nice. I only use my iPad at home, so portability is a non issue. That and my future phone, the Note 3. I’ll be a happy camper.

      • felixtaf

        In your case yes.. Since they have 4″ iPhone & iPod, budget iPhone will be 4″ (may be good for app dev and compatibility). Thats what I think. And 12 inch iPad, not anytime soon (may be)… Cant rule out anything as impossible these days. Apple dont like to release them, but competitors will force Apple to do that (Competition is always good.

        I hear Note 3 will be huge ~ 6.3″. Saw the Mega vs Note 2 video, Mega looks Monstrous… But if u prefer and u can manage, who can question ur choice??

        Btw, whats ur take on iOS 7? (Forget about the icons, lol)

      • Kurt

        If it’s 6.3, I doubt I’ll get it. I keep hoping that rumor is wrong. Maybe there will be a 6.3 device that won’t be the Note? I hope. There is another phone here, thats really incredible. It’s the Pantech Vega Iron. Don’t think it’s sold outside of Korea.1080p screens are so much better than ours. I was really shocked at the difference in clarity. Overall, I like iOS 7. As long as it’s jailbroken of course. iOS as an OS is pretty crappy. But jailbroken it’s much better. I really like the UI of iOS 7. So I would only want to make sure zephyr can be used like normal. The left to right swipe from the bezel is stupid. So hopefully Zephyr will override that. Are you happy with it?

      • felixtaf

        Dono wat happened to my last comment. 6.3″ device is already released (Galaxy Mega). Note 3 will be from 5.8 to 6.3″. I never heard of Pantech Vega Iron, But did u hear about Oppo Find 5? Reviewers and tech blogs praise that phone. Check that out.

        I like iOS 7. I do like the new UI, 3Dboard, lockscreen, control center, game controller support, multitasking, keyboard, translucent and blur backgrounds, new photos app etc.
        It still not perfect and has flaws. Its too bright. I used to keep brightness at 50%, now at 30%. May be coz its beta.

        Copied or not, it has nice features combined from different OS’s. Its almost ruined my need for Jailbreak, but still i will jailbreak and make use of it more (once its available).

      • felixtaf

        For your mom, if she can manage android phones, you can try LG optimus L series phones or even the old LG nitro HD. They have very good specs and since they are not popular, the price is very cheap. LG nitro HD will be 200-250$, 4.5″ screen with 720P display. Check it out if she likes it..

  • Adil Hussain

    hmm i wouldnt mind a ‘budget’ iPhone

  • Cosmi3

    what abt Plastic iPhone lol 😉

  • n0ahcruz3

    Budget iPhone=plastic with non retina A5 processor. Old sub par components, price it higher than other cheap smartphones. I hope im wrong. id rather buy a cheap android than that POS.

    • Lol. They wouldn’t go non retina absurd.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yeah say that to the cheap ipad the ipad mini

      • That’s diff. This is the phone space where they haven’t released a non-retina phone since 2009. Also in the US the subsidy model is so pervasive that even a $99 price point for non-retina wouldn’t lure enough people. Not when carriers have the iPhone 4 for $0 (and it’ll likely be the 4S that’s $0 once the 5S comes out).

      • n0ahcruz3

        Its all speculation right now. So we dont know until apple officially announce it. I for one would not want apple to put a non retina for their device. But if you base it on apple’s track record they might do it. Hence the ipad mini and ipod touch 5th gen without rear camera.

  • Jurassic

    Take a look at Apple’s iOS 7 – Features page.

    Down the page at the “iTunes Radio” section, the image shows iPhones with a light blue colored bezel/body and the volume buttons on the left side are the same blue color. The volume buttons are also oblong in shape rather than the smaller round buttons on the current iPhone 5.

    Is this an accidental “leak” by someone at Apple, or are they subtly stoking the rumor mill?

    • Maxim∑

      are you sure your not mixing that with iPod 5?!?

  • Looks like my iPod touch 5G except its in plastic.