iOS 7 (iPhone 5, flat, white, homescreen)

With the first iOS 7 beta now available to Apple’s registered developers, Twitter is on fire with both praises and complaints from those who have downloaded and installed the software to their devices. At first blush, a lot of people seem to dislike the redesigned home screen icons – and I bet some folks will actually miss skeuomorphism in iOS 7.

Those who do love the new iOS 7 look tend to be equally passionate about the subject. We knew changes in iOS 7 would be polarizing and I’m still bipolar about it.

That being said, today we’re asking you to participate in our little non-scientific poll and vote on the subject of iOS 7 redesign. Please disregard iOS 7 features, this poll is strictly focused on finding out whether or not iOS 7 is aesthetically pleasing to your eye…

First, check out a few screenies, via Killian Bell and Sjoerd Reitsma.

iOS 7 (Home screen)iOS 7 (Settings, Flickr and Vimeo)
Home screen with default wallpaper (left) and Settings (right).

iOS 7 (Folders)iOS 7 (Spotlight)
Folders (left) and Spotlight (right), now accessible by pulling down on any Home screen.

iOS 7 (Welcome to iPhone)

They even revamped the iPhone setup screen.

It doesn’t get any flatter than this, does it?

Before you jump to conclusions, know that screenshots really don’t do iOS 7 the justice it deserves. Trust me when I say that iOS 7 looks much better in motion, especially with shadows and subtle animations.

Please cast your vote below.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts down in the comments.

I have a feeling this one’s going to be, well, pretty polarizing.

  • Christopher Smith

    No swipe to delete in mail. 3 different keyboards so far. Faces seems to have disappeared in photos. New time line mosaic is useless and takes forever to load. Looks like a lot of Redmond influence. New gestures are old HP/Palm conventions. Seems like Cook is chasing an market the should be defining. A step back in many ways so far.

  • sierrasummers

    I hate the big icons for the apps

  • Lora

    I do not like the new icons. The key board is much harder to read, there is not enough definition to the keys. The icons are too bright and have not character to them. They were just fine why do Apple think they needed changed? What would be wrong with just updating the functions and leaving everything else alone? Give us a choice of using the new icons or going back to the old!!!