iOS 7 Music icon

The big news with the Music app in iOS 7 is iTunes radio, but the interface to the Music app in general received a huge update. Compare what we’re currently using to what we’re going to get with iOS 7, and the current Music app appears hopelessly outdated.

Music app landscape

The new music app features a brand new interface,and even ditches cover flow for a new album art focused landscape view. A tap of any of the album art while in landscape view will zoom in and show the track listing for the album in question.

Music app iOS 7 02

Obviously the huge news here is the new iRadio integration, which brings pandora like features directly to iOS stock Music app. The iRadio feature is free (supported by ads) or you can enjoy it ad-free with an iTunes match subscription.

Music app iOS 7 01

For more information on iRadio and the new Music app, check out our in-depth post on iRadio.

What do you think about the Music app’s new digs?

  • Bob

    I’m not really feeling the new icons and the theme of iOS7. The music player however looks like it’s improved.

    • Gorgonphone


  • Mathi_11

    Ok…wow…this is beautiful *_*

  • Monmon Tolentino

    I wish the app will somehow react to the color of the album art of the currently playing song. this pink theme is…

    • Z3r0ViP

      Remember, it’s still in beta and things can be changed for good 😉

      • sadly. not 🙁

      • Z3r0ViP

        yea… would’ve been really awesome..

      • iOS7.0 is so buggy, I can’t believe apple released it to the public. I hope they release iOS7.1 this october.

      • Z3r0ViP

        7.0.3 seems to be alot more stable now

      • but they still haven’t fix a lot of bugs happening in iOS7. specially the status bar bug. but so far at least they are trying to fix everything. but i still want the transitions to be a lot quicker. i don’t want to reduce motion but quicker and snappier transitions. 🙂

  • Girish

    what abt black iphone 5????
    hw wil it look like??!!!

  • Steve Jones

    Looks a LOT like Play Music app as does the new safari features look like chrome. -_- Not having a good feeling about having to live with this redesign.

    • Gorgonphone

      yeah it sucks

  • Ehab

    Jeff , are going to make videos about iOS 7 like what you did in iOS 6 ?

    Because i really would like to see ios 7 in action 🙂

  • Jason Dennery

    I like how the iRadio service is available on the aTV. Probably wont use it much on the iP5, but the aTV has lacked a good music client for awhile, and I can’t jailbreak the 3rd gen.

  • bllackghost

    jonathan ive .. i love you! <3

  • SirPsycho

    NO MORE COVER FLOW????!!!!! I am doing a little dance right now. One of the more useless and annoying features of iOS

  • Sam Schafer

    The only complaint I have is that the color scheme should be inverted. It should be black. The player being white makes it hard to focus on the beautiful artwork of albums. I think even Jobs loved that.

    • I know. and the color of texts should be depending on the most common color in the album artwork. not just a plain white and pink player. it kinda sucks. and the lyrics view really sucks for me.

  • Bogdan

    I don’t recognize iOS any more. I think I’m going to keep the iPhone OS. I like the iOS 6 music app more.

  • Danyberlin

    The New Music App is a total Mess so far. I cant select an Artist and make it Play all Tracks. instead The app makes me pick one of several albums, if available, then stops after it’s done. Wtf. Oh and I can shuffle the selected album. Wow. Thx for losing stupid cover flow. The whole beta1 thing is quite laggy all around my 4s so I hope for an update to be released soon.
    I might also need to notice that there is no iradio available in my music app. Perhaps due to regional conflicts…

    • Jason M Gray

      Exactly my problem

    • Mike Davis

      Shuffle problem has just instantly pissed me off. Dumb.

  • Mario

    I can not figure out how to rate songs in the new music app… If anyone knows how to, please reply. Also, all my playlist are in reverse order which is annoying

    • Marco Cantieni

      Oh boy, if Apple is ditching 5star song rating that would kill my main purpose using iTunes and iPhone for listening to music. I truly and utterly hope this will re-appaer in future betass and of course the final release of iOS 7.

  • Donga Heärt ßlåzìñ

    I have the 7beta
    And i cant find the iRadio !!???

    • Marco Cantieni

      iTunes Radio only works with an US iTunes account.

  • Jason M Gray

    You can’t listen to a single artist or genre anymore. You have to choose an album by that artist and listen to that artist. With genres you can’t just listen to one genre because it makes you select an artist and then an album. That’s the only issue i have with ios7 so far.

  • TinTonB

    When your playing a track and you go back to the list, next to the track currently playing, there’s little VU bars next to it.

  • SJC961

    I’d love to see an option to queue music like the new iTunes update allows. That’d be perfect.

  • Brian Thompson

    There are three major failures with the Music App. First, you cannot play an artists songs on shuffle or play all albums without first creating a playlist. Considering a have a huge library with over 40,000 tracks and a 64gb phone, this is tedius and unnecessary. Second, no ratings! I sync that info with iTunes and skip low rated songs. The last (so far) is no coverflow. Look online and there is a huge population of people who really hate itunes for dropping it, now they’ve done it to the iOS.

    • Chris jannazzo

      if you tap your finger on the name of the song in music it brings up the star rating if you tap again on the album picture it puts the song name back its hidden it took me a while to find but i hope this helsp c:

  • Javacoderex

    Personally I think it is going backwards somewhat. I use my iPhone at the gym every day. With the iPhone 5 I now have to plug in the headphones on the bottom meaning when it set the phone on an exercise machine’s lip it has to be in landscape mode. No matter what it playing, even if it is a music video, gets replaced by the new “cover flow” – just a bunch of rectangular album pics. It has nothing to do with what is playing – and I have no way to skip, pause, etc. without picking the phone up and going back to portrait. I realize it is still in beta 2 but I sure hope this is in the list of items to be finished/fixed.

    • blockhead

      Can you force portrait mode still?

  • Jamie Blatt

    Not having an “all songs” option sucks. Have to jump to each album. I actually think album info is ridiculous anyways. Who cares in this day and age. Its all about the singles. Album art is annoying and a resource and space hog.

    • blockhead

      Some of us like more than pop singles

      • Jamie Blatt

        I like more than “pop singles”. But no one buys entire albums like they used to. That is a fact.
        It is a nice option to have when you have 30 or 40 songs by an artist. Having all of their songs listed alphabetically is a better way to scan for a particular tune.
        If your smart ass likes searching through each album for a tune, enjoy. I happen to like the show all songs option that was in iOS 6.

      • bailor

        Amen brother!…..

  • Nimz

    Music Video playlists no longer play in landscape mode like they did in IOS 6. now i have to go to the video app to view music videos in landscape mode, which is annoying since i have set playlists…any work around?

  • Stevie Rae

    I am FREAKING OUT because I can’t listen to ANY of my music?! What the hell? I click something, & it just goes through all tracks like crazy. Hating on this SO MUCH RIGHT NOW, Apple. Bad, BAD idea to mess up some of the iPod with this update! My homescreen shows less of my photo now, too. HIGHLY upset with it.

  • James

    I liked coverflow. Thought it looked awesome. Sorely missed. There should be an option to choose what interface u want. The new layout looks way too cluttered. And the new ios7 apps look like a kindergartener Drew them.

  • Craig

    I absolutely despise the new Music app, for one simple reason. It has made the horrible trade-off of “pretty” at the expense of “usable.”

    I’m a big music fan, and as such have a LOT of music. For any band with more than 3 or 4 albums, navigating using the “Artists” button is now utterly useless. For longstanding bands (such as Yes, Rush, Dream Theater, Chicago, Led Zeppelin), it’s maddening.

    Let’s say I want to play Dream Theater’s most recent album. First off, after I click “Artists” then “Dream Theater” I’m presented with a list of their albums in chronological order. That’s mistake #1. Most of them time, people are probably wanting to listen to an artist’s NEWER releases, so it should be REVERSE chronological order.

    The worst mistake, however, is that in the list of Dream Theater’s albums, not only does the album name take up twice as much space as before (arguably justified so that the album cover can be shown), but the entire track listing for EVER SINGLE ALBUM is shown.

    For my Dream Theater collection, with official bootlegs, live albums, etc, this means that I have to scroll through over a list of over SIX HUNDRED items in order to get to their latest CD.

    Even a more modest list of 5 albums means you’re scrolling through a list of 50 or so items. This is a huge step backward in usability.

    Overall I like iOS 7, but the Music app was completely butchered.