WWDC 2013 (iOS 7 logo, MacStories teaser)

During this week’s episode of The Talk Show podcast, well known Apple dot connector and author of the popular blog Daring Fireball John Gruber offered up a few tidbits he’s heard about what Apple may unveil at its WWDC keynote tomorrow.

While he notes that he has heard very little about what Apple has in store for this year, Gruber says that he has heard from somebody who is familiar with the company’s plans that “all of the leaks are wrong” in regards to iOS 7…

Here’s a rough transcript of Gruber’s comments (via MacRumors):

“I know almost absolutely nothing. I don’t think I’ve been this ignorant of what’s coming, software-wise, for a keynote since the iPhone 1 back in 2007. Which is great…I’m super excited about it. […]

The one thing I keep hearing over and over again from friends who would know is…the one word I keep hearing is that some of the stuff they’re going to show is “polarizing”.

And I also heard from somebody that just “all the leaks are wrong”. Which is interesting. I have no idea what to make of it.”

This is interesting because all of the reports we’ve heard regarding iOS 7 up to this point have matched up. And they all say that since Apple’s executive shakeup last fall, Jony Ive has been very hands on with iOS 7 and is giving it a much needed makeover.

The Wall Street Journal first reported this back in March of this year, and it’s been corroborated by several reputable outlets since then including 9to5Mac, Bloomberg, and AllThingsD. Ive is said to be pushing for a ‘very flat design.’

But after Gruber’s comments, it would seem that all bets are off. Which is funny, because if you take away the stuff we think we know about the UI changes, we know next to nothing about what to expect in iOS 7—save for mention of a few minor features.

And you know what? I’m ok with that.

Be sure to join iDB tomorrow for full coverage of Apple’s announcements. The keynote is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. PST.

Image via MacStories

  • TeddyBearStand

    Well that just ruined my excitement.

    • Qasim Bashir

      Increased mine

      • Maxim∑

        yeah, especially the obviously fake one from idownloablog a week ago…

      • TeddyBearStand

        Just going to pretend nothing is happening, that way I won’t get hurt if it is a disappointment 🙁

      • Gorgonphone

        I didnt have any all

      • BoardDWorld

        WWDC is my annual pop-corn night, love it, particularly when Steve was around. If you were to lack any excitement at all you wouldn’t bother reading this page…

      • Gorgonphone

        I didnt have any at all

  • Om

    I’m really excited for iOS 7. CAN’T. WAIT. ANY. LONGER.

    • MDM

      Did you read this thread !! All the rumors are wrong …
      I’m about to cry , I was so excited :'(

      • Jordan Dixon

        All the leaks. Not rumors.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Stay Calm and Wait for WWDC

      • Gorgonphone

        Dont worry it will be under whelming as suggested

  • hkgsulphate

    all the iOS 7 leaks are wrong
    next generation iDevices will run Android

    • Daniel Eliasson

      Said. No. One. Ever.

      • Kurt

        think up your own phrase.

        “that’s what she said”
        “take my money”
        “said no one ever”

      • Jason Duong

        take that rod out of your arse and calm your farm.

        like my phrase?

      • Kurt

        What was that Mr. Dung?

      • Jason Duong

        Nothing, Mr. Kunt 🙂

    • Kenny Woodard

      At this point, bring it on.

    • Jackson Grong

      No!!! Android sucks!!!
      Next generations ios devices will run Windows Phone Vista 1.0!

      • Michael Jay Delaney

        No!!! Windows Phone Vista Sucks!!! It’s gonna be running Ubuntu

      • Gorgonphone

        Everything sucks the world will end

    • milksop held

      That Tim cook for you

  • Is anyone else having trouble with iTunes?

    • omrishtam

      what kind of troubles?

      • Errors on just bout anything, purchasing, loading etc

      • Jason Duong

        Your best bet is to uninstall and reinstall it, but do not forget to back-up everything in itunes first and double check that you have. It would suck to have itunes working again but lose everything.

      • Rickm_jr

        Most of all errors have been encountered at least once, just google them

      • Rickm_jr

        Well I guess depending the error, I did have to reinstall iTunes a few weeks ago. A bunch of .dll’s were missing and the repair thing couldn’t fix it

  • That makes you feel really weird….

  • David Gitman

    one day, Just one more day!

  • Yonatan Kats

    Ok im getting nervous.. Its seems like monday will never come

  • omrishtam

    this guy is an asshole

    • Qasim Bashir

      Actually he’s not, made it more exciting lol

  • Zorvage

    Looks like Tim Cook did after all double up on secrecy this year..

  • Shrey Gupta

    Whatever it may be. I won’t loose my current jailbreak for it.

    • Qasim Bashir

      Next untethered jb my evasion is gonna be for ios7 i hope it comes quick after the ios release

      • Hisham

        if by quick you mean 5-7 months then yeah it will be quick .

  • bllackghost

    you don’t say!

  • chjode

    If iOS 7 is identical to iOS 6 but with a totally redesigned Weather app, I’m mailing my iPhone back to Cupertino.

    • Imahottguy

      Save yourself the trouble, mail it to me! I will even provide postage (since I work for a large courier, it costs me pennies on the dollar 😉 ). That’ll show ’em!

  • Kenny Woodard

    Haha that’s a relief actually. I haven’t been impressed so far at all.

  • William sage

    And this is why we can’t really trust leaks when the beta isn’t even out yet

  • Patrick

    will this be on apple’s podcast app??? the WWDC and on what time do you guys think it will be on there in the UK?

  • seyss

    “I know almost absolutely nothing.”
    stopped reading there

    • Kurt

      That’s where I said, “Besides clicks, why are sites writing about this?”

  • arrontaylor

    well wtF are we gonna see with iOS 7 then! can’t wait for tomorrow ugh

  • Qasim Bashir

    Well the wait for iOS 7 just got way to much exciting

  • Benjamin Lopez

    Seems tomorrow will never come … Isn’t it ?

    • Prasoon Singh

      Same here 🙁

  • yiiidddooooo

    I can’t see past iOS7 without a UI change personally think its much needed and I still think it will happen

  • Cosmi3

    I guess actually this seems the very Apple-ish thing this guy announced instead of all the fancy UI overhaul rumours Apples never gonna change iOS
    This year is also gonna be the same i think

  • Amad

    I think the ipsw size is going to be huge and its not going to be too far from what we already know.

  • Justin Thurmond

    if you can imagine an entire ios built and developed upon the ability to complete your task as easily as possible – instead of having a messaging app, you will simply have the ability to quickly compose a message and send it. System Apps will no longer be apps like they are, although user apps will retain there same disconnectedness from the from of the phone. Composing Emails and searching through contacts and messaging and facetime will be so much more easier to do, beyond intuitive. As a result how we use our devices will shift

  • Keyan Fayaz

    So why else would they have a big 7 in the middle of WWDC?

    • Michael Jay Delaney

      No one said there isn’t going to an iOS7…

      • Keyan Fayaz

        Gruber: all the iOS 7 leaks are wrong

      • Michael Jay Delaney

        I think he was talking about “all the leaks” excluding the one saying that it’ll be shown at WWDC.

  • Kasper Chong Kar Yoong

    Well we’re pretty much fcuked.

  • Josh

    Lets hope my iPod Touch 4g can get iOS 7!!

    • Mohammad Ridwan


  • JAB

    I have never believe anything before since the 1st iPhone comes to the world, always waited until the real f**k sp**ch from Apple conformance.
    My logic advice, don’t listen & believe the sh*t you hear from here & there, & remember its all fake rumours.

    • Hisham

      the iphone 4 leak, the 4s leak and the iphone 5 leak ar these all fake??????

  • rosssimpson

    All leaks have the possibility to be wrong, that’s why they’re leaks. Hell, even this could be wrong!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Thank goodness. Now we can actually see the real thing tomorrow. C’mon Ive, please don’t let us down! I trust he’ll do well, I really do.

    • Gorgonphone

      Is ive a UI designer? No so dont expect great UI design

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        So, you were saying?

  • Evangeloz Tsalikidis

    lets just revise the guys opening few words.. ““I know almost absolutely nothing.” -> pretty sure iOS 7 will kick ass, sorry if you have an ipod touch 4th gen 😉

  • Ricky

    Thank God they are all wrong