iPhone 5 (black, Retina display 001)

Last month, it was reported that Apple held a town hall meeting to discuss upcoming changes to its AppleCare service. One of the bigger changes noted was that it was going to be doing more in-store repairs on iPhones.

That change went into effect this week, as we reported on Monday that Apple is starting to repair iPhone 5 screens in store for $149. And in case you were wondering how they do it, here’s a photo of the crazy machine…

From 512 Pixels:

iphone repair machine

Alongside the photo, the site posted some additional details about the machine:

“From what I’ve heard, Apple Stores have been instructed that the iPhone is the “top priority” for the Genius Bar, and this new repair — and crazy machine — surely reflects that. In addition to the program changes, many stores have Geniuses that are dedicated to iPhone repairs for sections of their shifts. In short, Apple is pouring resources in to in-store iPhone repairs.”

Though costly, the new machines are designed to save the company over $1 billion per year in replacement devices.  Now instead of swapping customers into a totally different phone, they can just repair the broken one in-store.

It’s not a bad deal for customers either, who can now get their iPhone 5 displays fixed for $150 instead of paying the usual $229 out-of-warranty repair fee.

  • $49142636

    I rather pay $229

  • Jerry

    I rather pay 150 and keep my jailbreak

    • Raul Henriquez

      Are you so naive to think the next version won’t be jailbroken?

      • Jerry

        Dude I’m talking about my current phone. Not the iPhone 5s. Nobody mentioned future jailbreaks here.

      • Raul Henriquez

        I’m talking about iOS 7 not iPhone 5S, replacing an iPhone 5 for $80 more, for something that might have sustained greater damage, from a drop is a steal. My iPhone 5 cost me three times as much. So I see value in it.

      • Jerry

        iOS 7 will most likely not be jail broken until early next year did you forget how long it took them to release the iPhone 5 jailbreak? And who here is talking about iOS 7?

      • Raul Henriquez

        There was a reason for that, iPhone 5 was not out, it only took a few of months after the release. And I’m talking about iOS 7. iOS 7 will certainly take a couple versions but who cares, my point is it will be jailbroken.

      • Bobby Davenport

        not so sure, the guy who figured out the jailbreak for the 5 is rumoured to be leaving apple products and going to Android devices

      • Raul Henriquez

        There are many more skilled developers & hackers out there.

    • Mykel Monroe

      I’m pretty sure they will still deny service to any jailbroken device. It voids the warranty. Even if you are out of warranty.

      But funny story. In the time of Jailbreakme, a group of kids went to the Apple store in my city and JBed every displayed device. Lol.

      • So, they won’t fix your screen for $150 cause the device is jailbroken? Sounds retarded…might be one of the sub-reasons for the government’s anti-trust going on against them.

      • Jerry

        Boot your phone with MobileSubstrate disabled by doing the volume up button holding on booting up the phone. That disables all tweaks & just hide cydia in a folder. Bring your phone in for service no problem. I do this all the time.

      • Mykel Monroe

        You sneaky S.O.B… I’m telling on you. Lol. I always thought they would be able to plug the device in and tell.

  • Pranav Shankar

    wow! looks fancy…

  • Rickm_jr

    They really know how to play the retail game huh?

  • batongxue

    Where is my Auxo for iPad?

  • David Markham

    I actually enquired about in-store screen repairs this evening within the Penrith NSW store. Either this initiative is unique to the US, or the rest of the world hasn’t received the memo yet.
    Irrespective of the scale of the policy, I will likely never bother entering an Apple Store again; the degree to which I was annoyed this evening by the so-called Genius’ precious arrogance when pressed on the subject was greater than I have a consumer’s right to. I would much rather see a couple of them on the end of the dole-queue, for the amount of customer service they give.

  • Ricky

    How long will that thing repair the iphone

  • pauleebe

    I wish they did more in store repairs.

    Just lost my JB because my sleep/wake button failed 🙁

    • pokaprophet

      My sleep/wake button is failing. I set up 3 finger pinch to lock with Activator and will restore and get new iPhone 5 for the faulty button just before I need to eBay it to get the 5s

      • pauleebe

        Yea, that’s what I was thinking. But unfortunately I rely on the sleep/wake button all too much for this to be feasible.

  • The problem I see is that before you will get a new iPhone instantly – now you won’t… It might take hours or maybe a day or two. Hope they have “loaners” for the customer. Also heard about the new Applecare program. It will fit for every Apple product I own. If the price is right, that might be something lots of Apple users might be interested in and get all of our gadgets covered.

    • Kaptivator

      That would be nice. Just hope it wont cost me my 1st born child.

      • I don’t think it should be too expensive. It has to be both profitable for each side… Maybe $20 tops a month for insurance for ALL of our gadgets? Does $20 sound okay?

      • Kaptivator

        lol. Yeah, 20 bucks is well worth it. But thats probably in a perfect world. Just being realistic with my situation…I have my iphone, my wife’s, my iPad, her iPad and my mac. doubt that they will cover all that for 20 a month. if so, super cool.

      • Truth… But when we double that and say $39.99 per month then that’s $500 a year. Sort of high for insurance coverage no?

      • Kaptivator

        Yes and no, but I get where you are coming from. It just depends on whats being offered and how it is structured and for how long.

  • jacob wolin

    what if you have applecare+?

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Replacement or repairs will not cost you anything.

      • jacob wolin

        it costs $50 for replacement phones are replacement screens different?

  • Dixon

    My I5 was delivered with pixel issues .. Back to apple.. They gave me a new one .. 2 times already .. 1 time i had a broken glass but i have a mobile phone insurance 75 eur for 2 years .. I payed nothing for the 3rd repair 😉 as long as i habe my insurance i dont care how much the repair cost 😉

  • Darshit Patel

    At least Apple won’t need to provide complete replace for screen of device covered under warranty.

  • Sukha It

    Its called the TestMachine from testmachine(dot)ch

    • Molon Labe!

      No, it’s called you are a scumbag that is trying to sell his domain!

  • D Jones

    $150 without being covered by Apple Care warranty is a sweet deal. Our company purchases back the broken LCD from repair shops around the USA and this is really going to be stiff competition. There isn’t anyone offering iPhone 5 LCD replacement for under $150 in any retail repair shop around the US. Their all between $160-$200. In the past Apple’s repair prices haven’t seemed like a business model they wanted to focus on. I’m left scratching my head at what this could mean for their future plans to compete with the boom of iPhone repair shops. I suppose it might not be as big of a deal since there are only so many Apple Genius Bar locations nationwide.

  • NuXploitz

    Us repair shops have found a way to repair the screen without buying the whole assembley which is I’m sure Apple is doing. With that being said, the part costs us $6…guess what that means for Apple and their $149.99 price?

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