BlackBerry Messenger coming to iOS (teaser 002)

Last month, BlackBerry caused a lot of commotion in the tech word when it announced that BBM would be coming to Android and iOS this summer. The popular messaging app has always been exclusive to BlackBerry.

The Canadian-based handset maker didn’t offer up any further details at the time on when the app would be available on the two platforms. But according to T-Mobile UK, it’s going to be landing on them later this month…

Here’s the tweet from T-Mobile UK:

BusinessInsider’s Steve Kovach isn’t buying it, saying he spoke with a source with “knowledge of BlackBerry’s plans” and the date is not correct. In fact, he says, the source called T-Mobile’s June 27 BBM report “bogus.”

It’s unclear, then, why T-Mobile decided to tweet what appears to be exclusive news. There have been some scattered rumors of a June 27th launch date, but nothing has been confirmed by BlackBerry PR yet.

At any rate, when BBM does land on iOS, it sounds like it will only be coming to the iPhone. Blackberry’s software portfolio chief Vivek Bhardwaj said last month that the app would be available for “iOS phones running iOS 6 or higher.”

Update: ok, so we have a few things to add to the report. The first is that BlackBerry has issued a statement on the story (via Phandroid): “We haven’t announced a date other than BBM for iOS and Android is coming this summer.

The second is—surprise!—T-Mobile UK has deleted the above tweet regarding BlackBerry Messenger. And the third is that we have been sent a couple of images of what looks like a countdown to BBM’s release, and a shot of BBM running on an iPhone.

bbm countdown

bbm screenshot

Admittedly, with no original source or any other additional information, these images are sketchy at best. But we thought they might be worth posting for discussion purposes.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    And exactly who needs it ?

    • Adham


    • ttr

      Absolutely true 🙂 but ı wonder it.

    • Pranav Shankar

      well its pretty secure and reliable…plus it offers more privacy since one would need a pin as opposed to using your phone number i guess..

    • seyss

      pretty much nobody uses BBM here where I live

    • Nanang Kusuma

      me, in my country, Indonesia, BBM is popular most popular messaging

    • It’s yet another alternative to prevent similar services, like WhatsApp and Viber, from getting too greedy. Never complain about competition….live to whiny patent trolls like Apple.

    • FZ

      yea. line, tango, wechat n much more already take over for protecting the privacy of phone number

  • Victor

    I never had BBM what’s the point if so many other apps are out???

  • Scott Curry

    Focusing on software/security for other mobile OS’s is the only way Blackberry will survive. Their hardware has died.

    And Victor and Mohammad, many people who have used it LOVE BBM, so this could be for those people.

    • Dhaval Brahmbhatt

      That’s because that was the only decent thing on Blackberry. Its like saying people loved Safari on original iPhone. If you compare BBM to other offerings e.g. What’s App, iMessage etc, BBM would probably be at the bottom of the list when it comes to features. It didn’t add support for pictures and other files till recently.

      • Scott Curry

        Soooooo nothing about the near-uncrackable encryption and server services? BBM was no where NEAR the ‘only decent thing on Blackberry.’ Educate yourself before you make an opinion.

  • Malan Raja

    The introduction of Whatsapp has rendered BBM useless..

    • Scott Curry

      Can you explain how or are you just basing this on what you think you know about BBM?

      • Malan Raja

        Over the years, the notable decline of BB coupled with the rise of Android and iPhone meant that a suitable cross-platform messenger had to be established. Whatsapp was the first to do so and thus still holds the top spot. The decline of BB meant that fewer users are on BlackBerry hence the exclusivity of BBM is fading.

      • Scott Curry

        Whatsapp is NOT a ‘suitable cross-platform messenger,’ but let’s go with your logic here. Does that also mean that first to the market is always best just because it holds the ‘top spot?’ That’s like saying Ford should win the automobile wars just because they were first to market.

      • Malan Raja

        Ok. Firstly, we cannot compare cars to smartphone applications. Why has Whatsapp stayed in power? (its an undeniable fact that it still holds top spot)
        -Once users get established with the app they are reluctant to move.
        -Its free for Android and Blackberry (atleast initially) which meant that lot of iPhone users were coerced to pay up for the app, (its common knowledge that iOS users are more willing to part with their cash) because their peers were all connected.
        -Once a reasonable system has been established it tends to stay the same way unless acted upon by a resultant force. (Pardon the reference to Newton’s Law)
        -We will have to wait and see if BBM is THAT RESULTANT FORCE that can cause the shift.
        Good Day!

      • Scott Curry

        Ok. Firstly, why CAN’T we compare cars to smartphones? And please show proof of your ‘undeniable fact.’ And to reply to your points:

        – “Once users get established with the app they are reluctant to move.” – BBM was once the top messaging app, yet people moved. Your logic here is flawed.

        – “Its free for Android and Blackberry (at least initially) which meant that lot of iPhone users were coerced to pay up for the app, (its common knowledge that iOS users are more willing to part with their cash) because their peers were all connected.” – This is ALL assumption and stereotyping, and has no logic behind it at all to even be called ‘flawed.’

        – “Once a reasonable system has been established it tends to stay the same way unless acted upon by a resultant force.” – Whatsapp IS one of the resultant forces to ‘texting’. This also assumes that your first point is correct, which I do not believe it to be.

        – “Good Day!” You mad bro? O.o

      • Kevin Guzman

        Very well put. I definitely know a lot more Whatsapp users than BBM users.

    • Adham

      Except BBM is free and WhatsApp is going to a subscription service (Dollar a year). Also the lack of free video and voice calls in WhatsApp makes BBM quite enticing (it is being added to Android/iOS versions later in the year).

      • Malan Raja

        That is true.. we have to wait and see if there is a shift in power.

      • Adham

        I agree too. BBM is enticing as a service and there is definitely has more positives than WhatsApp, but of course, as we have all seen before, it does not necessarily mean that BBM will gain a foothold over WhatsApp.

      • Scott Curry

        Along with the established security of BBM, whereas WhatsApp is as secure as Swiss Cheese trying to hold water…

      • IndiePhoenix

        Didn’t WhatsApp implement encryption in their app a few months ago?

      • Scott Curry

        And it still doesn’t come close to the level of security Blackberry devices provide…

      • Really curious to know how you can tell the difference? Or you just pulling that out of your a$$…

      • Scott Curry

        I’m in IT supporting a company that uses BB as their mobile devices. It’s my JOB to research and know these things.


    • Boss

      not when they start charging money pre=year

  • Andy

    This would be perfect for BlackBerry users, oh wait… they already use BlackBerry phones.

  • Kevin Guzman

    BBM is still a thing? I’m just very confused as to why iPhone users and Android users need it. You’re basically killing the one thing that separates your product from the rest. I will laugh my ass off if Apple ever decides to release iMessages to Android and BlackBerry devices.

  • Dhaval Brahmbhatt

    For long time I thought Blackberry should just commit suicide instead of doing this. Then I thought the only reason that makes sense. You see BB thinks ppl are going to leave them even though they love BBM and they will start using What’s app and so on because their friends are on iPhone/Android using What’s app and iMessage. There is no way ppl on iPhone/Android who has friends on BBM are going to buy Blackberry so that they can also be on BBM. So instead of letting ppl go, Blackberry said, ok we will put BBM on iOS and Android. So atleast the customers who we currently have won’t leave them just so that they can talk to their friends.

    What BB doesn’t understand is that even thought it will be available on those platforms, users of iOS and Andorid will be reluctant to maintain two messaging apps.

    The other thing they don’t realize is that even their current customers might think…”oh the only reason I am on Blackberry is BBM, but I want that cool looking iPhone/Andorid phone, and now that BBM is going to be on those, I can have new phone and still be in touch with my BBM friends”.

    So I don’t think BB thought this through to be honest.

  • Mark

    I’ll probably be using this app as tons of my friends are all BBM users. Hopefully they’re not going to include any subscription packages, though I’ll be happy to buy the app from the appstore.

  • Scott Curry

    Anyone who assumes BBM is the only reason Blackberry users use Blackberry know nothing about Blackberry…

    • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

      You are absolutely right. I use my old blackberry as a paper weight as well.

  • mrloko

    Why only for iOs 6 and higher man

  • Gorgonphone

    yeah im not excited.. this is like being happy that we are getting dinosaur bones for dinner..

  • JonNathan David

    this would of been nice 3 years ago

  • Liam Mulcahy

    over rated

  • Nanang Kusuma

    wait, I just realized that message in BBM is in Indonesian languange, and how it can be Indonesian have it first?

  • Raaz

    That shot iPhone running BBM is in Indonesian language, i think its fake.
    anyway.. In Indonesia, where I live, almost everyone use Blackberry, until iPhone and especially android came. With their specification and varies of price and choices, its became popular. My friends, and me, start use ios-android because BLackberry cant do what iphone-android can do, and its too damn slow, freezing a lot.
    In other hand, we cant let our Blackberry away because we already network-connected trough BBM with our colleagues. We cant just remove it because you will loose your network when do that. For that reason, here, beside iPhone and androids, everyone still use Blackberry, JUST for BBM. I do.
    Its almost true for everyone here, that We already planned to throw away our BB soon the ios and android application arrive.
    So, we.. Or at leat I cant wait..

    • angelo andreean

      this exactly, is the problem of most indonesian ppl right now IMHO. they are tired of using the blackberry but can’t let go because of the networking they’ve established (office,family,communities).

      lets just hope that the bbm for ios/android is a standalone program and not a bridge apps like they made it on the playbook before..

  • H5ire

    Whatsapp ftw!^ always..!! 🙂

  • Morad Abbas

    it’s last option for blackberry to get survive it’s like the last breathing after the big fail of Z10 ….

  • 7Mo0D_127

    wil it be in the app store

  • Jdizzle

    When is it coming out for iPhone I want to get it