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I’m a big fan of Agile Bits’ 1Password utility and I know Jeff is a recent convert, too. This awesome password management utility has been recently updated on iOS with a host of enhancements.

However, 1Password’s steep asking price of $17.99 effectively discourages impulse purchases – even more so on the Mac, where the app is normally a $49.99 value.

In addition to 1Password sale, Agile Bits is also offering a time-limited 50 percent discount on its Mac file encryption software dubbed Knox…

For those uninitiated, the 1Password mobile/web/desktop apps and browser extensions let you manage and update your entries, autofill web forms, sync your passwords across devices through Dropbox or iCloud and more.

It can also open web sites like PayPal, eBay or Amazon 100 percent securely on iOS devices, through the in-app browser. Topping it all off, the handy browser extension for Safari and Chrome automatically populates web forms and logins for you (see the animated GIF here).

1Password form fill anim

Instead of remembering a bunch of credentials, with 1Password you only have to memorize the master password which unlocks your database of passwords.

Speaking of which, 1Password data is encrypted using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, meaning your passwords are safe from prying eyes – even if someone gets hold of your device.

If you want to take advantage of this time-limited offer, grab yourself 1Password for iOS, now just $8.99, or the Mac edition for $24.99.

As for Knox, this Mac app lets you store files in encrypted vaults, each with separate passwords. It supports automatic backups and can also reformat USB sticks and external drives as encrypted Knox vaults.

For a limited time, you get to “pay 50 percent less to get 100 percent more security in your life,” as Agile Bits put it.

Specifically, Knox is now $17.49, down from $34.99.

Knox for Mac (teaser 001)

Because it contains features not allowed in sandboxed software, Knox is not on the Mac App Store and can be purchased through the Agile Bits web store instead.

Both 1Password and Know apps normally cost twice as much.

They are also bundling 1Password for Mac and Windows with a 20 percent discount, costing $34.99 instead of $69.99 for a single-user license.

The team recently announced that 1Password 4 for Mac is coming soon.

You can register for a private beta test here.

Not much is know about this major update, except that it will require OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and feature “the amazing new design”.

The “utterly gorgeous” app will be “powerful” and is coming “later this year”.

  • rain111

    Still over-priced and should have been free upgrade for users who has/had 1Password Pro :

    • Why not just use LastPass? This dev is just getting greedier and greedier cause he’s got enough sheeples to support him, and he’s not gonna stop while he can take advantage of them; just like Apple.

      • QuarterSwede

        The team is actually fairly large. It’s not just a guy in his basement.

      • Ok, does that change the fact that the software is a ripoff? Make all the subject terms plural and the same thing applies.

      • QuarterSwede

        Most developers have a hard time surviving on 99¢ apps. Buying 1P on sale every other year brings it in parity with last passes subscription. $50 is high I’ll admit but a rip off? The apps are fantastic and worth it honestly.

      • …to you. LastPass at least has a free option that gives pretty much everything you need in a password manager on your PC. If desperate to go mobile with that experience, it’s regularly just $12 per year (or $1/month); how’s $50 (over 400% as much) not a ripoff? Then later in the future, you’ll then be forced into paying another rip-off price for another upgrade…no thanks.

        Regarding living off 99¢, I’m pretty sure if you build a great and useful app, you wouldn’t have a hard time gathering millions of iOS users like the devs of WhatsApp…

  • Falk M.

    Not gonna get dependent on software that’s that expensive and has such a rapid major version update circle…

    Not when there is OS X keychain and I barely ever log in to websites on the go on my iPhone.
    They have 2-factor authorization mostly, so the password is less cryptic and for the rest I have apps.

    I’ll pass.

  • USD 50 for a tool like this? Really? The world has gone nuts!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I got it when it was first released (on iOS) and do not use the mac or windows clients since there is a web client that works with Dropbox syncing…

  • tim

    bought it, not worth it

  • soundmanbrad

    what advantages does this have over Last Pass Wallet? Last Pass is free.

    • It has the full “Password” word in it’s name, so it appears first on the list of password managers, hence more noobs find it and get ripped-off…

  • I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, perfect timing!

  • mav3rick

    $20 is nonsense overpriced but $50 is perfect crazy for this kind of software.
    Devs said that they are charging this much basically because people are buying it at this price.

  • Lol, what a rip-off; this is basically LastPass extension for Chrome with a price tag on it…

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      What’s LastPass like? Is it as cross-platform as 1Password? Since I’d gladly switch if it was as good (or better)…

      • Yep, it’s a cross-platform password manager; supports all major web browsers on all major OSs. It’s free as an extension for your web browser, but to go mobile with it costs minimum $12/year. Personally, Safari’s password management system is satisfactory enough for all my mobile web browsing needs; special sites (bank/shopping) that I use long passwords on have a separate and more convenient app than their mobile phone website…

    • QuarterSwede

      You obviously haven’t used both because I have. 1Password is a well designed app, LastPass … is not.

      • Sure it’s more pretty, but IMO, pretty isn’t a selling point for a password manager (and it’s definitely not worth $50) ’cause I only see the GUI when I want to login to a site. Barely see LastPass GUI as I have AutoLogin enabled for most of the sites I visit…congrats on getting ripped-off.

      • QuarterSwede

        On the Mac I always stayed logged in so that’s nary an issue. Even so, AgileBits has a 50% off sale every year and they only come out with a major revision that requires a new license every 2 years or so. So if you buy the Mac App on sale for $25 it’s really 12.99/year. Wow, what a rip off. /s Heck, and I’m still using v3 which still syncs with the latest version of their mobile app.

        I’m in the mobile app most of the time and it’s so much more feature rich than LastPass it’s not even funny. Let’s compare the prices though.

        LastPass – $12/year
        1P – (I think it’s $15 usually)

        The last time I paid for 1P on mobile was when it first came out years ago … for $8 on sale, again, they have a 50% off sale every. year.

        So, LastPass has a worse design, ergo is harder to use, and costs more on mobile, where I use it most. Why am I getting ripped off again?

        And no, I don’t recommend people pay the full price when there is a sale like clock work. Could that change? Sure, and if it does I’ll think about switching managers.

      • Good points. Then again, I’m satisfied with Mobile Safari’s password management and thankfully, don’t see the need for a separate mobile password manager…last thing I want is another subscription bill.

  • weztimonial

    I use Dashlane. Been with it since beta? Been using it ever since.

  • QuarterSwede

    I’ve been 1P for ages and love the Dropbox integration and HTML version of it that can be used on any OS that’s connected to the Internet.

    1 thing to remember about password managers is how secure they are, 1P is consistently up at the top of the pack when it comes to crackability. Some are downright a joke.

    It may be expensive but it’s worth it. I never liked Lastpass or Dashlane.

    I’m sure ill get crap for this but it’s still my favorite password manager. The iOS app is easily the best out.

  • Paul Natsch

    1Password is expensive but it’s worked very well for me for years across all of my devices (iPad, iPhone, and iMac). The support is also great as well. I don’t really have any experience with Last Pass but it may very well work great. 1Password is worth the money though.