another iphone 6 concept

With this year’s iPhone release expected to look and act very similar to its predecessor, concept designers have already set their sights on the next version of the handset. Earlier this month we saw mockups for a waterproof iPhone 6 that could charge wirelessly.

And today we’ve got another one for you. This one comes from the folks over at ConceptiPhone, the same team behind yesterday’s iOS 7 concept, and it features a sleek new contoured design, a 3-dimensional iSight camera, and an edge-to-edge display…

While the video doesn’t offer up much in the way of handset details, the creators say their iPhone 6 concept has an 8 megapixel 3D camera, a 3.2 megapixel FaceTime HD camera, a thinner, contoured design, and an edge-to-edge 4.8-inch display. Quite a spec sheet.

But is any of it plausible? Not really. With the iPhone 5S expected to get a megapixel bump, it’s hard to imagine the model after that still using an 8MP sensor. And thus far, 3D cameras have fallen flat in the mobile space, so we doubt Apple would hop aboard that train.

The 4.8-inch display doesn’t seem to be that far of a stretch though. Sooner or later, Apple is going to have to cater to the ‘we want a bigger screen’ crowd. Tim Cook has downplayed the rumors that a larger iPhone is in the works, but he hasn’t directly denied them.

As for this year’s iPhone release, it’s widely believed to be the iPhone 5S. And if industry chatter holds true, it’ll come with upgraded internals, a better camera, a built-in fingerprint sensor, and will go into production sometime in late summer ahead of a fall introduction.

What are your thoughts on this iPhone 6 concept? Personally, I like this one from Martin Hajek much better.

  • JamesR624

    Really, is today THAT SLOW of a news day? Pluck-off-whatever-concept-video-we-can-find-on-youtube-regardless-of-quality-or-absurdity-and-present-it-as-a-news-article slow?

  • Zorvage

    Bah, hate the look of it.

    • Electric Penis

      Uhm, it is factually a revolutionary concept!

      • Igor IcyClawz

        Uhm, “revolutionary” my ass, this thing is disgusting!

  • No more concepts, Cody. Please?

    • Igor IcyClawz

      Yes, Cody, the reality is actually disappointing, again and again.

  • Boss

    Home button needs to go on the iP6 it’s as old dated at the iOS6 -_-

  • Miklós Mándoki

    Rendering that video was a waste of electricity, looks horrible.

  • Prasoon Singh

    Yawn. Slow news day today uh?

  • ew

  • felixtaf


  • felixtaf

    I wudnt even want Samsung to adopt such a fugly design!

    • Taf Khan

      Agree. It really is a lame effort.

  • arrontaylor

    not sure how this made it into an iDB article lol

  • iJustinCabral

    People who don’t research technology need to stop making phone concepts. There will not be an edge to edge glass display until bendable displays, which we know will not be ready in 2014 for mass production. The durability of the screen would dramatically decrease if not enclosed by four sides. Even the Razr M has a very slight lip in its so called “edge to edge” display. So please, who ever made this concept, do some research before you make a concept.

  • Awful

  • StevenRandolph

    No front Facing speakers

  • Wow all I need a phone that the first time it is dropped the LCD is busted

  • Hendrik

    Who ever made this had no sense for Design! I don’t know where to start; The camera is horrible placed; The curves on the edges are starting to early -> looks weird; and have you ever seen the home button changing on an iPhone? i can’t remember; the apple logo is much too big; and WTH should the display be curved? Because it’s like a new TV of LG, with 29384798 inches of screen? Never, Never, Never, and in case i forgot: Never! Now I can go to sleep without thinking about this! Good Night!

  • Matthew


  • Lol, looks like someone punched the phone in the head…

  • Badazzdes