Fresh iPhone 6 mockups call for a 4.6-inch edge-to-edge display

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 001)

Martin Hajek, a 3D artist well-regarded for his mockups of future gadgets, is back at it again, this time with a fresh batch of renditions depicting what an iPhone 6 with a 4.6-inch screen might look like. He’s calling for an edge-to-edge screen assembly – which in his vision looks just stellar – and the aluminum Unibody chassis with anodized black and silver back.

It’s kinda like a cross between the iPad’s back shell and the iPhone 5’s two-tone design. Notice the ultra thin bezels and the lack of the Home button…

Here is another one.

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 002)

You must be wondering ‘where did the Home button go’, right?

Apple in July 2012 snapped up smart sensor maker AuthenTec for $356 million and watchers believe the company will use AuthenTec’s know-how and expertise to build fingerprint and NFC sensors into future iPhones.

That silver strip beneath the screen could be touch-sensitive. Another possibility: touch-based soft buttons like on the Galaxy S III. Apple could also implement a software-based Home button.

By the way, I like the black version better.

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 003)

A 4.6-inch screen, a notable improvement over the iPhone 5’s tall four-inch screen, would be perfect for watching movies.

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 004)

Despite the massive screen, a 4.6-inch iPhone would still file as more of a smartphone than a phablet.

Apparently both the iPhone 5S – a specs upgrade – as well as the iPhone 6 have been spotted at one of Apple’s suppliers, with the latter believed to be up for introduction around the summer of 2014, with some analysts calling for an even bigger screen measuring about five inches diagonally.

Here’s some more awesomeness.

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 006)

I’m not sure I like that silver aluminum appearance on the back, it’s too iPad-ish.

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 008)

The following rendering gives us some indication of how the jumbo-sized iPhone 6 (right) would measure up against the iPhone 5 (middle) and another iPhone 6 envisioned with a four-inch display (left).

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 009)

That looks a lot like Samsung’s Galaxy S III design, don’t you think?

I sure hope you’re ready for an even bigger iPhone. Call it an iPhablet if you will, but nearly 54 percent respondents in our non-scientific poll voted for an Apple phablet of sorts.

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 007)

By th way, all of these renderings have been commission by the French blog

There’s lots more to see so make sure to check out the source link.

So, would a 4.6-inch iPhone be too bulky for you?

For reference, Samsung’s Galaxy S III has a screen measuring 4.6 inches.