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This afternoon I turned on my iPad to see a surprising alert from the iOS App Store. The alert prompted me with a message stating that “5 app updates are available,” with options to either ignore or update all. In the screenshot, it is confirmed I have 5 updates available in the App Store.

This is the first time I have seen such an update and after a quick browse around the net, cannot confirm this has happened to other users recently or in the past…

Granted, I write for iDownloadBlog and my mini is, naturally, jailbroken. However, I have no packages installed on my device that cause this type of notification. I have checked with some trusted blogging friends; they too have confirmed never seeing such a message.

Maybe this is a great new silent update for the iOS App Store. I personally really like this alert message and would often simply choose to update all of my apps from the alert message.

My iPad mini is running iOS 6.1 build 10B141.

What do you guys think? Should this be added to the App Store? Are any of you getting similar messages? Meet us in the comments below to explore the conversation.

  • Om Soni

    Great! I’ve actually been waiting for this.

    • Mirko Lai


      • Om Soni

        LOL my bad. Sorry!

  • Jonathan

    as long as you have the option to turn it off, there’s nothing more annoying than the MAS update banners

  • Why do themes always look so nice in pictures and not so great when installed on my phone?!

  • JimGresham

    I’m hoping this is actually a new feature and not just a fluke accident. Perhaps, this has happened to other users, but it is certainly not common.

    Wonder what actually triggers this alert…

    • steve00000

      maybe it’s FIVE apps? i guess most people update there apps before they get to five and haven’t seen this new feature yet… let all wait and see lol

      • TomND

        I’m sure I’ve had more than 5 updates pending before and never seen this notification.

      • John

        Sadly, don’t think so.

        I’m still running 6.1.2 and I woke up to 8 updates screaming for an update but still no alert.

    • Shripad Sonavnay

      I got the same pop-up informing me that I had 7 apps to update on my ipod touch 4th gen…..just saw it …thought would let you know ;D….cheers


    Not really
    good if you didn’t take care, especially if your device is JailBroken. Re and example:
    Your device is Jailbroken, you’ve installed Tomtom from IpaPlanet, IpaStore, or
    whatever for FREE, when this pop will alert, if you select Update All, your
    device will update your tomtom too, but you will receive the bill that come
    with it!!!! Recommendation, ALLWAY update through iTunes

    • jo


    • Shabby

      why pirate?

    • John

      iTunes will not ask you to update cracked Apps dudes and if it does, it will ask you for a username and password…so if you’re the goose that supplied YOUR details then of course you’re going to pay for the App.

      Moral of the story: Pay for your damn Apps, you tightarsed Indian!

      • Electric Penis

        I am offense and take Indian to this.

      • Brampower

        Do you even know what you’re talking about? iTunes asks you to update cracked apps all the time, because of AppSync. Get your facts straight.

    • mehrab


    • JimGresham

      The iDownloadBlog team does not pirate apps, nor do we promote such actions.


  • Surenix

    Look at the size of that screenshot!

    • JimGresham

      Ha! iPad mini. Didn’t want to crop it to prevent a bunch of comments about it being fake.

      More importantly, look at that theme!

      • Romar Edwards

        Ayecon it’s my favorite theme!

  • Tender Vittles

    I actually got this notification on my iPad 2 a year or so ago. It was for 2 updates. I ignored them, and just thought it was annoying. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it since then.

  • Steelahlive

    The Stock Philips Hue app, prompts you to download a system update – even though not required* for using the software – claims to take advantage of ALL new features you should update your system. I stay away from such things.

  • jilex

    i remember having a notification like that, but just because i let them without update, don’t know if it’s because of that or just my imagination 😛

  • Jose Lopez

    Maybe your mini is linked to developer account and apple sent secretly a beta push notification for Appstore or maybe you’re just lucky

  • I still prefer to go into the App and see the update/changelog details. But I assume this will come handy and may be the preference of others.

  • ourjim

    I’ve not tried it myself, but this sounds like something the tweak Auto App Updater would do. Are you SURE you haven’t installed it recently?

    • Ethan

      AutoAppUpdater, as the name states will update apps automatically without any promps.

    • JimGresham

      You are correct, as Ethan states below, AutoAppUpdater is a tweak that notifies the user when an update is available, but I do not have it installed.

  • Martin Adams

    Seen this a few times on my iPad that has been left unused for a number of days.. Think this has been around since iOS 6..

    iPad2 (Jailbroken of course), but this is not a Jailbreak tweak and is actually part of iOS.

  • zachf914

    I have yet to get this update

  • Gorgonphone

    i have seen it

  • pawfyd

    I hate this. I would turn it off immediately.

  • Nirvana

    that replaces auto app updater cydia tweak