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Siri was all the rage when Apple unveiled it alongside its iPhone 4S in the fall of 2011. The digital assistant was highlighted in a number of commercials for the handset during its 11-month life cycle. But since then, we’ve seen a number of competitors arise.

One of those competitors is Google Now, which launched in the summer of last year. And a lot of folks believe that it’s superior to Siri—both in speed and accuracy. But is that really the case? Find out in this new head-to-head comparison video of the two…

The folks over at CNET have pitted Siri and Google Now against each other in a live test. To make it as scientific as possible, the site says that both phones were disconnected from their mobile networks and have been connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

So what do you think? Which one is the better assistant? I would argue that, as stated in the video, both have their respective strengths. Google Now seems really good at finding information. But Siri is much better at productivity tasks, like setting appointments.

It’ll be interesting to watch these two products evolve over the next few years. Both Apple and Google are obviously investing a lot of time and resources into them, as well as into the idea that one day voice input will not just be a secondary input or a gimmick.

Apple, for its part, is expected to unveil new Siri features next month at WWDC, alongside iOS 7. Google held its developer’s conference last week, with no mention of any upcoming Now improvements, but it did just release an iOS version of the digital assistant.

What are your thoughts on the video?

  • Stijn De vries

    I like them both

  • RarestName

    Both of them are not the same. Google Now is more search based assistant while Siri is more of a personal assistant. Both are awesome.

    • Yeah Google’s about feeding themselves user data for advertising whilst Apple’s Siri is about personalisation around the user. For Siri to truly compete, it needs 3rd party APIs for developers, faster, more accurate voice recognition and offline dictation mode. If that’s what we see at WWDC, then Siri will be supercharged.

    • Paul Smith

      Ummm google now booked my flight boarding pass, then when i got home told me to take another route home as to avoid a traffic jam, if thats not an assistant your obviously blind

      • RarestName

        You’re blind if you didn’t see the keywords more of.

  • Siri is preinstalled n NowNow is helpful for searching (using activator),, using both 🙂

  • Dave Elg

    Great video. Simple and to the point, and it certainly feels pretty unbiased. If anything, this shows that both services are pretty solid overall and that one does not dominate the other.

  • I’ve had better luck getting Google Now to understand me. +1 for Google Now here.

  • like it matters anymore iOS has both 😀

  • Rafael Damasceno

    I didn’t like how she compared the speeds at the beginning. Google Now has a faster voice recognition (Siri is almost as fast, but only shows the full input at the end, not like Google Now). However, Siri shows you the results (if not from Wolfram) faster than Google Now loads the page. This was however a great comparison between the two.

  • I feel like Google dictates my voice better.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    What the video does not show is that Google Now’s voice is more fluid and human -like and it understands commands better. The video is clearly edited, probably to cut the parts when either of the two missed the command.

  • Ios have then both
    Both good
    Siri is faster
    Google now is a tiny bit faster why? Cos its just googling info whereas siri is fetching info from wolf alpha

    • erod434

      First you say Siri is faster, then you say that google now is faster so which one is it? Also you need to learn english, and googling info is not only faster as google has a vast network of easily accessable information while wolfram alpha is relatively limited, but it allows the user to find info from more than one source. However, Siri is definitely better at productivity as the video states.

      • They should have tested Google Now on iOS and Siri on iOS to make it a fair test since as far as I know Google Now on iOS can’t send texts or add calendar events etc…

      • erod434

        But that isn’t a fair test, because there is nothing google could do to make it send texts or add calender events on the iphone because of the way apple restricts app permissions. So the only way to see the full capabilities of each apps is to use each app in their entirety on their respective os’s.

      • They can since how do third party calendar apps access the iOS calendar? How do apps share achievements/accomplishments via texts/iMessages, how do third party reminder apps set reminders. There is absolutely no reason why Google Now on iOS couldn’t do any of the aforementioned things. Apple has built API’s and Google as usual has chosen to ignore them…

      • erod434

        Theres a big different between being able to access and edit information. Most of the apps you mentioned are able to access the information but edit it directly. For example, there are no apps which can send messages through the native messaging app on the app store. Therefore it is impossible for google to add these features. Also, I still do not understand how using google now on a ios device, a device which is was ported to (and therefore is not what it was originally intended for), is more “fair” then using it on the device which the devs at google spent the most time working and dedicating to be ingrained in the operating system. Please enlighten me.

      • Since the full blown Siri isn’t available for Android (it isn’t available at all come to think of it) and the full blown Google now isn’t available for iOS. so it’s better just to admit that Google Now isn’t perfect and neither is Siri and leave it at that. Come to think of it I already knew what the outcome of the video was going to be but watched anyway. Which one is better in my opinion is quite frankly irrelevant as they are both actively still in development meaning the final product will likely be nothing like it is right now…

      • Farbod

        Evi can send messages. On iOS

      • *ios has both of them siri is fast in some cases faster then google now or the same speed in most cases. Siri is giving more info in a nicer way too! And siri can do a lot more then google now for e.g tweeting/posting to facebook
        And also you can actually talk to her you can ask her just as many /more information based questions as google now

      • erod434

        Did you even watch the video? Becuase if you did you would see that google voice search can do much more in internet related searches while siri does much more for local searches such as setting calender dates. Also the video showed that google now for the most part was faster than siri the majority of the time.

      • About the questions thing siri gives you more info and can answer more questions if google now doesnt have your answer it just googles it but siri most of the time can answer any type of question no matter how ridiculos it is
        And lol google now is bassicly doing a google search while sori is like loading a web page full of info fyi they do it at the same time google now just answers straight away and siri goes like here you go then takes a sec to show you the card due to the animation

  • I think Siri is more personal, and a bit more integrated with the device.

  • Siri is more humorous!

  • I love Siri for system commands such as making a call or sending a text. But I prefer google now for everything else!!!

    Thank goodness for Googiri!!!

  • google now is using google search engine to give the info that not an amazing thing that it is fast. duhhhhhhhhh

  • chjode

    Isn’t this actually Google Voice Search? I thought Google Now specifically referred to the data-mining lock screen card display stuff.

  • Robert Goldberg

    Looks like another Google sponsored review. Anytime Siri was faster she would not mention it, but then praise Google Now for every time it was faster.

    • Kurt

      Google Now is known for being much faster typically. Many times Siri just hangs. Google Now doesn’t have that problem.

  • Give us Siri for older devices

  • Siri is too slow and limited – I hardly use her

  • tariq haidari

    she has my iphone case!!!!!!!

  • As many have said Siri is good and Google Now is good. I think there should be a new test after the WWDC.
    I’m more than positive Siri will be updated, and maybe more useful. But I still do love Google’s services.

  • Just wait for Siri 3.0 to go up against Google Now! if you’ve been reading the job postings, rumours and industry sources, all signs point toward a VASTLY enhanced Siri! That’s what I want in iOS 7!!! Just 21 Days!!! 3 short weeks!

  • M Last

    google now couldn’t set the timer.funny

    what are you talking about?
    watch again video 2.23″ when she asked setup the time for 30 minutes
    google now showed set alarm & finally went to google search

  • Could just use googiri on iOS! Best of both worlds!

  • inf3rn0

    Don’t know if this has something related to Apple’s servers or whatnot, but Siri has been becoming faster and faster for me over these past few days.

  • Was anyone watching the video or just looking at the girl? Girls and tech…a match made in heaven.

  • dpacemaker

    Siri was actually faster when she asked the time in Tokyo, but she ignored it. I use Siri quite a bit, but I also use google now for some things. Siri is integrated into iPhones better, but that doesn’t mean that google now is a bad product. I’m thinking that Siri will be revamped and better when iOS 7 gets here.

  • I honestly think they are both the same in speed, animation may pull them slower at times but still roughly the same

  • wow, original post… hell you even used a cnet video

  • Kurt

    I like Siri, except she slow to the point I don’t really use her, and her voice is awful. I like how she speaks backs more often. Google Now’s voice is great and the speed is awesome, but I haven’t use it much.I like how it will show results from the web instead of asking you if it’s ok to search the web. Just do it Siri, don’t ask. I want both of them to do more. But it’s a great start nonetheless.

  • Eldaria

    I use NowNow+Googiri+AssistantLove and get the best of both worlds.

    • Milad Khahil

      Agreed , i do the same NowNow+Googiri 🙂

  • So you are saying Siri is more of a personal assistant and Google now is a search engine,

    So the one which gives me my weather according to my location without even asking and give stock prices and Sports scores without even asking isn’t an assistant,

    but the one i have to ask everytime is a personal assistant ..!!

  • StevenRandolph

    can’t stand siri, I thought it went away

  • Jonah John

    Lol am I the only one that likes to use evi?

  • Sir Chrome

    Siri is based on user productivity and getting daily tasks completed with ease. Google Now is more of a search-based assistant rather than a personal, daily- tasking assistant. Google Now mainly providing information based on certain subjects of matter.

  • Aditya Pratap Mohanthy

    Google now is a good virtual assistant but siri is a good voice assistant. I like them both though !!!

  • VN

    With the latest release of Google now the voice recognition is so much improved. Siri is more humourous but the voice recognition could be better. Until they improve voice recognition it will not be useful.