iPad flight bag

Taking a lesson learned by civilian airlines, the U.S. Air Force has purchased 18,000 iPads expected to save more than $50 million over the next decade. The move from bulky paper flight manuals to tablets should save nearly $6 million each year in fuel and printing costs.

In an interview, the airlift arm of the U.S. military said the switch to 32GB Wi-Fi Retina iPads as electronic flight bags would reduce aircraft weight by 90 pounds per aircraft – up to 490 pounds for huge C-5 transports. In 2012, American Airlines received FAA go-ahead to use iPads in the cockpit…

Around 16,000 of the purchased iPads are used by the Air Force Air Mobility Command.

The unit’s spokesperson told The Street the move is expected to save $5.7 million per year. The military could save “well over $50 million” over the next 10 years, Major Brian Moritz, who manages the AMC electronic flight bag program, told interviewer James Rogers.

“We’re saving about 90 pounds of paper per aircraft and limiting the need for each crew member to carry a 30 to 40 pound paper file,” Moritz said.

Friday, the Pentagon announced it has approved all Apple devices running iOS 6 for use on military networks. The decision means Apple can compete against Samsung and Blackberry for U.S. military contracts.

American Airlines, which made the switch to iPads in 2012, believes the move from paper to electronic flight bags should save the company millions in dollars. Another savings could be fewer pilots suffering back ailments caused by lugging the heavy flight bags loaded with charts and cockpit manuals.

  • Gerard Hampton

    You know what saves even more money? Not spending so much money on wars

  • I can’t help it… I keep thinking.. “The planes going down what do we do? I dunno, let me go check the manual!”

    • “Siri open the manual”
      “I’m sorry but I can’t find an app called the manual would you like to search the web?”

      “Siri what do I do when crashing a plane”
      “I’d rather not say”

      • Too funny!

        But seriously, I can only imagine how complex some of those planes are but shouldn’t they have most of the training they need? up to 490 pounds on some aircraft? of manuals? Maybe gives new meaning to learning on the fly.

      • Even an

  • Gorgonphone

    and save 100 million buy using 18,000 jailbroken ones

    • then they have a security issue….

      • Not necessarily since they would be susceptible to the flaws of a jailbreak until they are patched so in theory they would still be at risk…

      • Yeah, but new devices being shipped are on iOS 6.1.3 so unless you purchase an older apple device they wont even be able to jailbreak and I doubt they would want to reboot tethered 🙂