iTunes miniPlayer 11.0.3

Apple just dropped a 129 MB iTunes 11.0.3 update and it brings quite a few new features to the iconic app. The big ticket item, if you will, is a new MiniPlayer, which is a bit ironic given the release schedule of the jailbreak version of MiniPlayer for iOS.

iTunes’ updated MiniPlayer now features a beautiful new view that shows off album artwork. The new MiniPlayer also includes a handy progress bar this time around to track the song’s playhead location.

You’ll also find an improved songs view, which allows you to enjoy album artwork in that view. Lastly, you’ll notice support for proper multi-disc albums. Check inside for the full change log.

iTunes 11.0.3 change log

Unsurprisingly, the new iTunes provides performance enhancements. This time around you’ll enjoy better performance when searching and sorting large iTunes libraries. You can find the new version of iTunes now by visiting the Mac App Store, and clicking on the Updates tab.

What has your experience been with the app?

  • Jeff

    A reboot fixed it for me.

  • Felix Brolleus

    Where is the “Find new updates” button on the “Apps” tab??? 🙁

  • Cesar D

    I hate the “Play Next” bar right down the miniplayer.

  • I miss the old iTunes more easy to sync songs to my iphone just saying…

  • Edith Piaff…Really? lol

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      What’s wrong with Édith Piaf ?

  • I still have one album cover repeated nine times for the nine tunes I have from the same album. Where is the control to combine multiple covers into a single image??

  • Confirming that the update has also been pushed to Windows. Enjoy! Also, the update is smaller on Windows? 78.98MB. Any speculation as to why?

  • I think it fixed that long time annoying bug where the scrollbars disappeared. But shouldn’t get too excited yet until I totally verify it.