iOS 7 concept (Jurgen Ulbrich 002)

Following recent budget iPhone concept by Martin Hajek (itself based on nice iOS 7 mockups by 3D artist Dámaso Benítez), German blog yesterday shared a similar rendition by Jürgen Ulbrich. Like many 3D artists before him, Dámaso is striving to envision what iOS 7 running on the next iPhone might look like. I’m liking his work a lot and have included a few images and a nice video mockup right after the break…

Don’t you love the new slide-to-unlock design?

iOS 7 concept (Jurgen Ulbrich 001)

That Lock screen clock also looks pretty.

iOS 7 concept (Jurgen Ulbrich 003)

And here’s the video.

Increasingly, 3D artists are attempting to take a peek inside Jony Ive’s head.

Most iOS 7 mockups making rounds on the web are based on unconfirmed reports that Apple’s design guru Jonathan Ive – whose new responsibilities include Human Interface across the company – has been hard at work re-imagining Apple’s mobile operating system.

Anyhow, do you like this concept?

  • Seems interesting, but if Apple were to do an overhaul that large, they’d surely need to make an on-screen tutorial during setup or something. For the less technically-inclined users.

    • Most People Dont Even know how to use the current versions of iOS

      • True, most people just buy iPhones so they can say the “I have an iPhone” phrase. Some don’t even know how to use iTunes.

      • Agree

      • because they don’t have to know how to use iTunes.
        that is what apple wants “Simplicity”
        and that is the main advantage of ios over android

      • True that. The advanced features may not be known by everyday users but that is because they are advanced! In terms of using iTunes as a media library/player I’m pretty sure songs can be easily purchased (even for the less able people among us) or added manually by dragging and dropping…

      • Jason Forker Ruoff

        i like all of this, but the “advantage of ios over andriod” how does not having to use itunes make it better then andriod?

      • planetcoalition

        Same can be said of most users of other phones. Just saying.

      • iosPixel

        Indeed. One look around the workplace and I can see many phones are underused – Whether they be Samsung, HTC, Apple or any other ‘newish’ device.

        The furthest these devices are pushed is whatsapp, the odd video stream or social app and call waiting. :/

      • If they dont even know how to use iOS, how are they supposed to know to use android?

  • Basically Apple’s version of Google Now on the lock screen! That would be awesome!!!!!!! Fantastic concept!

    • When I saw the video Google now comes to my mind to. Nice, but iOS will never be like this

      • Which is good isn’t it. Software shouldn’t be reimagined unless it can be made more stable or with enhanced hardware (meaning making software and hardware better). If Apple are going to continue to support the 3GS (somehow I can’t imagine they will with iOS7) they need to make sure everything is stable…

      • iosPixel

        I’d be surprised if the iPhone 4 received the full shabang!

        That is, if, iOS7 is ‘the new iOS’.

      • chris125

        The iPhone 4/4s won’t get it all and I’m sure there will be features even the 5 doesn’t get to try and have some incentive to upgrade to what looks like the Same iphone

  • no flashlight? XD

  • M Last

    definitely not!!!!!!!

  • iosPixel

    iLike. Right for iPhone? iDont know.

  • I like the quick reply for messages…:) hopefully it comed if not then a tweak like it? And a quickreply for facebook as well

    • John Smith

      It is not practical. There was no keyboard (and frankly no space for one), and magically the letters were typed. Also, that was a pretty short text message, it wouldn’t be possible to fit a much bigger one on that screen

      • Seere Petrova

        and after two years hehehe we have the quickreply feature…

  • LockInfo 5 + a little sugar coating built into the the stock OS is all that’s needed for the LockScreen IMO, no need to go the fugly metro route…

    • iosPixel


    • sry, but Lock Info has tons of bugs in it. Stimpy seems to be gone fishing instead of evolving his software.

      • Lol, he’s been releasing updates on his beta repo like 5-7 times a week: apt.dba-tech net/beta

      • LOL

        beta software contains even more bugs than the release. thats why it’s a beta.

      • Yeah, as he’s adding several new functions which need debugging. Besides, he releases quick fixes for most of the instability bugs in a few minutes, so, not complaining (he’s human too you know).

        I’m using the latest beta atm on my 4S and only thing I’m missing from LockInfo 4 is preview of Reminders like the Calendar widget currently does.

      • I used to have LockInfo for a very long time. But the latest version really don’t like anymore.
        IntelliScreenX looks much better, has better user experience but battery drain is too massive and it sends data all the time instead of no refresh intervalls are configured.

        From time by time i install one of the two and find out that IMO things didn’t get better or just get worser.

      • bug latest LI beta: every time i m in widget mode and start scrolling the twitter widget the weather widget disappears. but the behaviuor becomes more frustrating:

        sliding half way the slide the unlock brings the weather widget back. when i release the slider now the weather widget disapperas again. i can reproduce that 1000 times and it’s in the rc and in the beta.

      • Damian W

        I have other issue with showing notifications under the filter bar on lock screen; they are cut in half, hiding behind clock, or are invisible. Same here, I can reproduce it million times, but the dev can’t. So he can’t fix it.

      • In my case, the Twitter Widget doesn’t even load tweets anymore, it forever shows “Loading…”, so I’m not able to scroll any of the tweets, thus I can’t reproduce the bug you’re experiencing….I ended up disabling it.

        Consider sending the dev a DisplayRecord of the problem; when I send him videos of the problem, it usually gets fixed within the next update.

      • Just report it then.

      • so i did

      • Damian W

        He is a great dev, a few times he fixed the issue 2 min after I emailed him.

      • Damian W

        His latest beta version has massive bugs. After months of using lockinfo 5 I had to remove the tweak and went with Bulletin instead. The dev promised me would release fixes after I gave him syslog, but it has been more than a week… And no fix yet

      • Damian W

        I am just waiting and waiting for iPad support. Where the hell is it? for 3 months or more I see same message saying “ipad support coming soon”. How soon? 1 or 2 years?

        One thing for sure. He should’ve kept lockinfo 4 on ios 6 for at least iPads

      • I don’t know. It’s like Auxo. Ask Sentry what constitutes “Early 2013”?

  • This ios 7? looks like shit i better choose samsung s4

    • leart za jmi

      Samsung is made exactly for people like you… Thats why i dont like it

      • planetcoalition

        Hey Eddy, this is a mockup by a third party designer. Open your eyes, dumbass.

        Never mind, it sounds like you’re a paid Samsung troll anyway.

  • This is not the age of iphone but samsung long live samsung long live asia not united idiot

    • Dan

      takes one to know one huh?

    • leart za jmi

      Long live “made in china”, or corea is the same sh*t

    • planetcoalition

      How much did Samsung pay you?

  • Dan

    I like it, but it looks to much like Google Now, Apple would never use this

  • Kyle Adams

    There’s actually some pretty solid choices here. Into it. The least bloated “iOS 7 Concept” I’ve seen so far.

  • it´s going to feel awful to see none of this comming on iOS 7. Just like when we all were over expecting someting after iPhone 4 and then there was just the 4S. I won´t expect nothing too fancy on iOS 7, that way I´ll be truly amazed when it comes out

    • right. and no one think about the iPhone Battery, it is 1400mAh. so it’s very hard to implement any of these concepts.
      just running google now killed my Battery.

      • Because Google Now is not a native application.

  • josteinliverod

    This is the best iOS 7 concept I have seen, hope Apple do something like this.

  • dear god, no.

    These articles should be called: “[such and such artist] releases a video showcasing why they do not work for Apple”

  • very nice!

  • Victor Lockwood

    Here come the themes!….

    • Dylfo

      Why aren’t they already here?!

  • 0:12 next BiteSMS update please :p

  • Like facebook chatheads? And like googles cards on google voice app

  • I actually like this concept. I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate widgets or a Google Now-esque hub on the lockscreen for quick access, but could never figure it out.
    Everything’s a little circular, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a big jump from the normal rounded elements.
    Things are still too flat for my taste, but it still looks great!

    I would like to see his take on other elements of the OS.

  • Isa Altintas

    Looks a bit like MIUI. But MIUI looks so much better

  • Kind of relevant to this video. Do any developers think it could be possible to add Google Now to the notification center as that would be some tweak in my opinion

  • Honestly this looks like some Android UI build, nothing close to iPhone.

  • planetcoalition

    Decent mockup, albeit with too much Google influence.

  • Andrew

    Every single mock up I have seen so far is ugly as hell. Why don’t we just leave it to apple to make an ugly u.i. And stop trying to guess.

  • Hidos Yilmaz

    I guess I am the first and only one who hits his head on the table after seeing such concept videos 🙁 …. the only thing I say is, an overhaul is the perfect idea but not in this way… please.. (keep in mind this is my opinion, I know 95+% of the people will not agree)

  • Ha… Looks like this was captured on Monday, the thirth of May.

  • I am the only one who noticed almost every video concept of iOS 7 the wallpaper is the grass one?

  • This is actually very very nice, at least for the lock screen since that’s all it showed. I really like how Maps are integrated into the lock screen if you’re navigating, very useful. And the reply from the lock screen user interface and functionality is very attractive as well.

  • After a Lot of ios7 concepts…. It would me Time for a Winter/dreamboard theme…

  • chjode

    Monday May 3th

  • Matthew

    I like it but they only showed the lock screen. What about the home screen?

  • Bing Beta


  • lilymagana

    really like this. super clean and organized. easy on the eyes

  • AHHH….More make believe

  • That is a setting.

    • would you like to reveal which setting it is?
      even David didn’t answer via Twitter so i guess it’s a bug.

  • yahmed

    This looks cool, but knowing apple, most of its features will be restricted to the next gen devices as it would make the older ones significantly slower. BTW the design of the phone looks a little like Lumia

  • very nice xD

  • i don’t buy those lockscreen widgets!