calculator fo velox

It seems like developers are really enjoying making add-ons for Velox. The jailbreak tweak was released a little over a week ago, and already we’ve seen several extensions for it like Addial, Compass and App Store.

Today we’ve got another one for you, called Calculator for Velox. And as you’ve probably already guessed by now, it provides you with Home screen access to your Calculator app…

Similar to other Velox add-ons we’ve seen, there’s not much to the tweak itself. There’s no Spring board icon or settings to configure. Once installed, it takes effect. And it stays that way until you decide to uninstall it.

Activating the tweak is also similar to other add-ons. Simply swipe down (or up, depending on your settings) on your Calculator app icon to reveal its enhanced folder. And that should bring up a working, mini calculator.

On paper, it’s a great idea. But it’s been executed poorly. I had problems getting a few of the buttons to work—particularly the clear button, forcing me to close the folder and reopen it. It worked, it just felt very beta to me.

That being said, the tweak is probably still worth checking out if you’re a Velox fan. If you’re interested, you can find Calculator for Velox  in Cydia, in the ModMyi repo, for free.

  • I may be alone in this but I don’t like the “flat” buttons with no borders. I actually like having a definable separation between the keys… :-

    • Isa Altintas

      I like it

  • Kyle Adams

    because the calculator is too bloated to load by itself. and what’s up with the black arrow?

  • Damn the dev is really prepared for ios 7.

  • I had to uninstall Velox. The tweak was awesome but personally I was getting more crashes and a HUGE battery drain.

    • iosPixel

      I’ve yet to experience these issues. For me, my velox issues are the way it appears to make an app inoperable after I use the swipe controls. Music player and YT comes to mind but it is rare.

      The days when a resspring would take me 15 seconds this would of been a bother but now a fix is a swipe and 3 second wait. Gotta love progress.

  • I think some one should include all the tweeks in one bundle..velox calculator,app store etc…

    Just like springtomize 2

    • iosPixel

      +1 But….

      While useful, I’d rather see add ons fully supported by the devs in a bundle and 3rd party bundles to remain separate installs. Troubleshooting issues is easier this way, until a lot of these add ons are atleast more refined and stable that is.

  • lol, tapping the app wasn’t enough

  • Christophe

    I’m not complaining about velox (which is an awesome tweak) but why using it since we can just open the application?

  • iosPixel

    Velox 1.2 – Please bring me alarm toggles and a viewable status bar when using Veloxs quick compose!


    • thanks for the suggestion, will be in one of the upcoming updates

  • jose castro

    can any buddy say pass

  • planetcoalition

    Negative zero… Not a good sign.

  • Gorgonphone

    its nice and fast BUT the buttons are too flat and they have no flash effect to let you know whet you pressed…lo this was rushed and is very poor..

  • Gorgonphone

    all i want from velox now is the in folder icon functionality please..

  • Gorgonphone


  • How do you make velox tweaks is there a sdk or something

  • H5ire

    LOL.!! kiddo tweak-addons.!!
    tap it to open calc n swipe it to open this funny thing using velox..!
    not that much worth it.!! 🙂
    n in bonus drain your battery.!!