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If you’re still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift, you might be interested to know that T-Mobile is going to be hosting a nice little sale this weekend in honor of the holiday. And it looks like the iPhone 5 is going to be one of its featured bargains.

According to a new report, the fourth largest US carrier is going to be offering the handset as part of a special trade-in deal. Customers will be able to score Apple’s flagship smartphone for $0 down, a savings of $100, with the trade-in of a valid mobile device…

TmoNews reports:

“T-Mobile’s advertising for Mother’s Day weekend will focus heavily on the iPhone 5 and the trade-in promotion that has been ongoing since April 12th. That advertising itself will see three national newspaper insertions as well as papers in the top 20 markets.”

The promotion allows both new and existing qualified customers to trade-in an iPhone 4 or 4S for credit towards the down payment on an iPhone 5. And depending on the trade-in value of the device, they can also decrease their monthly payment from $20 to $15.

After going for years without an iPhone partnership, T-Mobile finally landed the popular handset last month. It’s offering the device on an unconventional purchase plan, where customers pay as little as $99 up front for an iPhone and $20 per month for two years.

And that’s just one of the major moves the carrier has made in recent months. It’s also introduced a new ‘UNcarrier’ campaign, with low-cost rate plans and no contracts, launched its LTE network, and as of last week, completed its acquisition of MetroPCS.

At any rate, if you’re interested in saving money on an iPhone 5, make sure you to check out your local T-Mobile this weekend. There’s no rush though, as the trade-in offer should be good through June 16.

  • These devices are more valuable on eBay or wherever else. Even with this deal its not worth it.

    • hocus86

      Yeah I agree. It is just the convenience of having it done all at once, no shipping, no potential fraud, etc.

  • hocus86

    If this wasn’t so close to WWDC I would be all over this to unload my 4. Decisions decisions.

  • Bob

    Why do you post news like this? You’re wasting your time, no one gives a flying banana. Don’t post region specific news. Not all of us are from America, infact if you look at your demographics it’s quite likely that the majority of users who visit this site are not from the US.

    T-mobile are offering the iPhone 5 for $0 as the news says, but only when you trade in a mobile device, which I’m sure there’s also terms and conditions for that, that say it has to be a specific kind and in a specific condition. You haven’t factored that into the cost of the phone, you are essentially paying for the iPhone 5, so it’s not at a $0.

    I’m on a 24 month contract with my iPhone 5 64GB, guess how much I paid for it? Nothing. I pay a monthly tariff, I did not have to pay an “upfront” cost as I would call it. This was also over 7 months ago. Nearly all phones that you can get on contract in the UK, you do not have to pay an upfront cost for, it’s only in America they do that for some reason.

    When you post news like, for example “iPhone 4s, now only $49” it aggravates me, because it’s incorrect & misleading, you basically pay an upfront cost of $49, you then have to pay like $25 a month over a 2 year contract which is $25*24+49 = $649 in total after 24 months.


    I wrote this before reading the article, after reading it, it said “trade-in an iPhone 4 or 4S for credit towards the down payment on an iPhone 5” lol, now that’s what I call a daylight robbery.

    • Gorgonphone

      LOL …. you are a funny dude.. very emotional… ahahahahhah cool read though

    • What? I care about this news!, who cares what you think. Let them run there blog how they want to run it. If its not to your standards go elsewhere.

  • Gorgonphone

    umm i will sell my 4S fro $300 and use the money instead of letting tmo steal my phone like this…