iOS 7 (WWDC 2013 logo mockup)

With a little over a month until Apple’s summer conference for developers, web site owners are now beginning to see a noticeable spike in traffic from devices that run iOS 7 beta code. Analysis of traffic logs and IP addresses reveals some of that traffic originating from Apple’s Cupertino campus, which is usually a tell-tale sign that Apple is seeding the work-in-progress code internally to select engineers.

However, the mobile site conversion firm Onswipe over the past week or so started seeing iOS 7 traffic spikes across a bunch of web sites that incorporate its solutions…

According to TechCrunch, Onswipe observed a “significant bump” in the number of visits from iOS 7 iPhones and iPads, specifically located in both Cupertino and San Francisco.

San Francisco had the most iOS 7 visits, with 18.75 percent, and Cupertino accounted for 17.9 percent of the total. May 2 saw the highest iOS 7 traffic to date, representing 23 percent, or nearly a quarter, of all unique iOS visitors to Onswipe-enabled sites. Most were visiting from iPhones (75 percent), but iPads also represented a full quarter of visits.

Wondering what those iOS 7 beta testers are doing on their devices?

According to Onswipe, typical activities include finding out about which turntable to buy, Vine’s recent front camera-related update, Apple’s stock price and Kid Cudi.

9to5Mac confirmed with its own sources that Apple’s design guru Jony Ive, whose responsibilities include Human Interface across the company following iOS boss Scott Forstall’s ouster last August, is indeed leading a major revamp of the mobile operating system.

There’s been no shortage of iOS 7 mockups over the past few months, here are three nice concepts.

The redesign apparently gets rid of stitched leather and other signs of skeumorphism in favor of a flattened and minimalistic appearance akin to Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

9to5Mac also separately reported that iOS 7 will include improved in-car Maps and Siri integration. Despite iOS 7 delay speculation, AllThingsD reaffirmed that Apple’s team is in “deadline crunch mode.”

Apple has reportedly borrowed engineers from the OS X 10.9 team in order to finish iOS 7 in time for an assumed Fall refresh of its iOS hardware.

Apple’s WWDC 2013 press release quotes marketing honcho Phil Schiller who confirmed that Apple will be getting “new versions of iOS and OS X” into the hands of its registered developers at WWDC.

The conference is scheduled to take place at Moscone West in San Francisco from Monday, June 10 until Friday, June 14. You can count on iDB to bring you both major announcements and newsworthy nuances, as they happen.

  • Ian


    • *_* Like, the No.1 thing I’m looking forward in my life right now. It’s soo sad! xD

      • Ian

        Same!! :D:D No sleep for a month for me..

    • iospixel

      My only problem with iOS7 is that ill be waiting for a jailbreak to make it my own.

      • yahmed

        Since iOS 7 will be a complete new update, I would upgrade even without jailbreak (if the update is good)

      • Kurt

        Not me, I stayed on iOS 5 until the jailbreak was released for iOS 6.1

  • Jason Sheffer

    Gonna be sick

    • Gorgonphone

      i thought 9you mean sick in health…lool

    • Lou

      u must b from england with slang like that lol

  • seyss

    yes I set my browser user agent to iOS 7 months ago.. anyone can do it

    • Ian

      How? I’d love to.

      • seyss

        check Atom Web Browser in the appstore

      • User Agent Faker in Cydia

    • I know that as a lot of people in here too… but that much people from Cupertino and San Francisco… is no coincidence!

  • Kid Cudi?

  • marcus1324

    Personally I am not excited about iOS 7 at all. I’m WAYYYYYY for excited about the iPhone 5S which I am planning on pre-ordering. I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1.2 and it’s so slow and I just can’t wait for a new iPhone.

    • Umm my iphone 4 is super fast but yea can’t wait either 🙂

      • marcus1324

        Well I have a load of jailbreak tweaks so that is probably why 🙂

      • Ok the only reason the older hardware in my own opinion gets slower is because the of loads of jailbreak tweaks on them if you reset everything on them and put them back to standard factory ul see the major difference i love jailbreaking but for older devices no point because themes and some reeaks are memory and cpu hogs which makes the hardware slower but i have a iphone 5 which will last me till ios 8 and ipad 2 which will last me till ios 7 if they decide to add it to ios7 list as its a best seller they might do

      • marcus1324

        Exactly its all about the processor. iPhone 4 has an A4 processor and iPhone 5 has A6 so it can manage jailbreak tweaks faster.

  • Will the 4th gen iPod get ios 7?

    • Markus Hudobnik

      Let’s hope! Probably can be a basic ios7 without everything

    • I think so

    • Ian

      Hmmm… that’s tough to know. The 3rd gen didn’t support iOS 6, so perhaps the 4th gen won’t support iOS 7. 🙁 We can still hope though.. I have the same question for the iPad 2 as well.

    • Gorgonphone

      hope not!!! the damn thing is already slow as hell on IOS6..lllol

      • Liam Mulcahy


    • Liam Mulcahy

      I think so

  • Apple please dont make the new UI laggy for older devices

    • No

      This is based off of my own experiences, but I think that Apple purposely makes the new iOS versions slower on already devices to make you want to buy the new devices. This always seems to happen when I upgrade and a new device comes out. My iPod Touch 4th Gen was fast up until the 5th Generation and the OS associated with the iTouch 5 came out. My device then slowed way down (after I upgraded to the OS).

      • I noticed that as well

      • My ipad2 is much slower on iOS 6 than it was on iOS 5. Same for my 4S.

      • No

        Yeah, that happened with my iTouch 4 and iPhone 4S.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Obviously an OS upgrade makes things slower. Common sense. You need new hardware to accommodate the new OS.

      • No

        Yeah, but they never add much of anything at all. Nothing that should make the device slower. I could see a major android update slowing an older phone down, but honestly iOS adds what? Passbook? Reminders? Those aren’t any apps that would slow down the phone, in my opinion, they are just gimmicky, worthless apps.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Still, its a new ios with new features and such. Some take up more ram or processing power which slows things down on older devices!

      • parnak dave

        older phone ? even my Mums new s4 LAGS LIKE SHIT..!!! WTF it lags with a 1.9 GHZ processor !! very stupid.!!

      • No

        Maybe your mom shouldn’t run so many damn apps. My S4 runs fun. Any device will lag with multiple processes open. Maybe you some basics of computing. Alright?

      • parnak dave

        i am talking about after all the apps are closed, and when i go back to the home screen.. i see definite lag. buddy.!!!
        also when going through different pages on Apps page.!!

      • Kurt

        windows 8 is faster than 7…and 7 was faster than vista and XP. Only iOS gets slower. They aren’t the same exact OS on each device so it’s possible Apple makes it run slower on older devices. I noticed it for years.

      • i highly doubt that your windows 8 was faster than xp without upgradingyour hardware.. Of course things got faster, because computers got more powerful throughout the ages.. Thats the same with hardware on the iphone. And I will call it BS if you have the same machine without any modifications starting from xp to windows 8. Xp to vista alone needed a major hardware upgrade to most of the masses

      • My iphone 4 has been the same since iOS 5 fast so idk

      • Two words: planned obselesence.

    • Gorgonphone

      yes they will thats how they make you feel like you need to run out and buy a shiny new iPhone 5S..loll

      welcome to capitalism

    • Markus Hudobnik

      It’s not like they can help it. New OS means more ram being used more this and more that. They don’t do it on purpose

      • Kurt

        Jelly bean runs faster than ICS.
        Win 8 runs faster than 7
        Win 7 runs faster than vista and XP (vista being the old ball of course running slower than xp)

      • Did you happen to have the same machine when upgrading all your operating systems throughout the years? Ios updates are fine as of the moment. its not like its going to slow down after the first major update. It took two ios generations before people started complaining and honestly two years is where any machine starts to wear off and cannot cope up with the advancing world. People are just being stubborn trying to put the latest ios on their 2 generation old phone even if they know there is nothing that would bring new to their experience.. You got the experience you wanted back then when the phone was on par with the latest ios, just stick with your current version or upgrade your hardware. Simple as that.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Thank you!

    • They wont its apple

      • No

        You are probably the type of kid that goes on these websites, and YouTube videos all the time and leaves these comments about how “Apple is masterrace” “Apple is so innovative and revolutionary” and “Apple destroys Android”

        Correct me if I am wrong.

        If not, pull your head out of your ass.

  • leart za jmi

    And samsung is ready for the next big copy

    • No

      Haha, that’s funny.

      Considering iOS 7 will probably include a majority of features that are already available on Android and Cydia, it won’t be anything all that new, yet people like you will probably be typical and say something like ‘IOS 7 IZ DA MUST REVOLUTIONARY PHONE OS OF ALL TIME!!!”

      • iOS 7 isn’t phone 🙂

      • He said “phone OS”.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        He could have edited the comment.

      • No

        Too bad I didn’t, Adam just read it wrong, and he was trying to prove me wrong, although it failed.

      • Never mind … Sorry :). I tryed to make a joke, but I didn’t. My bad 😀

      • Kurt

        Apple fanboy at its worst.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Haha what? How does that make me
        An apple fanboy

      • No

        I said phone OS (Operating System)

      • Yeah, said siri and passbook …

    • Kurt

      Sumsung phones have a ton of very useful features iPhones don’t have. iOS is an app launcher and… … … well that’s about it.

      • And yet even if it lacks the miscellaneous features that android actually “innovates” IOS is still the major game changer with features that the world really needs. Why is there Svoice if it weren’t for siri? Aren’t voice softwares always a fail before apple? Why is there a google wallet if there is no passbook? Samsung just reinvents(not innovate) the major and game changing features of ios and calls it as their own. then they add the crappy stuff like air gestures that the world does not need in order to separate them and make them look like the actual innovators.

      • Kurt

        Siri, for the most part is a gimmick. But it can do some things better than doing it manually, like setting an alarm (big whoop). Her voice isn’t good, google now’s voice is awesome. But Siri is better overall, if you use it. My wife and I, and most others for that matter, don’t use it.

        Samsung puts in so many useful features, like split screen, popup player (i think thats the name?) etc. iOS is just an app launcher and nothing much more. But it has some great apps. Many even look better on iOS than Android. But with Android you can do so much more. Air gestures is needed on some websites that you need to hover your mouse over to get to the tabs. With iOS you can’t even go to that website, just like with restaurants websites you cant go to since they are mainly flash based. iPhone is a mid-range smart phone. Don’t kid yourself. I have only owned iOS devices since 2007, have been jailbreaking since the original jailbreakme on iPhone OS 1.1.1. I want features. iOS is not a great OS. It just can’t do much. I’m planning on buying another iPad, iPad 5, but I’ll never buy an iphone ever again.

      • I respect that. Ios just does not have that wow factor anymore since people are so used to it but it does not mean they are no longer innovating. My dream phone is actually the latest HTC one cause my past experience with android is such a hell when not on a capable and powerful device. But for now My 4s along with jailbreak is still serving me well. I’m Also sure that your experience with the ipad5 will be delightful since I am having a blast with my ipad 4 right now. (My actual playground for tweaks)

  • Gorgonphone

    ” Apple’s team is in “deadline crunch mode.”” great so they will leave in plenty of great bugs that will allOW OUR JAILBREAK TO HAPPEN FASTER ..

    hold on omg there will be IOS7.0.1 within 2 days of release due to messed up battery and wifi lol OMG..

    • Kurt

      I wonder what huge problems that will arise with the new iphone and iOS 7. How many ****gates will we have this time around? antennaegate, scratchgate, mapgate, battergate, etc

      • Or you can wonder what major game changing feature is samsung going to copy next. That way you’ll spend your time better than bashing ios in an ios blog just because you need to justify your “switch”

      • Kurt

        wrong…don’t own an android device. never have. i have owned ios devices only since 2007. i’m just not biased like you. go away fanboy.

      • Then almost all your statements have no basis . You’ve never experienced android, hence you’ve never experienced its shortcomings and problems as well. Why not give it a spin and see all the bloatware you wishyou could remove. lower battery and slower reading times (when in SD card) as well compared to my friend’s S3.

      • Kurt

        Note 2 is superior to iPhone 5. I’ll buy a Note 3. Don’t be a fanboy, don’t take things personally. I see you are upset that Android has more features and you are trying to figure out ways to dismiss them. As an iPhone/iPad user, I want more features. iPhone can handle more features. I understand older people will have difficulties that’s why the advanced features should be opt-in. And since you are frightened of features stick with stock iOS which you can open apps, yeay fun!

      • I actually balance having too little features and too much bloatware by jailbreaking , lol. and for a phone I think the note series is just too damn bulky (I still think phablets is just a fad) . I’ll opt for a HTC one though once I finish my iphone 4s’ time.

      • Altaykai Yamada

        Sick of explaining to fartfaces like your kind that Apple copies everything. Not samsung,Grow up.

      • Says the guy with a blank, avatar to hide his ugly shit face. Dumbass. And you didn’t explain anything.. Why not just step in as a lawyer and try to counter the billion dollar lawsuit against samsung FOR COPYING?

      • Guest

        Says the guy with a blank avatar cause he’s
        too embarassed to show his ugly face . And you did not explain anything smartass. Why not be a lawyer and try to defend samsung from a billion dollar lawsuit because of COPYiNG?

  • Mathi_11

    I believe in Ive 🙂

  • Micaiah Martin

    ….can’t wait!!

  • Nice iOS 7 icon concept

  • I hope no ne leaks any thing from iOS 7, we want a surprise !