Sebastien and Jeff discuss the debate over the prices of apps and tweaks in Cydia. They also chit-chat in depth about Velox, one of the year’s most highly anticipated jailbreak tweaks. Also, don’t miss our coverage of this week’s tweaks, which include Luna, FullScroll, and more. Oh, and have you ever wanted to know what could happen when you play your Piano Passcode out in public? We’ve got the answer.

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Note: The title of this episode was changed from “Justin Bieber once said…” to “Debating over prices”

  • Damian W

    Opera is pretty amazing. Does everything and more that other browsers do,

    • Lol

      • Damian W

        Obviously you never used desktop version of Opera. iPad version is lol.

  • Just some constructive criticism- Sebastian cannot speak English that well and it’s kind of grating on the ears on the podcast.

    • Pusheen

      On the other hand jeff has a gorgeous voice

      • Gorgonphone

        Not really… he is improving but still is a little lethargic..

    • Gorgonphone

      sebaStian voice is fine as is..

    • de4725 .

      Agreed. I usually listen to a podcast while trying to go to sleep. But I can’t with this one. It also doesn’t help that Sebastian’s mic is a lot louder than Jeff’s which startles me a little.

    • How is this constructive? What can be improved?

    • I’ve been working on my accent for 10 years. I’d like to tell you that it will get better, but unfortunately, it won’t. I think my accent will stay with me for the rest of my life. This being said, I totally understand how you feel. As I’ve said here before, I’m actually surprised more people aren’t complaining about my accent.

  • Gorgonphone

    ah yes glad t here this show improving at last .. cool music and improved vocal inflection..yay.. still room for more though

  • I prefer the gestures in Safari for the desktop and iCloud tabs come in handy quite a bit.

  • All i can say is “great job guys” every day first thing i do once i grab my iphone is keep me informe with idownloadblog, and every tuesday i cant count the times i refresh the page to see the new podcast!! Keep it up!!

    • Thank you for the kind words of encouragement

  • Ok , i have a small question :
    Is there is any one in the whole jailbreak Community that is working on a downgrade or a restore feature for A5 devices or higher ??

  • bloodshed

    have anyone noticed the little bug with atom’s latest update!..not sure whether it’s a bug or not..
    before, when i have a notification on the LS, and i invoke atom, it used to hide the notification till i let go of the knob, then the notification comes right up, which seemed more original imo!..now, it only overlays the notification, kind of ugly i guess.
    oh and when i launch/leave siri from the LS, i still get to see the old slider for a second, would love to see this fixed.

  • About Cydia purchases, it is also that people like me can’t have credit cards because they are not allowed to, as underage people are not allowed to have credit cards in my country.

    • This for me is a big reason as to why I pirated in the past. I’ll empty my conscience right now and say that in the past I have pirated and still continue to do it. However since getting a bank card and maturing a little more I hardly ever pirate and if anything on my device is, then it is only about 10% maximum (meaning 90% of the stuff I have is non-pirated/officially purchased). However I will say this. For me most tweaks lack the ability to try them before buying them. Really to be honest I think it’s only lockinfo, music controls pro and anything intelliborn that comes with a trial. To be fair this comment in my opinion reveals quite a lot about me as a person since I’m effectively admitting to piracy in the past and present although only in the present to try a tweak. Does the lack of a trial bother anyone else since for me that is the only reason that I pirate and whether you believe it or not if more tweaks had the ability to try before you buy I would not pirate anything Cydia related whatsoever.

      • While I agree that an implementation of a trial would be nice, a review is enough most of the times. Thankfully, I don’t pirate because I have offered translations to the devs as I am Greek and I translate tweaks into Greek. Also the fact that I am a dev (I am the dev of CountdownCenter) made me able to get in contact with some devs like the dev of Velox with whom I developed the Clock app folder that is coming in the next version. In return the devs gift me their tweaks :D.

  • Don’t ever hate on Sebastien and Jeffs’ voices… blasphemy!

  • Hello, can anyone help me!
    How to make opennotifier icons colored in the status bar?
    And how to get the Ayecon status bar icons?

  • My main reason why I do not consider buying an iMac/Macbook is that it cannot run .exe files. Unmodified anyway, never fully looked into it. Modification example is bootcamping.

    For a gamer like me this just won’t work out.

    • Damian W

      Mac is definitely not for gamers.

      • That… is what I said…
        Oh well

      • Damian W

        And…this is what I said too…well

  • Justin Bieber-> JB -> JailBreak

  • The pricing is simple. If you think the tweak/app is worth it, then buy it. If its not going to be useful to you then don’t. Its no excuse for pirating, even if the tweak cost $600. If you want it that bad then design your own. After all its not your right to have the tweak, they created it. Its their gift to you for designing it in the first place.

  • Great as always, loving my weekly updates in one single podcast, keep it running guys!!

  • With regards to the podcast name, i though you guys would have known that Apple would eventually stop you from using the word jailbreak on their iTunes store.