ios 7 concept 61

There’s been no shortage of iOS 7 mockups over the past few months, as folks try to guess what Apple’s next generation mobile OS will look like. And recent reports that Jony Ive is leading a massive UI overhaul has given designers even more fodder.

But one concept in particular, by Mohamed Kerroudj, seems to be getting a little more attention than others. We showed you two videos from the series last month, and this weekend he’s uploaded a third one that involves a new Dashboard feature…

To recap, here is the first video in Kerroudj’s iOS 7 concept series:

The second:

And now the third:

As you can see, Kerroudj uses an almost Metro-like flat UI across his concept, which is likely one of the reasons it’s been so popular. We’ve seen several reports now claiming that Ive is pushing for a similar look in iOS 7, with new icons and UI elements.

Another likely reason for the concept’s popularity is the way Kerroudj implements innovative features. Take the third video for example. I really like how he moved the multitasking bar to the lefthand side, making it less of a stretch to open and close apps. I also really like the idea behind Dashboard as a separate area for third-party widgets, though, I don’t see why you’d want them full-screen.

But as cool as this stuff may be, don’t expect to see these kind of dramatic changes in iOS 7. Everything we’ve heard to this point suggests that although Ive is pushing for flatter design elements, most of the operating system will function as it always has.

What do you think of Kerroudj’s iOS 7 concept?

  • Markus Hudobnik

    The first two videos are ugly. I’m sorry. The last video is nice and I love the concepts, just should be more iOS like.

    • Those are the ugliest concepts I’ve seen…
      If Apple wants to do something to make me switch to Windows Phone, just do something ugly like that.

      • Why Apple doesn’t do something the Yahoo Weather app? It’s the most beautifull app. Not only beautiful, but useful, with lots of info about the weather.

      • David Villamizar

        It might have the great animations it acquired from Summly, but that purple bar and every purple tone in the app looks horrible, the app color got scrwed thanks too yahoo colors :S
        Just my opinion tho, you may think different.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        I hate the purple. -.-

      • They should have made the yahoo weather app default in ios 6.1.4 update

      • Yeah Mehrab!

        I sent to Yahoo team my suggestion: put its weather info in notification center. The native one is really ugly and old.

  • If iOS would look like this, I would swich to Android. I love the way iOS looks and I don’t think iOS needs a redesign. I prefer iOS above Android because it looks so good and clean. That concept doesn’t in my opinion. I think Apple should add some stuff like NCSettings and lockscreen Toggles but nothing like a redesign. Thats the way I see it so don’t hate please.

    • Apple(Ive) will redesign icons and remove skeuomorphism if you want it or not, it’s pretty much 99%.
      I like a lot how Game Center or Calendar looks, especially on the iPad, but, if the new falt version looks better, I’m completely ok with the removal skeuomorphism.

      • Gorgonphone

        Thos is an IF the size of the unvivers …. Apples recent track record indicated that they will mess this up

      • David Villamizar

        We all have faith that wasn’t Apple’s but Forstall track record, that way we can actually expect something good from a change in iOS…

        … maybe we are comletely wrong and iOS will have its beautiful UI messed up.

    • Gorgonphone

      Yup apple beed morr featuresa dn functionality NOT a differenet look…. omg what a mess

    • Liam Mulcahy

      i agree!

    • Auxo
      Better nc centre
      Lock screen app short cuts
      Something velox type a thing

    • Instead of NCSettings, Apple should adopt BatteryDoctor. It has amazing toggles added to notification center, profiles and helps you to save battery.

  • ihateit

    so android-y and fugly, if this is what “flat” means im sure the hardcore ios fans will hate it

    • Stock Android UI looks the best, in my opinion.

      • Standard Android UI looks great on the Nexus 7, sure, but I’m so used to the iOS style of the homescreen that I stuck with launchers that arranged icons sort of like that.

    • What’s funny about people saying the term “android-y” as an insult is that Android, in some aspects, is so much more customizable in terms of looks compared to iOS, even when iOS is jailbroken. You’re not referring to one specific interface, therefore you’re not making a valid statement.

      Anyways, no, I’m not a ‘fandroid’. I use my Nexus 7 from time to time because it’s a lot cheaper than an iPad, can do similar things, and I like the customizability of Android and the capabilities of rooting. Basically, it’s a toy. I still use my iPod Touch frequently. 🙂

      • Gorgonphone

        That was a long boring post full of nothing at all

      • It was honest, and that’s why it was worth reading.

    • Gorgonphone

      Exactky android has that flat wiry look that sucks we dont want that crap…

      I swear if they make it like that i will keep my iphone 5 on 6.1.2 for ever

      • Ken

        The Android design isn’t bad, it’s waaay better than iOS. Google is currently the company that has the best software designs. Colourful, flat and simple. iOS was ugly from the beginning of it’s existence and doesn’t fit the iPhone, since the iPhone is simple, while iOS has ugly and fake shines and shadows. I’m glad Forstall is gone and I hope Ive will completely change the look and feel of iOS, so that iOS looks the way it always should have, and therefor will get rid of skeuomorphism. Especially the wooden bookshelves in newsstand and iBooks. They… must… DIE!!!

  • i think it’s not bad at all, maybe it’s because he and I are from Belgium and we have innovative ways of seeing things, now the third video is a concept for safari what you call the multitasking tray is in fact the tab switcher

  • the dashboard thing should be there for ipad only cus of the big screen

  • Does anyone know the name of the song from the third video?? Thanks!

    • Gorgonphone

      No and we dont want to know it suuucked

      • lmao

        How old are you?

      • Gorgonphone

        Old enough to kno that that sing was as bad as the UI demo

      • lmao

        Good answer 😉 Lets just hope the real deal is not as bad.

  • JKJones

    Very attractive elements. Fairly bad UX.

  • OMG! I don’t want Apple to make iOS Android-like! If I want a horrible “flat” design I can swich to android!

    • If you hate the horrible flat design, customize it! With the design change, there would be jailbreak tweaks to disable it or theme it if it happened and people hated it enough. Android is also extensive enough that you can simply download a new launcher or theme and change the look of it completely. So.

      • Gorgonphone

        Ummm dude apple does not like to let us customize

      • marcus1324

        Ummm dude he did mention jailbreak tweaks….

      • Gorgonphone

        Ummmm we should not have to rely on jailbreaking for everything

      • I was talking about customizing Android, but sure, that could also apply if Apple were to use the flat design.

  • seyss


    • TeddyBearStand

      Not quite.

  • I dont think a massive redesign is needed. Agreed that some de-glossing needs to happen but not a fan of totally flat UI. Skeuomorphism is tacky at times but it’s also one of the best features of apps when done right so thats a bit trickier..maybe some skeuomorphic elements need to be removed but not all of them?

    Most important thing for me is features though;
    – Better app interaction
    – Some form of widget centre/dashboard for the NC
    – Swype or blackberry 10 keyboard
    – Quick reply for for messaging apps (im dreaming, aren’t i?)
    – Camera filters and other camera tweaks
    – A payment system (with biometric security)

    – iCloud clipboard and a unibar in Safari

    And i honestly think that iOS should have Velox. Almost six years have passed since the first iPhone and we stil can’t do anything without opening an app

    • Gorgonphone

      Why is apple addressing the one area that is not in need to change???

      Cause they know that no longer have the talent to get this right

      • I kind of agree with you there. Apple should adjust iOS’s design but not lose focus of the stuff users really want. It’s time for Apple to leave its “We no what’s best for you” attitude in the past and actually listen because obviously yes Apple do know what they’re doing (at least I hope they do) but they should learn when to take note from its users

  • to86

    Why do you keep showing this guy’s concepts? They look terrible and they aren’t garnering any attention apart from on your site! Its like yor inexplicable obsession with Auxo – a pointless, buggy tweak.

    • Gorgonphone

      Omg lol careful he likes to ban folks who hurt his feelings lol

  • Gorgonphone

    That is the mist boring vidoe demo concept i have wver seen in my life…. Its more flat and boring that jeffs voice on those boring jaibteak videos he makes

    If apple make their UI look this boring it will be a sad sad day in iLand

    • By any chance were you typing that comment on an Android device as clearly the autocorrect features broken there…

      • Gorgonphone

        Nah i was and am drunk and typing fast as hell

      • lmao

        Looks like he was typing with his forehead.

    • TeddyBearStand

      Jeff’s voice is amazing.

  • I wish really badly that somehow someone would make a iOS 7 concept. It’s just like there are no ideas at all. No one makes concepts. 🙁 I don’t remeber a moment there someone postet an iOS 7 concept.

    You just don’t know how iOS 7 could look like. :/

  • Wesley

    I wish that some of these concept themes would be made into a dreamboard theme so that maybe for those would uses dreamboard can have a general idea of just how the theme works hands-on

  • This is actually great. Im gonna love it especially the last one

  • Jerry

    I’m really liking the fact of how little we know about iOS 7. Feels like the old school iPhone days. Waiting with anticitpation for something new and amazing.

  • Eddiepradom

    iOS doesn’t need a redesign because it looks great. It just needs new features! For example widgets.

    • JKJones

      Pretty bad example, we don’t need more useless features. We need useful ones.

  • ricardo arriaga

    Hey fanboys, when are you going to acept it, Android is miles ahead form ios and deep inside you crave for ios to have all this features and more so next time someone tells you how crapy your Iphone is you can reply with a “mine does it too”. Remember, first step is denial, then comes aceptance and then forgiveness, it will take a while but you will end up forgiving Apple for making you belive they were creative and selling you Rubbish.

    • qosmio

      Always nice to read a childs point of view. If you love Andriod so much! Why even bother with an iOS blog?

  • Lobo555

    Oh God nooo

  • If I wanted a flat UI I´d be using windows phone. Ugliest concept ever.

  • AWESOME, but the jailbreak for iOS 7 would be much better hahhaha

  • Y! Weather is one thing i would definitely offer Apple to apply!
    Also some Velox icon swipe gestures!

  • Dylfo

    Love the lockscreen.

  • Apple could revolutionize its iOS if she implemented some of the features and tweaks present in Cydia

  • jspence444

    I don’t necessarily mind the flat UI – but – not when it kills the tactile-like interactivity. That’s what has made iPhone what it is today. The touch UI concepts like
    -the rubber banding when you reach the bottom of a list
    -the animation when you tap on an app to open it
    -the way app pages on the home screen move to exactly the same speed you flicked your finger, or follow it if you move it slowly

    I think the whole touch UI design loses its magic if objects don’t move with your finger. I would hate if iOS became littered with time-delayed android-like fade animations. It makes the phone and UI feel a lot less responsive.

    • pawfyd

      Android animations are nice. It doesn’t have that awesome bounce effect only, but scrolling documents or webpages for example is a lot faster. iOS limits the speed of this for unknown reasons.

  • i am on 6.1.2 jailbroken. I also have an shsh blob of 6.1, can i go to 6.1.
    And yes i have an iphone 5.

  • These seem great for a power user but Apple is known for a ‘simplicity out of the box’ experience with no user manual needed. When you turn an iDevice on for the first time, you know how to get around. These concepts are great and I like them but there are some Windows 8 elements in some and there are some older folks that hate these types of ‘slide to do this’ type of an interface. If you have to ask, ‘how do I do this or that’ or need to read instructions then chances are you won’t see it in an Apple product.

  • they would make great apps, but i dont want a whole OS that looks like a weird W7 skin.

  • Tjduffy

    I like the idea of active icons. When you look at the clock for instance it shows the real time. When you look at the Safari icon or tile it shows what is happening in real time. You get the drift.

  • Wow! The third one looks really interesting although I didn’t quite get the idea of the Dashboard. Could’ve been more interesting?

  • If/Then statement:

    If Apple does anything like that, then they will lose a lot of customers including me.

  • I don’t care about the look, give me a damn Siri framework or API!