Galaxy S4 ad (iPhone is old)

As if it’s any surprise, South Korea-based Samsung has (again) resorted to its proven marketing tactics of trashing Apple’s iPhone in television advertising. A newly released commercial portrays the six-year-old smartphone as an outdated device, even by your parents’ standards.

Samsung obviously thinks the anti-Apple theme hasn’t run its course yet (one marketing whiz agrees). I’ll let you be the judge of that: check out the video after the break and meet us in comments…

The commercial is aptly titled ‘Grad Pool Party’ and depicts a grad who hosts a party. The video takes us through a few headline Galaxy S4 features like Air View and S Beam.

Confused oldsters then attempt to replicate Galaxy features on their iPhone to no avail.

“So some smartphones are smarter than other smartphone?”, muses the graybeard.

“Exactly,” responds a young, chic girl.

The rusty father comes to the realization how retrograde he must be.

“Well, what are we doing with these phones?”, he quips, holding up his iPhone.

The message rings home: the S4 is for young, hip people and the iPhone is for the less cool people like your parents.

Love the ad’s treading the fine line between being rude and elitist.

In the meantime, the latest comScore report shows the iPhone and iOS both gaining over Samsung and Google so perhaps good ol’ Sammy felt compelled to reaffirm in what ways the Galaxy out-innovates the iPhone.

Can’t wait for WSJ’s spin to Apple owning 40 percent of the U.S. market for smartphones…

Anyhow, did the ad strike you as funny?

Or maybe the scenes with stodgy old parents who carry iPhones came across as preposterous?

These ads may be working, but the greater question I’m pondering is how Samsung’s marketing folk still advertise Galaxies against iPhones?

From my vantage point, that’s a lack of confidence in your own flagship product. And by doing so, Samsung in turn inevitably paints Apple’s top-selling device as the phone to beat, no?

  • Matthew

    This is dumb. Who would acute pally wave their hand in front of the screen? Honestly.

    • No

      People who have dirt, food, etc on their hands and don’t want to smudge up or dirty their screen. It’s actually a pretty useful feature.

  • Zaidan Umar

    Which was the first smartphone? (to all shamesung fans)

    • disk Latvia


      • Zaidan Umar

        its obvious that i meant iPhone or Samsung….

      • No

        No it wasn’t. You just asked what the first smartphone was. Apple did not make the first smartphone, and you should step out of the bland realm of iOS and try out some other mobile operating systems. I can also say iOS is bland because I have been using it for years, and what UI changes have I seen? A new dock and the ability to change wallpapers? ‘Innovation’ at it’s finest?

      • Zaidan Umar

        I like apple because of the design and simplicity. Look, we all agree that samsung is copying apple.

  • Ernie Marin

    Funny how apple rarely has a commercial with anyone talking, just a few words and showing what the phone can do, yet Samsung as always being the crybaby just trashing everything the iPhone does.

    • exactly! kinda cheap and insecure, i would say…

    • bw00ds

      Technically speaking, this ad did not trash anything about what the iPhone does. Only once in the ad, it “trashed” what it couldn’t do.

      Hey for all of you put out by this ad–as much TV as you watch, you mean to tell me that no other company trashes another in an ad? And that when there is a perceived leader in the industry, other companies are not going to try to bad-mouth it?

      I think it is silly to take these ads so personally.

  • Both Parties are copycats … FULLSTOP!

  • @dongiuj

    What? And apple has never made an ad that targeted other smartphones that are in competition with each other? Grow up girls.

  • You complain about Samsung making ads about apple yet you keep posting them and making them get more views. And its about 1/3 of your posts. And the other half of your posts is some mundane website showing how much of the market or web usage the iPad/iPhone has

  • lack of confidence in flagship product ? not really coz Samsung is so rich and diversified, even without mobile business, they are still among the richest companies…

  • this is stupid. only thing the iphone cant do with third party support is the IR communicator. furthermore that wave to answer tech is a BATTERY KILLER. samsung phones are indeed the NEXT BEST THING to iphone.

  • is this even allowed? been an apple user for ages, but must say i would be really upset with apple if i saw something similar in their ads.

  • if Samsung has a great product, they should not use iPhone in their ads. Samsucks!

  • A perfect example of hi specs mean nothing. The SGS4 is clearly on paper faster however the iPhone 5 can run all of the tested games with not trouble whatsoever meaning that in theory providing the kind folks over at Google are doing enough to optimise their OS to give away to the rest of the world that the SGS4 should be able to handle the tested games with no randomness or bugs with the same processing power as an iPhone 5. Everything else is either a battery drain or useless.

    • Its sluggy on surfing the web the iphone 5 provides better graphics but the gs4 has a clearer screen and its way to big for gaming. And yeah google needs to learn how to smoothen their whole os not just the homescreen animations lol. The nexus 4 is very smooth for an android tho

      • Its not really google. In this case samsung is the one who needs to optimize their version of android to run better. And since its an open platform for every manufacturer theyare also responsible to make android work good against their hardware. The nexus phones are always smoother wwithin the os itself then the rest. Touchwiz is a bloody mess. Lagspikes everywhere. Nexus S (the third one. Not sure about name) acts so much better then S3. And doesnt have thesame power specs. Typical book case of bad coding/optimizing. If only a perfect vanilla rom shows up for my s3 ill be a happy man

      • Well yeah when your buying an android its like your buying 3 different layers of android carrier apps touchwiz and android it kust gives you overall bad experience and games and apps run horrible on androids bcos of the lack of software
        Potimisarion,appp optimisation and low gpu

      • I’ve never tried an Android but in terms of performance I’ve heard good things about the Nexus what with it being Googles flagship phone so if they can make Android run smoothly why is it that no one else can….

      • mehrab

        Yeah cos its a google device the nexus line up is the best smooesth experience on android tho not still up to the mark as ios cos google has android it gives you the best expirience well superior to vendors. Touch ui sense 5 are just layers over android which suck

    • You know its kinda sad how the gs4 has just reached or in most cases in right a bit behind the iphone 5 in performance considering the iphone 5 being way old the 5 killed the gs4 i wonder what will the 5s do. Its also sad how ppl judge a phone by its specs for e.g i betted my friend 50 bucks to see who wins at performance the htc one vs iphone 5 we both tested them i was on iphones side and i got 50 bucks 🙂 people pleaseeee listen specs dont matter 😐

      • Altaykai Yamada

        Why do you keep replying to people? Cant you just accept the truth? Where are from..? India? thats obvious..Retarded nation who worship filthy monkeys, wow…

      • Im sorry indian who? You? Oh im american 🙂

  • Yeah! Apple for life! -sent from my Samsung galaxy S4

  • I hear its still the same plasticky and cheapish like the s3.
    Man these Koreans just don’t get it do they, whatever features they add it will never EVER be an iPhone.

    • disk Latvia

      That’s the point…

  • OMG !!!! is Samsung that desperate

  • Are they like iphone wannabes? Why cant they just be original?

    • No

      I really hope this comment was meant to be sarcastic. If not, please watch the ad featured in the article.

  • Xee

    I think the S4 looks like a really good phone. Like the camera multi capture and the infra red to control the TV and most of all the big screen. Things I still don’t like, the OS is still not refined enough, and it does not have a good enough App Store. So many times have I showed a cool app or game to an android user and then watch them fail to find it on the Google Play store (bit like the video above with the nfc, but in reverse lol).

    Apple needs to add a bigger screen (wider), add more more functionality (like Cydia tweaks) and more clever hardware.
    Android/Google needs to refine their OS (too big and clunky and awkward, does not flow right) and get the Play Store up to speed with Apple’s App Store.

    If I was new to both Android and Apple with no previously purchased apps, with an iPhone 5 and S4 to chose. I think I would be tempted to take the S4. This is coming from an iPhone 5 user. Although when I was choosing it was vs the S3 which was not good enough.

  • Zjsmoke

    In my opinion Samsung is innovative there are features on the galaxy s4 that ive never seen on a smartphone before sure apple is great “im not a fanboy i love the iphone more” but samsung is really trying.. no matter what samsung did they always manage to be behind apple in terms of user support and market share i appreciate their efforts and pledge them to continue on every device has its era one day they’ll come out on top and the iphone will become obselete

  • Same here. Doesnt prove anything in reality. When someone slams a linux dist in both phones and then benchmark properly. Then and only then i will pay attention

  • If the S4 is so good, then why do they feel the need to constantly compare themselves to the iPhone. A little insecure? I think so.

    • No

      It’s because they are basically the 2 huge smartphone companies who are competing for number 1. This ad was to show off the features the Galaxy S4 has that the iPhone doesn’t.

  • Tommy Pham

    I have both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy note 2(so im no fan of any brands or companies) To me; iPhone is an boring phone compared to the Note 2, which i spend most of my times using. Just about every Phones nowadays have all the features that the iPhone bring but with bigger screen, so all you apple fans should just stop hating on others for bring new innovations that apple couldn’t give you.

  • Do you get the difference? Apple has never talked about samsung’s products in their ads. Just the iPhone (Yes, I remember the Mac vs. PC ad). However, I can’t understand why you have to discredit the competition to show your device is better…

    • No

      Welcome to the wonderful world of advertising.

  • No

    Samsung stole the term Air Gestures from Apple? Please explain.

  • No

    Dumb comment. That will only work with TVs that actually use Bluetooth. You obviously don’t understand what an IR blaster is. Do some research, alright?

  • felixtaf

    Apple pinch to zoom – Minority report.. ha ha ha…

  • Jason Sheffer

    But will it have people waiting all night long for it?

  • Microsoftjunkie

    What’s the difference when Apple picked on pcs un yhe past. Eat your own i guess.

  • Hum… Besides the “hover to answer” the iPhone has done all of the other things with apps from app store or jailbrrak for a LOOOONG time

    • No

      Apple is making it harder for jailbreakers to discover exploits with each device. This iPhone took 5 months to jailbreak, the next iPhone will probably take longer to jailbreak. So have fun using your stock iPhone and not being able to get tweaks to do that stuff.

      Also, last time I checked, the iPhone doesn’t have an IR beam, or a 13 MP camera, or stopping a video when you look away, or detecting your eyes for scrolling. There’s probably even more I could add.

      • Useless piece of junk we dont need and lol ios 7 will be jailbroken within a week evasion has still some exploits left. And we dont need those features trust me we dont 13 mp cam? Please my iphone 5 takes better low light and day light pictures and video then an gs4

      • No

        Yeah right. Even the evasi0n team said they think it will take months for an iOS 7 jailbreak.

        You should seriously be banned from commenting on this website you damn fanboy.

      • Yrah they said that? You should know since you are a fandroid

  • IT’S not there anymore

  • som_chai

    video link not working