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T-Mobile and MetroPCS completed their merger yesterday, combining the 4th and 5th largest carriers in the United States. And we figured this would be good news for the latter company’s 9M+ subscribers, as they’d finally get a shot at the iPhone.

But not so fast, says T-Mobile’s John Legere. Speaking with tech blog AllThingsD, the CEO said that while he thinks it’s possible that MetroPCS might be able to offer the popular device at some point, there are currently no immediate plans to do so…

AllThingsD’s Ina Fried reports:

“As for the iPhone coming to MetroPCS, Legere said it’s a possibility, but not a foregone conclusion.“The answer to that is not ‘No,’” Legere said, but added, “It’s not imminent; I think that’s safe to say.”

There are two big factors. One is how T-Mobile decides it wants to position the two brands and manage its marketing. “It’s also something that involves Apple,” Legere said, but added that “we’ve started those dialogues with our partners.”

The problem is that MetroPCS runs on a CDMA network, which is completely different technology than the GSM tech that T-Mobile uses. So essentially, Apple would have to create a whole new iPhone model to accomodate MetroPCS customers.

T-Mobile itself just started carrying the iPhone last month. And Legere says initial sales of the smartphone have “exceeded expectations,” though he refused to give any specifics. He also noted that the carrier is seeing tremendous feedback on their ‘uncarrier’ campaign.

As for a MetroPCS-flavored iPhone, it sounds like we won’t see one until at least the next iPhone lands—which isn’t expected to happen until the late summer or early fall. Of course, if a Metro customer wanted an iPhone bad enough, they could always switch over to T-Mobile.

  • TonyVee73

    Since the Verizon iPhone is CDMA and factory unlocked, can’t MetroPCS used a modded Verizon iP5? Similar to the way T-Mobile using a modded AT&T phone…

    • no. with CDMA you are always locked to your carrier. The Verizon iPhone’s sim card slot is what is unlocked. That is the GSM portion of the phone, which verizon offers for customers who travel internationally. The only reason their sim slot is unlocked in the i5 is because of politics. Point is, CDMA phones cant be unlocked to use with other CDMA carriers. When you leave one CDMA carrier for another, your phone is becomes expensive garbage. You can flash your phone to another carrier, but good luck getting your new carrier to add your MEID to their whitelist. To support CDMA is to reject freedom. My only advice to people who dislike this harsh reality is to say “Buy a GSM phone next time” 🙁

    • That said, MetroPCS is infamous for being one of the only CDMA carriers (if not THE only), that will actually add a flashed phone’s MEID to their whitelist haha. Question is, are you willing to take a $650 risk like that?

      • TonyVee73

        I was implying that since Apple modded the AT&T iPhone 5 for T-Mobile, why can’t they do the same with a Verizon CDMA iPhone so MetroPSC can sell them.

      • Yes your assumption is correct there are only 3 iPhone 5 models and three CDMA carriers share the same exact hardware. But the above poster is right the SIM card is the gsm portion of the phone and that is unlocked. I use to flash Verizon CDMA phones to metro all the time. Look up CDMA workshop. It’s super illegal though : )

      • i said that the sim slot is unlocked in my original reply 😉

        Oh yeah, i forgot to mention the “its also illegal” part of my rant about how freaking crooked CDMA carriers are in not allowing you to bring your device with you to other CDMA carriers lol. Thanks 🙂

        The moral of the story is: when you buy a phone on contract, or at full price from Verizon, i hope you like them because you dont actually own what you paid for. If you leave, that device becomes trash. Resellable trash, but trash in the sense that it is no longer of any use to you.

      • You are correct and yes this is bs robbery but that has changed significantly now with quad band
        Radios the iPhone 5S is going to most likely be available in only 2 models both with identical hardware but the difference will be one will be unlocked and the other will be for your carrier.

      • iospixel

        Very informative. Thanks!

        We don’t have the CDMA issue in the UK as far as Im aware!

      • CDMA is pretty much US only. I think South Korea and maybe Japan have a version of it as well, but its mainly US.

  • Matthew

    I’d don’t understand. If T-Mobile and MetroPCS combined shouldn’t MetroPCS not exist anymore? So MetroPCS customers would be on T-Mobile and would be able to buy the iPhone.

    • Matthew Tanner

      Metro still exists it’s just T-Mobile owns them. Just like how AT&T tried to buy T-Mobile a while back.

  • Ace

    Steve Jobs is watching.

  • There are people on Metro with iPhone’s right now. If Boost gets the iPhone anytime soon Metro will have to follow.

  • Gorgonphone

    ummmmm silly corporate fool.. so what is the point of acquiring Metro if you dont pan to actually maximize it? tmobile is till dumb i see.. so glad i left them 3 years ago

  • Actually since Verizon is a CDMA operator the tech is already built for the iPhone 5 and it supports the proper frequencies, all that would need to be done is for Apple to provide a software change to support that carrier. As a matter of fact cricket, virgin and sprint are all CDMA and they have the iPhone so I don’t see why metro would need a whole new phone built. The current model of the iPhone 5 has the exact same hardware on sprint and Verizon.